Naruto D20

S6: Episode 2 - Out of His Mind: An Uncertain Reunion

Four Hours Earlier…

Arashi’s eyes open and the entire room becomes absolutely still. He blinks slowly and moves to sit up, clenching his fists experimentally. Every member of the Hikari surrounds him with weapons drawn; it seems as though Soisne is ready to yamato cannon the entire room if a single pin dropped. Arashi looks around the room, stands up and begins walking towards Yasei and an unconscious Kai. Yasei shuffles between Kai and Arashi, looking up at him uncertainly; when they make eye contact, she senses an utterly predator-like presence being exuded. He halts and bends down, reaching his hand out towards Kai…which is grabbed by a very serious-looking Zig.

Arashi’s eyes lazily flick over to Zig, “You realize I could rip this arm off before anybody could get to you.” Zig, unfazed, stares back at Arashi, “I have a spare.” Arashi’s mouth twitches, “That’s a good answer,” and his hand begins to glow green. Zig notices his hand and releases it, “I misunderstood.” As Zig turns off his chakra scalpels, Arashi reaches out and touches Kai with his hand and he is suddenly brought back to consciousness. Kai sits up abruptly and stretches, “What uuuuuuuuup?” Everybody in the room still stares, uncertain how to continue. Soisne steps forward, “So…we cool?” Arashi looks up in surprise as though he had forgotten everybody was there, “Oh yeah. I was just seeing how long you’d all stare at me.” Kai laughs as everybody else gets kind of mad.

“So, it worked?” ventures Kesshen. “I mean…” Arashi scratches his head, “I guess so. You guys have some food or something?” “I’ll make you something,” Kai offers and the three of them begin to walk towards the door to the kitchen. When Kai opens the door, he finds that the room they’re in is very high in the air. “Hold on,” Kesshin says. They close the door and Kesshin makes a hand seal. When they open the door again, it leads to the kitchen, where Lord Shinamori sits waiting at the mahogany table. He looks up as Kai, Yasei and Arashi enter the room and smiles, “So, it looks like things went well!” Kai and Yasei shrug, “Well, he hasn’t killed everyone yet.” Arashi gets a dangerous look in his eye, “…yet.” Lord Shinamori looks utterly terrified as Arashi shuts the door in his face. Arashi smiles and goes to sit at the table while Kai makes chicken and fried rice.

When he finishes, the three of them eat in awkward silence. When he finishes his portion, Kai can’t stand it anymore, “Sooooooo, wanna see a movie later?” Yasei gasps, “Yeah! I heard the Super Ultra Mega Ninja Assassin Sequel is playing!” “Oh yeah? I haven’t had the chance to see it. Been kinda busy,” Kai says shaking his head; Arashi smiles. “We should probably get tickets or something,” Yasei suggests. Arashi nods, “You’re right,” and touches the table. As quickly as Kai and Yasei are assailed with the jarring sensation of Arashi’s pseudo-teleportation, it ceases. And they find themselves sitting at the mahogany table while surrounded by the roving masses of a nearby Forest nation town. Arashi stretches, gets up from his chair and starts strolling towards the movie theater with Kai and Yasei in his wake.


S6: Episode 1 - The Failed Contract

A feminine man with a black tunic and long dark hair crouches near the edge of the treeline, observing an unguarded wooden castle with suspicion.


Next to him sits a backpack stuffed with shiruken and a large black cleaver shoved haphazardly into the ground. After taking another moment to ascertain the absence of guards, the man grabs the backpack, looks over at the huge cleaver, shrugs and leaves it there. He shifts into a crouch and begins to creep towards a nearby castle window. He enters the window silently and suddenly finds himself in utter pandemonium.

People in rainbow-colored haoris run in a panic all around him, none really appearing to notice his presence. In the center of the chaos, a well-dressed lord flanked by an imposing bodyguard appears to be shouting out orders to those around him. “Everybody remain calm and continue search the surrounding area,” he says gesturing to the front door. A man with orange hair and a orange haori yawns, “But he could be anywhere by now!” The bodyguard shoots the man an ominous look; the orange-haired man sighs and continues outside. A woman with blue hair and a purple haori storms out of the hallway, nearly running into the intruder, “That fucking idiot, when I get my hands on him—” she grumbles as she slams open the front door and completely disappears.

