(Player) Yasei Hyuga

Teleporting Hyouton/Kenjutsu Hyuga [Breaker of Chains]


Now 18, Yasei has taken to wearing her long white hair in a now-characteristic ponytail. These days she is often forced to wear traditional Hyuga clothing, but, whenever she can, dons the gear acquired from her time in the Land of Frost. She is still excitable when it comes to swordsmanship and everyday matters, but can become very serious in regards to her clan. Since she has returned from her trip to the Holy Land, she rarely wears clothing that shows even hints of excess skin. When questioned, she says its because she’s cold all the time.

Younger Yasei:

Yasei is a 12 year old Hyuga with long white hair and white eyes. She trains with her swords practically every day and can often be found either on the training grounds or around the village pestering people to relate stories about famous swordsmen. She dresses less ostentatiously than the other Hyuga in the village in spite of the fact she was once a part of the distinguished Main House.


Timeskip (3 years)

After the Chuunin exams, Yasei created her own Hyuga house with the radical intention of eradicating the traditional Hyuga caste system. With her as its leader and Tsuru as her adviser, she has been persistently opposed by the original clan, who have sent people after Lower House converts to punish them for disloyalty. Recently, she has created an effective, yet somewhat gruesome ritual to bypass the Punishment Seals inflicted on those who join her house. The original house has been in a fury trying to sow dissent amongst her followers, but still the clan grows.

In her free time, the village allows Yasei to be a squad leader and she has frequently led Kyo and Kesu’s squad in missions when their sensei is busy. It has become known that Yasei is not one to send on stealth missions, or as she calls them “pussy shit missions.” One summer when things were fairly stable with the clan, Yasei took her depressed boyfriend Yukai on an extravagant vacation to the Land of Frost to go extreme ninja skiing and meet her technically-imprisoned father, who tried to intimidate Yukai to no end.

When her friend and former squadmate, Kai Uchiha, killed the kage and was branded a traitor, Yasei clung to the belief that her friend would not do so without good reason. She refuses to form an opinion on the matter one way or the other without speaking to him personally. She has often tries to finagle her way onto the squad responsible for hunting Kai down, but is consistently turned down or discovered.

During the last year of the time skip, Yasei traveled to the Holy Land with Amedamaru as part of a joint training exercise. They had heard about her use of teleportation in the Chuunin Exams and the Kage decided to hone her talent by having her train with the all-powerful swordswoman featured in the interview (detailed in a previous adventure log). As it turns out, this woman’s idea of training involved trying out high-level techniques against Yasei and seeing if she could survive. Yasei survived a year of grueling training (barely) and returned to the Shattered Sky with the ability to teleport; however, her closest friends all agree that she is not quite the same.

Chuunin Exam Training Montage

Yasei trained with her cousin Tsuru to obtain complete mastery over the Soul Edge technique and with Z where she found that she had an innate ability to teleport; Z excitedly taught her all he knew about spacetime jutsu. Over this time, Yasei finally acknowledged Yukai’s obvious feelings for her and they became a couple.

Halfway through the timeskip, Arashi took Yasei aside and abruptly teleported her to a frozen wasteland in the Land of Frost to train with a gruff middle-aged man with a very powerful sword. As he took her through her training to unlock the potential of her Hyouma bloodline, she discovered that he was her estranged father who had an affair with her mother years ago during the war. Dis is what he looks like:


She also discovered that he was a “terrorist” that was intent on bringing down the dickish dictator that ruled the Land of Frost with an iron fist. With Yasei’s help, they stormed the cabinet office and killed Stalin, ending his regime. Yasei’s father was taken into self-imposed custody and Yasei returned with Arashi to the Shattered Sky just in time for the Chuunin Exmas.

Younger Yasei:

Yasei was born into a Main House Hyuga family in the Village of the Hidden Plains on December 13th. As the war with the Shadow raged on, Yasei’s parents were frequently off fighting on their clan’s behalf, leaving the majority of Yasei’s supervision to the Branch House servant Tsuru. Despite Tsuru’s initial attempts to discourage her, Yasei became extremely interested in swordplay by the age of five and would often steal Tsuru’s sword to practice moves she had heard about in stories. To appease and protect her, Tsuru eventually gave in and helped her train with sparring swords.

Upon catching their daughter training with swords, Yasei’s horrified parents forbade her from continuing, stating that she was blatantly desecrating the sacred fist style of her clan. To punish her, they removed Tsuru as her caretaker and forced him to the front lines of the war, essentially sentencing the fourteen year old to death. Yasei was never told of the second part of Tsuru’s exile.

When the Hidden Plains was annexed by the Shadow later in the war, the Hyuga situation was beginning to look dire. Yasei’s family was given permission by the head of the Main House to relocate and protect the bloodline. They disembarked intending to sneak through the Shadow into the Mountain nation, but unbeknownst to them, were followed. Near the border of the Mountain nation, the familiy ambushed by two Shadow ninja. Yasei’s parents were quickly dispatched once the Shadow ninja had gouged out their eyes. As they turned to deal with a cowering Yasei, a familiar figure darted out from the nearby treeline and anime slashed the two of them. Tsuru quickly grabbed Yasei and her parents’ money purse and darted across the border of the Shadow.

The two spent the next six months barely scraping by, doing odd jobs for the Mountain in exchange for shelter and food. Once the war ended, they headed to the refugee Shattered Sky Village as the Mountain nation would no longer house them. Upon arriving in the Village, Tsuru attempted to give Yasei to another Main House Hyuga household, but Yasei refused to be separated from him. She also refused to allow Tsuru to become a servant once more, denying all efforts to reincorporate her into the Main House.

Having essentially renounced all ties to the Hyuga household, Yasei is no longer considered a member of the clan and is often subject to the nickname “Nora” AKA “Stray”. She keeps her head up, however, and works tirelessly to become the strongest Hyuga with her unconventional fighting style. She hopes to someday become the new head of the Main House and create a place in the world where Tsuru can finally live in peace.

(Player) Yasei Hyuga

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