Naruto D20

S1:Episode 19 - Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Making Jutsu!

Squad Five and Arashi return to the hotel room to a very anxious Squad Four until Z returns to assuage them. They discuss the plan of action due to the new information and, after a very lengthy deliberation, decide to split up into their original squads to take out the remaining daughters simultaneously. Z was apprehensive about leaving Arashi unattended, but the genin all agreed that it would be the best course of action, so he allowed it. They plan to depart in the morning. In the meantime, Squad Four hunkers down to complete mission reports. Inazuma is aghast when he realizes that three out of the four member of Squad Five had no idea that mission reports are an actual thing that had to be done. Kai hastily says that they’re all completed and unanimous in opinion…leaving out the fact that this is only so because he has written all mission reports for the squad thus all.

To break the tension, Umi suggests a nice dinner and asks for someone to go and gather some ingredients. Squad Five enthusiastically agrees to go and, on the way back from the grocery store, discover a poster for a very familiar film. FUCK YES, Super Mega Ninja Assassin is finally being released! HOLY FUCK ITS COMING OUT TONIGHT. They run back to the hotel and burst into the room, interrupting Arashi who is surreptitiously eating candy out of a large sack. They try to convince him to join them at the premiere; although he seems tempted, he says that he has business to attend to before the morning. He then ninjas out of the room and sadness all around.

Not daunted for long, Squad Five convinces their teammates to join them for the midnight premiere of their cinematic masterpiece. As they approach the theatre, the lines are out of control; the stars of Super Mega Ninja Assassin wait for no man. They each hengei into their appearances dawned for the movie and are immediately swarmed by fans. They do get their tickets for free, however, and get an extra one just in case their sensei shows up.

Halfway through the movie, it is decided that film is not enough to portray the genius of Ninja Assassin. The squad hengeis again to act out the film in the theatre which is received with wildly enthusiastic applause. Talk of a sequel is circulating. It is late when the movie is finished and Kai completes some wild maneuvers to escape a mob of insane fangirls. Utterly exhausted and anticipating an early morning, the squad returns to the hotel and falls asleep immediately.




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