The intruder’s attention remains on the lord, who after a minute retires to the kitchen with his bodyguard. The intruder slinks along behind him, never taking his eyes off of his target. The lord begins to make himself a rather plain-looking sandwich while looking wistfully at a cold stove; when the intruder sees a break in the bodyguard’s attention, he pulls out a dagger and moves to slit the lord’s throat…but is suddenly hit with an irresistible urge to instead engage in polite conversation. The intruder lowers his dagger, “…hello.” The lord jumps, dropping his sandwich, and whirls around, “OH, uh…hello?” He eyes the dagger in the intruder’s hand, “…can I help you?”

The intruder pulls out a piece of paper and places it on the counter in front of the lord. On the top of a paper, a name is emblazoned with a skull next to it. He pulls a shiruken out of his bag and tosses it on top of the contract, “Your assassin got me kicked out of my family,” he says harshly. The lord looks over the paper with increasing concern, “Oooooh…awkward. So…why are you still alive? Or me, for that matter?” The intruder considers the question, “I didn’t go back. And I suppose you’re still alive because I haven’t killed you yet.” “Well, I’m not really much of a fan of…being dead. Perhaps I could offer you…a job!” the lord gestures to the shiruken, “His job. Apparently, you’re much better than he was anyway!”

“…I’ve never had a job before.” “Oh right, you Kunashi’s are a strange bunch. You could get all of your own things, I’d even give you Kane’s old room—that’s, uh, the one you killed—” “Yes, I know. I’d really prefer to have a different room.” “You can have the room next door, it doesn’t really matter to me. I guess you can have his things as well…?” The intruder laughs abruptly, “He probably didn’t deserve them anyway. He was pretty terrible.” “…riiiiight. So, you can go ahead and get settled. We’re actually in the middle of a bit of a crisis so…” he looks over his shoulder towards his bodyguard who is waiting by the door expectantly, “I’ll be back later.” The lord and his bodyguard sweep out of the room and the intruder is left alone, recalling that he hadn’t actually exchanged names with his new employer.

As he assesses the awkward implications of this social blunder and walks towards the door, he hears an odd warping sound behind him. He turns around and sees the previously empty kitchen now filled with a long mahogany table and four battered chairs. In opposite chairs sit a man with long black hair carrying two sacks of rice and a white-haired Hyuga woman balancing stacks of chocolate and strawberry bushels. In the middle of the table crouches a blue-haired man wearing a black trench coat with his hands splayed across a spiraling seal. As chocolate and strawberries spill across the floor, the intruder attempts to awkwardly slide out of the room before anybody notices him when the Hyuga whispers, "Who’s that?’


S5: Episode 21 - Unraveling the Past: The Final Memory

An Iron Door

Raiku Totoro supports a limp Arashi as the two are escorted through the prison complex by Soisne, adorned in Shattered Sky ANBU apparel. As they near a large iron door, she grabs the latch and throws the door open; Arashi raises his arm in front of him as the intensely bright light assails his eyes. When his eyes do adjust, he sees Raiku looking at his expectantly, “Well, you’re out!” he says excitedly. Arashi is hit with an intense wave of lethargy and nearly falls to the ground. Raiku scrambles to grab him as Soisne stiffens, hand hovering over her utility belt. “Tired,” Arashi grunts as Raiku steadies him. “He just needs to rest,” Raiku says to Soisne, “Can I take him home now?” She nods, lowering her hands. She goes to walk past them back into the village, but stops to look Arashi in the eyes first. “I’ll be watching you,” she says to him flatly, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Upon reaching home, Arashi slumps onto the living room couch while Raiku attends to the ramen shop. He sits completely still, watching a young Sutomu Totaro run around the room, brandishing a dulled kunai at invisible enemies. His vision fuzzes and he sees a younger version of himself doing the same as a woman with electric blue hair and a summoning tattoo laughs and chases him around. The vision and the woman fades and Sutomu continues leaping around the room happily. The memory flashes forward and Arashi is standing over a sleeping Sutomu, still staring blankly. He activates tiny chakra needles in his fingers and mechanically pokes multiple holes into the girl’s chakra pathways.

Arashi’s memory blurs into a haze of endless cycle of sleeping, eating and drinking. After a few years of the haze, Saigo Uchiha steps into Arashi’s room, nearly tripping on three empty bottles on his way in. Arashi drags himself into a sitting position and looks at Saigo sluggishly. “Arashi, you don’t look so hot.” Arashi yawns, “So tired…” “Maybe I can get them to increase your chakra allowance.” Arashi tries to laugh, but loses the energy to do so from just thinking about it. Saigo goes to sit next to him, “What you need is a job. Something to get you out of here,” he gestures around the dark room. Arashi shrugs.

