Shattered Sky Village

The Shattered Sky Village was once known as the Village Hidden in the Wind before the was decimated it. It borders five nations and war thus the center of most of the Eastern conflicts battles, most of the cities and villages were razed to the ground. After the The Celestial Conflict and the Celestial Concord the land was decreed a neutral ground. Refugees from destroyed villages and immigrants were welcomed. The 17 ninja nations saw this as the best way to deal with the influx of refugees from destroyed villages and immigrants, as most of the country’s residents were dead or had already fled the fighting.

During the battles that took place here there was a mysterious cataclysmic event known as the Sky Sundering which left a strange ever changing aurora over the center of the nation, which is where the new nation derived the villages name from.

The village was completed in a single year after the Celestial Concord by a mokuton user named Tao, formerly known as the Avatar of Earth. The village encompasses about 30 square kilometers (Roughly 11.5 square miles) and is mostly made of wood with tall building and many hills. The village is surrounded by a thick forest trapped with genjutsu designed to only trap shinobi with large amounts of chakra (99.9% of all peasants are unaffected) that don’t travel on the secret path. Lower level ninja patrol these area to look for people trapped in the genjutsu. There is an underwater spring under the village where most of the villages water come from, this also creates an excellent spa venue for tourists. The now bustling city does good trade, seeing as it borders five major nations, and has become a center trading post in the last five years. The city is broken into four quarters; the commerce district with all the shops with foreign goods and hotsprings, the city district with most of the buildings and local stores, the military district with the kage building, academy, training grounds, and other military outposts, and the business district with corporate buildings, schools, churches, and parks.

There have been talks about restoring the Wind Nation, but these talks have all been immediately shut down. The current village Kage is Saigo Uchiha, a dissenting officer from the Shadow who moved to the Shattered Sky to gain the Kage position and swiftly provide order and stability to the volatile atmosphere provided by the influx of refugees from separate nations. The council consists of other high ranking officers from other nations to prevent any nation from seeking internal control of the new nation.

Shattered Sky Village

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