Naruto D20

S1:Episode 21 - An Elaborate Ruse: Perilous Consequences

Once the squad has settled into their room, they notice that Arashi has been acting more sluggish than usual. They are dismayed to discover that he has been poisoned by the summoner, but he insists to stay behind with Kami while they scope out the area under cover of darkness. The squad examines the entrances and exits, discovering a locked front door and a cloth awning covering the individual spas of the drug-dealers lair. Finding that not much more can be done tonight, the squad returned to the hotel to find Arashi in a feverish sweat.

Alarmed, Kai goes to find a doctor, pretending that Arashi is his very sick father. He manages to find a doctor to come and examine him (almost forgetting to hengei his numerous tattoos and seals). The doctor is able to create an antidote for the poison from a kunai saved by Arashi from the summoner. He says that Arashi must rest for a week and be administered the antidote every four hours. Grateful for an antidote, the squad allows Kami to take care of their sensei while they continue the mission without him in the interest of time.

In order to get a feel for the layout of the spa, the squad infiltrates the place pretending to normal academy kids. The layout is scoped and rooms are stealthily checked and the squad retreats back to the hotel to wait until night again.




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