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The wiki is going to be very light and there will be alot of typos. If it bothers you, you can write it. I will post important information here that needs to be referenced. Before beginning the game, all players are required to read all available information.

Note: I’ll also be adding Adventure Logs for every session! For even more anime feels, they’re broken up into episode summaries with links n’ stuff. Enjoy, friends! ~Blamanche

Wiki Links!

Balfuora here, I’m going to post a few key wiki pages below to start off those new to the wiki.


Crag Village
Fire Nation
Hidden Forest
Land of Crashing Waves
Searing Wind
Shadow Village
Shattered Sky Village
Village Hidden on the Horizon
Village Hidden in the Mountains
Village Hidden in the Sand


Celestial Concord
The Celestial Conflict


Arashi Totaro
Tao Kokaro
Uuzu Uchiha
Suzushi Yozai
Tora Mokuzai
Kyofu Toppa


Yasei Hyuga (Blamanche)
Kai Uchiha (Balfuora)
Suzume (Xruiei)

Main Page

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