Naruto D20

S1:Episode 18 - The Interrogation of Mai Lei

Upon returning to the hotel, Z pulls out a large scroll covered in seals and spreads it out on the floor. Instructing his squad to remain behind, he prepares a hand seal to transport Arashi, Mai Lei, and himself into his portable room. Arashi insists that his squad be allowed to conduct the interrogation while the sensei’s supervise. Although Z is hesitant at first, he is eventually persuaded to do so.

Squad Five and their hostage are transported into Z’s portable room which consists of a table and several torture tools set about for their use. Arashi and Z stick to the shadows while Squad Five ties Mai Lei to the table and formulates an interrogation plan. When she wakes up, Kai asks her a question with the answer already known to test her honesty. When she blatantly lies to cover her family’s trail, Kai cuts off some of her fingers and asks again. She remains hesitant to give straight answers for a time before a squadmate notices that a tattoo on Mai Lei has gone missing. It is a snake making its way to her throat in an attempt kill her. The squad almost fails to catch it, but Arashi throws a kunai to pin it against the wall. Once her only means of escape had been eliminated, Mai Lei was much more willing to reveal her family’s organization to the squad.

She reveals that her father, Mao, operates as the CEO of a major bank in the Fire Nation city of Candel; it is through that bank that he launders all of his drug money. As of late, her father has been taking a different direction from standard drug trade due to a new, mysterious associate. Mai Lei talks of this associate with obvious suspicion, saying that he has a great deal of influence over her father and rarely shows himself in public. She also mentions a sort of “pet” her father keeps around as a bodyguard, a patchwork monstrosity consisting of interesting items her father accrues (including a Sharingan).

Regarding her affinity with snakes, she has a deal with the Western tribe. As long as they are summoned to defeat the Southern tribe, they will get a cut of the profits (or something like that, I really don’t remember sorry). After this point in the conversation, the snake worn by Suzume disappears in a puff of smoke. A sigh resounds from Arashi’s corner. Mai Lei then spills the beans about her sisters, revealing little that we already didn’t know. Pao Lei pays an old ninja from the Eastern kingdoms to be her bodyguard as she is not proficient in combat. The guard wears chakra-resistant armor and carries chakra-resistant shields and swords. Lei Lei, the owner of the dojo, has students which are actually hired thugs and two large thugs providing additional protection.

A final question is asked about Takara’s relevance in their whole operation, to which she replies that the Shadow was to buy her at a very high price (the deal was arranged by her father’s associate). With enough of their questions satisfied, the squad knocks Mai Lei out and allows Z to take her back to the Kage for him to deal with.




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