Saigo pushes on, “We’ve got three kids graduating from the academy with Sutomu: a sand-user, a Hyuga and my son, Kai. We were thinking of letting them be your pupils.” Arashi shakes his head, “No. Won’t do it.” “It’ll be good for you. You’ve got to get out of the house.” “You can’t make me.” Saigo looks at him imploringly, “Listen, if you don’t do this, they’re gonna put you back down in that pit.” Arashi hears a drip that clearly didn’t originate in his room. He is silent for awhile before agreeing reluctantly.

The memory fast forwards and Arashi is roused from a deep sleep by an insistent Tyrell. He rolls over grumpily, “What?” Tyrell looks nervous, “Yo man, we gotta get to the graduation, man. You already late!” Arashi groans and puts a pillow over his head while Tyrell continues to bother him, “Yo man, dis ain’t cool. You gotta go, man!” Arashi waves him off, “You just go for me…I’m gonna sleep.” “Yo man,” Tyrell looks conflicted, “Uh…uh—uh, I’ll be back, man.” He runs out of the window and Arashi instantly falls back asleep. A few hours later, Arashi is woken up again, “Yo man, I think they startin’ to catch on that I’m not their sensei, man!” Arashi rolls over again, “What?” Tyrell is frantic, “They’re not buying the whole ‘wolf being their sensei’ thing. You gotta help me out, man!”

Arashi groans as he stands up, “Useless,” he mutters, pulling on a shirt. “Aw, come on man,” Tyrell gives him a sad wolf face. Arashi continues to mutter under his breath as he opens his door to leave the room behind.

Kai and Yasei chose to unlock this memory. To recap, they unlocked the following memories:

Metal Flower
Black Fire
Blood Red Door
Breaking into Two Pieces
Akudama’s Face
Big X (Celestial Conflict)
Iron Door

After going over their selections carefully a fourth time, Kai and Yasei conclude that their decisions would successfully de-bitchify Arashi without making him an insane asshole. Not wanting anything more than to get out of this intensely depressing mindscape, Kai ends his Tsukiyomi and they suddenly find themselves back in Lord Shinamori‘s dining room. Kai, suddenly hit with the mental exhaustion of keeping up three Tsukiyomis, instantly collapses; Yasei catches him before he hits the ground and props him up in a nearby chair. Nobody else in the room comments or seems to notice any of this transpiring. All of the Hikari’s attention is fixed upon an inert Arashi who is very slowly blinking open his eyes.


S5: Episode 20 - Unraveling the Past: Upon the Cross

A Black Cross

Birds chirp and fly across an otherwise empty green field in this next memory. Kai and Yasei enjoy the usually absent sunshine before the memory abruptly begins to shift into the ground. They fall into the darkness, passing through 77 large layers of Strontium and dirt until they stabilize in a pitch-black pit. As their eyes adjust to the darkness, they hear a steady drip echo across the room they’ve landed in. They look up and find Arashi chained to the black Strontium cross, staring at the dripping water in the corner.


Although there is no indication of time in this dark pit, Kai and Yasei get the feeling that large amounts of time are passing as Arashi counts the drops silently. At least a week had to pass before Arashi’s solitude was interrupted. A lift rattles to the bottom of the pit and a younger Saigo Uchiha steps towards the prisoner, taking a seat in the wooden chair left in front of him. “So, how’s it going,” Saigo inquires, adjusting on the chair. “…you were gone longer than usual.” “I had to go on a mission. And I had to put together the paperwork to enroll Kai in the academy.” Arashi nods silently. Saigo shifts again, “I brought someone here to see you.” “Who would want to see me?” “It’s your dad.”

Arashi winces and looks down at his chained body; as his eyes slide over his hands, he can practically feel Raiku’s blood flowing over them so many years ago, “…do I have to see him?” Saigo stands, “Listen, if you’re not going to do it for you, at least do it for your father. I wish I had spoken to my first son more than I did when he died…” Saigo begins to walk back to the lift, “Say you’re sorry.” He rings a bell by the lift and turns back around as the lift begins to lower, “My wife’s pregnant again.” Arashi nods again, “Congratulations.” Saigo seems to try and get more out of him before boarding the lift, “Not sure what to name him yet.” Arashi blinks heavily, “K.”

