Naruto D20

S6: Episode 1 - The Failed Contract

A feminine man with a black tunic and long dark hair crouches near the edge of the treeline, observing an unguarded wooden castle with suspicion.


Next to him sits a backpack stuffed with shiruken and a large black cleaver shoved haphazardly into the ground. After taking another moment to ascertain the absence of guards, the man grabs the backpack, looks over at the huge cleaver, shrugs and leaves it there. He shifts into a crouch and begins to creep towards a nearby castle window. He enters the window silently and suddenly finds himself in utter pandemonium.

People in rainbow-colored haoris run in a panic all around him, none really appearing to notice his presence. In the center of the chaos, a well-dressed lord flanked by an imposing bodyguard appears to be shouting out orders to those around him. “Everybody remain calm and continue search the surrounding area,” he says gesturing to the front door. A man with orange hair and a orange haori yawns, “But he could be anywhere by now!” The bodyguard shoots the man an ominous look; the orange-haired man sighs and continues outside. A woman with blue hair and a purple haori storms out of the hallway, nearly running into the intruder, “That fucking idiot, when I get my hands on him—” she grumbles as she slams open the front door and completely disappears.

The intruder’s attention remains on the lord, who after a minute retires to the kitchen with his bodyguard. The intruder slinks along behind him, never taking his eyes off of his target. The lord begins to make himself a rather plain-looking sandwich while looking wistfully at a cold stove; when the intruder sees a break in the bodyguard’s attention, he pulls out a dagger and moves to slit the lord’s throat…but is suddenly hit with an irresistible urge to instead engage in polite conversation. The intruder lowers his dagger, “…hello.” The lord jumps, dropping his sandwich, and whirls around, “OH, uh…hello?” He eyes the dagger in the intruder’s hand, “…can I help you?”

The intruder pulls out a piece of paper and places it on the counter in front of the lord. On the top of a paper, a name is emblazoned with a skull next to it. He pulls a shiruken out of his bag and tosses it on top of the contract, “Your assassin got me kicked out of my family,” he says harshly. The lord looks over the paper with increasing concern, “Oooooh…awkward. So…why are you still alive? Or me, for that matter?” The intruder considers the question, “I didn’t go back. And I suppose you’re still alive because I haven’t killed you yet.” “Well, I’m not really much of a fan of…being dead. Perhaps I could offer you…a job!” the lord gestures to the shiruken, “His job. Apparently, you’re much better than he was anyway!”

“…I’ve never had a job before.” “Oh right, you Kunashi’s are a strange bunch. You could get all of your own things, I’d even give you Kane’s old room—that’s, uh, the one you killed—” “Yes, I know. I’d really prefer to have a different room.” “You can have the room next door, it doesn’t really matter to me. I guess you can have his things as well…?” The intruder laughs abruptly, “He probably didn’t deserve them anyway. He was pretty terrible.” “…riiiiight. So, you can go ahead and get settled. We’re actually in the middle of a bit of a crisis so…” he looks over his shoulder towards his bodyguard who is waiting by the door expectantly, “I’ll be back later.” The lord and his bodyguard sweep out of the room and the intruder is left alone, recalling that he hadn’t actually exchanged names with his new employer.

As he assesses the awkward implications of this social blunder and walks towards the door, he hears an odd warping sound behind him. He turns around and sees the previously empty kitchen now filled with a long mahogany table and four battered chairs. In opposite chairs sit a man with long black hair carrying two sacks of rice and a white-haired Hyuga woman balancing stacks of chocolate and strawberry bushels. In the middle of the table crouches a blue-haired man wearing a black trench coat with his hands splayed across a spiraling seal. As chocolate and strawberries spill across the floor, the intruder attempts to awkwardly slide out of the room before anybody notices him when the Hyuga whispers, "Who’s that?’




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