Naruto D20

S1:Episode 20 - An Elaborate Ruse: Mysterious Snakes

Squad Five is woken in the morning by an exhausted Arashi. He has something to tell them, but will wait until they depart from the hotel. After wishing Squad Four luck and walking off with a very deliberate bag containing five swords, they are on the road again. Arashi quickly informs his squad that he has concocted an elaborate ruse in order to disguise the fact that we possess 5 legendary swords. On our way to our mission, we will be attacked by some snakes who will be under the impression that we’re carrying the real swords (they’re dueling swords). Of course, we’ll kill them all, but pretend that they ran off with the swords in the mission report. Problem solved. Ish.

Now knowledgeable of the impending ambush, the squad remains alert as they walk along the forest-lined road. When they hear a large poof in the distance, they instantly prepare for the impending attack. Arashi runs off into the forest to deal with the summoner leaving the snakes for his squad to deal with. Just as their sensei disappears into the forest, snakes wearing Swirling Mist headbands emerge and lunge at the squad. The fight is long against these huge snakes. At one point, Suzume traps a snake in her sand coffin, but her concentration is broken and the snake swallows her full. While in the stomach of the snake, she discovers a large turtle shell and goes to take shelter by it. A turtle head peaks out of the shell, delighted to see somebody else. He is turtle-friend, formerly known as Kami. With the inspiration to finally get out of the snake, Kami blasts a hole through the snake allowing Suzume and himself to escape.

With one down, the rest are more quickly dispatched and soon Squad Five stands alone on the road trying to listen for a sign of their sensei’s progress with the summoner. When they hear nothing, they climb atop of Kami who claims he can find the summoner. Indeed he does and immediately headbutts the ninja straight into a tree. Arashi is noticeably surprised as this sudden appearance and headbutt of the turtle killed his opponent outright. Introductions are made and remain friendly as Arashi’s wolves are on good terms with the turtles. To avoid suspicion, Arashi makes the summoner’s corpse disappear and has Kami hide his affects in his shell.

By now the city is very close and the squad makes it there with Kami in not much time. The whole squad, Arashi included, are exhausted and rest a moment in their hotel before planning their next move.




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