The dripping resumes, but soon it is interrupted by the returning lift. The bar screeches and an older Raiku Totoro steps off. Saigo pats him on the back and steps onto the lift, which goes up again. Raiku sits in the wooden chair, staring incredulously at his son, “Jesus,” he says as he eyes the seals covering his skin, “…so this is what they’re doing to you.” Arashi nods, keeping his head downcast. Raiku seems untroubled by his son’s discomfort, “Your sister is doing okay. Although, it’s kinda hard taking care of her with the ramen shop and all. I’m pretty short-staffed, so I could really use your help when you get out of here.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen, dad.” Raiku wrinkles his brow, “Sure it will! They can’t keep you in here forever!” “How could they not…after everything I—” Raiku slaps Arashi across the face, “Don’t talk like that,” he says sternly, “You made a mistake. Your sister’s up there. She needs you. I need you…We need to talk about what happened.” Arashi moves for the first time in the whole memory, “I don’t wanna—” “I don’t wanna hear it. I’m not mad at you, you know.” Arashi becomes limp again and a tear falls to the ground, “I’m so sorry.” Raiku smiles wryly and grasps Arashi’s shoulder firmly, “I’m your father and I care about you. We’re going to make you all better in here and you’ll be alright again. No matter what happens, I’m always going to be proud of you. And if your mother was still around, she would be to.”

Arashi nods again, his face returning to the blank slate it was previously. Raiku pats him on the shoulder, “I’ll come back tomorrow. I’ll bring some ramen if I can,” he peers towards the lift conspiratorially, “They’re pretty strict up there.” “…yeah, they don’t really feed me. At all,” Arashi says wearily. “I’ll talk to Saigo,” Raiku says, “Don’t fret too much.” When Arashi doesn’t offer any more conversation, he walks over to the lift, smiles and returns to the surface. As the clanking of the ascending lift fades, the dripping of the water becomes deafening again. Arashi’s exhausted gaze shifts back towards the corner, “5,000,568…5,000,569…”

The periodic visits from Saigo and Raiku as well as the unwavering count continue for five years in the pit before Kai and Yasei are ejected back into the jumbled hallway. As they look around, they notice that there is only one more locked memory remaining.


S5: Episode 19 - Unraveling the Past: The Celestial Conflict

Soisne’s Face

Arashi readjusts his “God” haori in a darkened cave; rain pounds on the ground outside. He turns and starts to walk out only to find Soisne standing at the cave mouth, arms crossed. Arashi nods, “Soisne.” She stares at him stiffly for a moment before replying, “Arashi.” She offers no other statement or movement. “You seem displeased,” Arashi notes. “Of course I am,” she snaps, “You’ve been killing our friends.” She walks closer to him, trying to look him in the eye, “Kira…Kira is dead!” Arashi shrugs and looks up at her with glassy eyes, “A necessary sacrifice for peace.” She looks dumbfounded, “Peace? What peace? Have you forgotten what we’ve been doing for the past four years?” Arashi shakes his head smiling, “Soisne, I am enlightened! I have seen what it is I was born to do! I will become the vessel to take this broken world into its new age!” Soisne looks at him for a long moment, “And because of this, Kira had to die?” “Yes.” Soisne bows her head.

Arashi begins to walk past her, but she puts out her arm to block his way. She looks up at him with that stubborn look in her eyes, “I’m not going to let you leave here spouting that sanctimonious bullshit.” Arashi’s expression hardens, “…Let?” She walks directly in front of him, “Don’t act like you’re so much stronger than me! I’ve gotten more powerful as well!” Arashi laughs harshly, “I built that body of yours, Soisne. You’re just a blood-crazed lunatic who kills for fun.” Something in Soisne’s face crumbles and Arashi sneers, “I have a higher purpose! What could a monster like you understand about peace?” Soisne’s arms fall limply to her sides and her eyes begin to shine, “…who are you?” she whispers, searching his face desperately. He puts a hand on her shoulder, looking down on her with lofty compassion, “I am a God. Let me show you.”

Soisne chuckles weakly, “A God? Don’t make me laugh…you’re a monster, just like me.” She makes a hand seal and blood begins to pour out of the seals covering her arms. Arashi takes a step backwards, “There is no need for this—” “ENOUGH!” Blood bursts through the cave to form a large Blood Susano around Soisne, whose pupils have dilated into slits, “Enough of your religious bullshit! I’m going to beat this god complex shit out of you and drag you home!” Arashi’s expression slips at her last statement. “WE HAVE NO HOME!” he bellows as he begins to form the Susano.

