Naruto D20

S1:Episode 22 - Infiltration Turned Slaughter! Reappearance of a Foul Presence..

Leaving their sensei with the nurse-attired Kami, Squad Five infiltrates the relatively-unguarded spa house through the cloth awnings over the spas. They adopt the strategy of luring people out of the rooms and silently throat-punching them to death. A whole room of sleeping people is coup de graced in their beds. In a room of crates, they discover some descending stairwells and continue downwards. Alarmingly, they discover that the base is located directly under the local police station; stealth will be a necessity.

A stairwell leads down to the room where Pao Lei and her bodyguard are moving around. To ensure the element of surprise, the floor is dissolved a subtle amount and Suzume sand-coffins Pao Lei to keep her from running. Deciding that no more information was needed, Kai leaps into the room and obliterates her face (she’s dead). Her bodyguard is stunned, but is roused to action by self-preservation. He summons his chakra-resistant armor and swords and goes all out. He’s a real bitch to fight and progress is slow.

The battle remains slow-paced until a familiar aura encases the room; the squad is alarmed, but not as alarmed as the bodyguard as blood spews from his body from no visible wound. Everyone but Takara backs away from the bodyguard who is gradually becoming more and more terrified, apparently facing an invisible opponent. The man throws down his swords and cowers as the presence grows more malignant; the carnage is astounding. Again, Squad Five is faced with a very large elephant in the room, an elephant that is covered in blood and acting like nothing strange happened. Again, Squad Five chooses to instead focus on the mission at hand. They take Pao Lei’s signet ring and retreat back to the hotel.

Immediate retreat to the Shattered Sky village was necessary in order to outrun the ninja police. To avoid the suspicion of dragging an unconscious Arashi out into the streets, the squad gets Kami to bring Tyrell Williams to the hotel. They ask him to take Arashi home with him and to feed him the medicine four times a day. Tyrell looks questioningly at his paws and tries to count to three on them…looks at them doubtfully…and poofs away. With Arashi out of the way, the squad ninja speeds away from the village, running until exhausted, but safe in the Shattered Sky village.

They return to the hotel shared with Squad Four to find that they were also successful with their mission. The only thing between Squad Five and the dismantlement of the drug organization is now Mao himself.




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