(Kage) Tora Mokuzai

Morikage of the Forest [The Adamantine Fang]


Tora, the youngest of all the Kage is only 23 and is a master summoner, stratagist, and one of the last users of the mokuton style. She is also the bearer of a rare ink based bloodline. She is known as The Adamantine Fang of the Forest and uses her superior wit and speed to take enemies out with gorilla warfar tactics. In one on one combat she has never been defeated.

During the war, before she was Kage, it was rumored that she even wounded (Kage) Uuzu Uchiha, the Ferryman of the Shadow Nation and forced a temporary withdrawl from the battlefield.

Time Skip
With the war with the Shadow breaking out in full force again the Forest nation is once again in danger. Tora wants nothing more than to fight on the front lines, but she has a responsibility to run and protect the village. She is forced to plan agains tthe Shadow and watch as her people’s homes are burned to the ground.

(Kage) Tora Mokuzai

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