(Group A-1) Sanagi Kukutsu [Deceased]

Puppet user/Doton


“All enemies; exiting stage left”

Sanagi’s father is the village’s head engineer, he tutors his son in mechanics. This is why he uses puppets. Sanagi has a super sadistic personality that was encouraged at a young age by his father, who taught him that only a person who can kill without hesitation can become a ninja. Sanagi’s ninja prowess is actually relatively low, however his puppets are amazing because of his mechanical skills and the assistance of his father. These puppets often make him very full of himself, which he exercises on other students through bullying them. He was only reprimanded once, but his father refused to produce any more explosive weapons or other types of bombs until the school took him back in, which is why he gets away with as much as he does.

Sanagi’s only weapon is his puppet, which he keeps in a metal case he brings with him at all times. He is also a large fan of using poisoned weapons against his enemies, such as poison gas or poisoned weapons on his puppet.

Time Skip
Over the last three year Sanagi has been trainign with both his group and his father. Sanagi has started to learn to craft his own puppets but still has as many parts as he wants at his disposal. He has also begun taking a liking to poision gas. Poison gas bombs and jutsu have become his specialty.

(Group A-1) Sanagi Kukutsu [Deceased]

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