Naruto D20

S6: Episode 2 - Out of His Mind: An Uncertain Reunion

Four Hours Earlier…

Arashi’s eyes open and the entire room becomes absolutely still. He blinks slowly and moves to sit up, clenching his fists experimentally. Every member of the Hikari surrounds him with weapons drawn; it seems as though Soisne is ready to yamato cannon the entire room if a single pin dropped. Arashi looks around the room, stands up and begins walking towards Yasei and an unconscious Kai. Yasei shuffles between Kai and Arashi, looking up at him uncertainly; when they make eye contact, she senses an utterly predator-like presence being exuded. He halts and bends down, reaching his hand out towards Kai…which is grabbed by a very serious-looking Zig.

Arashi’s eyes lazily flick over to Zig, “You realize I could rip this arm off before anybody could get to you.” Zig, unfazed, stares back at Arashi, “I have a spare.” Arashi’s mouth twitches, “That’s a good answer,” and his hand begins to glow green. Zig notices his hand and releases it, “I misunderstood.” As Zig turns off his chakra scalpels, Arashi reaches out and touches Kai with his hand and he is suddenly brought back to consciousness. Kai sits up abruptly and stretches, “What uuuuuuuuup?” Everybody in the room still stares, uncertain how to continue. Soisne steps forward, “So…we cool?” Arashi looks up in surprise as though he had forgotten everybody was there, “Oh yeah. I was just seeing how long you’d all stare at me.” Kai laughs as everybody else gets kind of mad.

“So, it worked?” ventures Kesshen. “I mean…” Arashi scratches his head, “I guess so. You guys have some food or something?” “I’ll make you something,” Kai offers and the three of them begin to walk towards the door to the kitchen. When Kai opens the door, he finds that the room they’re in is very high in the air. “Hold on,” Kesshin says. They close the door and Kesshin makes a hand seal. When they open the door again, it leads to the kitchen, where Lord Shinamori sits waiting at the mahogany table. He looks up as Kai, Yasei and Arashi enter the room and smiles, “So, it looks like things went well!” Kai and Yasei shrug, “Well, he hasn’t killed everyone yet.” Arashi gets a dangerous look in his eye, “…yet.” Lord Shinamori looks utterly terrified as Arashi shuts the door in his face. Arashi smiles and goes to sit at the table while Kai makes chicken and fried rice.

When he finishes, the three of them eat in awkward silence. When he finishes his portion, Kai can’t stand it anymore, “Sooooooo, wanna see a movie later?” Yasei gasps, “Yeah! I heard the Super Ultra Mega Ninja Assassin Sequel is playing!” “Oh yeah? I haven’t had the chance to see it. Been kinda busy,” Kai says shaking his head; Arashi smiles. “We should probably get tickets or something,” Yasei suggests. Arashi nods, “You’re right,” and touches the table. As quickly as Kai and Yasei are assailed with the jarring sensation of Arashi’s pseudo-teleportation, it ceases. And they find themselves sitting at the mahogany table while surrounded by the roving masses of a nearby Forest nation town. Arashi stretches, gets up from his chair and starts strolling towards the movie theater with Kai and Yasei in his wake.




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