(Player's Sensei) Arashi Totaro



(Player Knowledge)

Arashi Totaro is a released convict under heavy supervision of the ANBU core, he has been asigned as a sensei to a graduating ninja group from the Academy (group 5). He seems to have no chakra inside his body, a phenomena only found in corpses, and it seems he is always exausted when he is not siphoning chakra from his students.

His teaching style would be considered by most as highly irresponsible, however Arashi sees it as the best way to get his students on the fast track to strength. He grew up in a time of war, and sees this as the most effective way to train his students. It has been mentioned in the pressence of his students once that he was becoming alot like his sensei, to which Arashi shook his head and laughed saying; “Not even close”.

It is currently unknown to the players what his role in the war was or why he was arrested in the first place.

Arashi’s techniques and fighting style still remains a mystery for the most part. His known abilities include summoning wolves, chakra threads, and a spattering of other low level jutsu he has been teaching to his students. The students have however resently discovered a lab of some sorts under his house. They found several scrolls describing complex ninjutsu, bloodlines, and puppet construction. They also found three puppets that appeared to at one point be humans.

Arashi’s personality shifts from time to time, solmn and somber at times, and excited and energetic at others.

His sister describes him as terrifyingly powerful beyong comprehension and says he is cruel and rude to her as he constantly tries to drive her away from the life of a ninja. He wants her to instead become a doctor or an engeneer or really anything other than a ninja.

(Player's Sensei) Arashi Totaro

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