(Group A-0) Amedamaru


“I never said I wanted to be the best of anything, except maybe mahjong.”

Amedamaru is the son of the late TsukiKage (Heiko Sejuro) from the now destroyed Hidden Moonlight village. He joined the Academy almost as soon as he could read. Amedamaru is what many would call a lady killer, which he inherited from his father. He has very handsome looks and is very aware of it. It is very clear that being a ninja swordsman is his second goal in life, his first is being happy. He wants to grow up and have a nice family and a nice house; being a ninja is just a job to him. He always accomplishes his work in a quick time frame, but instead of continuing his training after that he simply slacks off. He is okay with wasting his talent to be second best.

Amedamaru joined the shinobi swordsmen because his step-sister Soisne (leader of the hunter nin) wouldn’t get off his back about it. The shinobi swordsmen are trained in counter ninja operations and were pulled from the normal ninja academy in their 2nd year. All of the members of team 0 had their last names removed until Hide allows them to have them back.

Time Skip
Over the last three years, Amedamaru has been in the Holy land training with the expert swordsmen there. The Holy land requested Amedamaru by name as a pupil so the two nations could undergo joint training excersizes to strengthen their alliancce. He has recently returned with a strange confindence in his eyes. Now 18, Amedamaru seems to be on the search for a woman..or two…or three. Becasue of this, he has built up kind of a bad reputation amongst other ninja as a lazy womanizer. However, Hide assures the naysayers that Amedamaru, when serious, is a deadly force of nature.

(Group A-0) Amedamaru

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