(NPC) Tsuru Hyuga

Yasei Hyuga's Cousin and Caretaker


Tsuru was born to the lower Hyuga clan during a cold winter. He was born a sickly child and many thought he would perish as the Hidden Plains winters were not kind in those times. However, Tsuru pulled through miraculously and was labeled a miracle baby.

Tsuru trained under his father for most of his youth, but he was fascinated by swordsmen of the south. Tsuru lived in a time of war where the Shadow Nation was cutting right through the Hidden Plains forces so learning about the great swordsmen from the mountain nation who could defeat the sharigan users was exciting to him. He began to practice his kenjutsu as well as his taijutsu. Tsuru showed promise both as a fighter and swordsman and was even commended by some in the upper house.

When he turned twelve he was permitted to be a caretaker for Yasei Hyuga in the upper house, this was a great honor for him, one he took very seriously with the war looming over everyone’s head like the sword of Damoclease ready to fall at any moment. The young miss was only three when he was given this duty.

He watched over her as she grew and read to her great stories of the southern samurai to help her sleep at night. Tsuru would be ready as she woke up with breakfast and entertainment and was ready at night when it was time to tuck her in for the night. Yasei had become the central force to which Tsuru’s life had been dedicated.

When Yasei had turned five he was given the task of beginning her basic training and supplementing what the upper house tutors were teaching her. Yasei however was having none of this “gentle fist” bull shit. She demanded that Tsuru teach her to be like the southern samurai because the other tutors wouldn’t allow her to even read about them. Tsuru eventually reached a compromise, if she studied more of the gentle fist he would teach her about how to use swords.

It was a cold winter evening, the eve of Tsuru’s birthday and he was teaching Yasei a new kenjutsu technique. Yasei’s tutor was stopping by to return Yasei’s training slippers when he saw Tsuru giving her points on how to properly hold the sword for the technique. Appalled by this he complained to the head of the household who decreed Tsuru a corrupter of the upper house’s pure and superior gentle fist style.

Tsuru was given a trial in which he pleaded guilty to his transgressions and accepted the upper house’s punishment; exile to the front lines until death. Tsuru’s family objected but Tsuru silenced them and gather his things. He participated in his last birthday celebration with a sense of solemn acceptance saying things like “I am honor bound to serve the upepr house to the best of my abilities”. The following morning Tsuru was transported to were he was expected to die.

Meanwhile Yasei was given a new retainer, he was an upper house tutor who had been commended for his traditional use of the gentle fist. He tried in vain to break Yasei of her sword obsession and managed through her wailing for Tsuru to return and play with her. Over the next two years Yasei continued to act out and be scolded regularly. She began to become such a problem that many were worried about the familiy’s upper house standing.

These two years were hell for Tsuru who accepted his punishment with a solemn grace. He was fighting along side other ninja from the Hidden Plains (non hyuga mostly). He made friends with a small group of chuunin from the academy and fought the shadow nation with them. One of these chuunin had created a wind technique to form a sword of wind in his hand. Tsuru copied this technique in a pure chakra control form, a feat many believed was impossible. Tsuru was the most ruthless fighter amoung the chunin on the front lines, believing he had an obligation to his house to kill as many shadow ninja as he could. Over time he developed anti sharingan techniques with the byakugan and had tempered his swordsmanship to such an extent that he was considered by many to be on par with many of the southern samurai while still maintaining all of his hyuga powers.

The most notable battle Tsuru was involved in was with a ninja known as Hide Uchiha. The Uchiha sword style seemed to be on par with Tsuru’s Hyuga swordstyle. Eventually the sound for the Hidden Plains troops retreat was sounded and Tsuru fled from Hide bitterly. Hide however would not forget this encounter.

At the end of these two year Tsuru was put in charge of a small group of chuunin and sent on a mission in which he would unknowingly meet Hide Uchiha again. This mission quickly fell apart and turned into an all out battle with Uchiha forces. Tsuru and Hide’s rematch was truly a sight to behold, neither of them landed a single hit on the other and eventually they began to wear each other down. This time the Uchiha retreat sounded, out of respect Hide revealed a plan to Tsuru. Hide had done quite a bit of research into who Tsuru was and knew that his old charge was going to be attacked the following night and would likely be killed.

Tsuru fled his duties and went to the location he was told the attack would happen. Tsuru arrived just in time to see several shinobi needles covered in poison be thrown from that shadows at many of the upper house fighters, these needles went through their eye sockets and the poison almost instantly killed the nerves in their eyes. Tsuru fought off the shinobi and barely saved Yasei, who was too confused to realize what was happening. He quickly grabbed her parent’s money and fled with Yasei before reinforcements could arrive.

Knowing now that there were spies in the upper house, Tsuru fled with Yasei south to the Mountain Nation, the only place he knew the Shadow couldn’t penetrate. They were greeted by many other refuges and with hatred from the citizens of the city. They believed all the refugees were simply taking advantage of the mountain nation’s defenses and leeching off their protection. Tsuru got a job with a local lord cleaning his dojo, this lord felt like having a hyuga cleaning his dojo was a sign of his superiority to them and he often treated Tsuru like a pathetic worm, Tsuru needed to play along as to not risk loosing his job.

Six months later the Celestial Concord was signed and the war ended. All refugees were then required to leave the country immediately. Tsuru brought Yasei to the new Shattered Sky village were he hoped he could giver her to one of the upper hosue branches forming there and he could once again serve them. However Yasei adamantly opposed this idea and declared she would never rejoin the Hyuga. Tsuru not knowing what to do instead got an apartment in low town and started doing his best as a kendo instructor to pay the bills.

However,after Yasei’s graduation she had begun to build up a lot of money. She bought Tsuru his own dojo which he now teaches in. Tsuru is glad that Yasei has become such a great ninja, but he worries about this new sensei she is learning from and doesn’t like his unorthodox manor of teaching or his lazy and uncivilized demeanor. However Yasei seems happy, and to Tsuru that is all that has ever mattered.

(NPC) Tsuru Hyuga

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