An extensive rainy battle against the two ensues. Arashi kills Soisne four times before beating her into submission. He stands above her with his hand poised to rip the last heart out of her open chest when he hears a voice yell, “STOP!” Arashi looks over to find his father, Raiku Totoro, standing on a nearby outcropping, huffing and puffing in the pouring rain, “Stop,” he repeats, staring at his son imploringly. Arashi slowly lifts his foot off of Soisne’s chest, “Raiku Totoro.” “…what happened to Dad?” Arashi scoffs, “I’ve ascended beyond such mortal connections, Raiku.” Raiku looks angry at this, “That’s bullshit and you know it! You’re still my son!” He gets a nostalgic look on his face, “Remember your ninja pajamas? Your mother would alwa—”

Arashi flashes over to Raiku and stabs him through the chest with a Chidori blade. He looks at him impassively before shoving him onto the ground, “I shall leave you here dying to give you a chance to repent for your sins.” He walks back over to Soisne who lies on the ground, struggling to rise, “As for you,” he uses his Chidori blade to slice through her last heart. Without assessing the scene further, he walks off into the rain.

Large ‘X’ – the following memory was double-locked

Arashi stands on top of a ledge looking down on Tao and Soisne, who stand below. Arashi looks curiously at Soisne, “How are you alive? I cut out your last heart.” Soisne stares back at him, “It turns out that our old sensei is less dead than you though he was,” she spits out harshly. Tao interjects, “He healed your father and brought Soisne back.” Arashi sneers, “Kase Zetsubo…how dare he deny my will…no matter. I will rectify the situation.” He flashes towards Soisne and immediately attempts to cut out one of her hearts, which she blocks with a bone that juts out of her body.

A battle similar to the previous Arashi and Soisne battle ensues. Soisne conjures a Blood Susano while Arashi uses a normal Susano; Tao interjects at times enveloped in White Energy armor that attacks with 300 arms. The three of them rely on Sage and, in Soisne’s case, Anti-Sage chakra to fight continuously for three days, during which Soisne is killed four times and Tao narrowly avoids death numerous times. On the third day, Arashi notices an opening in Tao’s defenses and teleports in to cut his throat out before Soisne can stop him. Just as he has his chakra scalpel held directly in front of Tao’s jugular, Arashi suddenly stops moving entirely. Tao jumps back in alarm and Soisne looks around in confusion; she notices a single shiruken stuck in Arashi’s shadow. She looks around the empty landscape for a moment, trying to find the thrower, but shakes her head and approaches Arashi instead.

She flicks some of her blood onto his shadow and begins to move around him, burning multiple inhibiting seals into his flesh. Meanwhile, Tao releases a seal and pulls out a large black metal cross covered in similar inhibiting seals. By the time Soisne finishes putting seals on him, his skin is utterly black with them; she releases him from paralysis upon completion and turns her back on him to look at the horizon. Arashi falls heavily to the ground, completely unable to move. Tao glares at Arashi with utter disgust before picking him up and chaining him to the Strontium cross. Both Tao and Soisne pick up a half of the cross and begin to drag it off into the wastes that they created, never once looking back at Arashi. They travel in complete silence while Arashi stares at nothing, tears streaming from his eyes. For the first time in a very long while, he felt truly alone in the world.


Kai and Yasei chose to include the Large X Memory

S5: Episode 18 - Unraveling the Past: The Avatar of Heaven

A Road

Villagers flee in terror as Arashi slowly approaches, hands in his pocket and Sharingan activated. “Listen,” he says as he sucks a building into his eye, “I know there are ninja in this village. Just tell me where they are and I’ll stop.” He ejects the building in his eye into another, instantly killing a dozen villages. He whistles, hands still in his pockets, “I’m getting pretty good at this.” A woman stumbles towards him sobbing, “Please stop,” she begs. Arashi sighs, “Just tell me where the ninja are.” “I really don’t know, just please leave my daughter alone!” she glances back at the young girl cowering behind her.

Arashi shrugs, “Sorry lady. The world’s a shitty place, get used to it.” He cuts the woman’s head off in one swift motion, “Either I kill her now or another ninja does later…I’m doing her a favor.” He approaches the girl; she cries softly, clutching a large wolf stuffed animal tightly to her chest. Arashi halts when he sees the wolf. Hand trembling, he reaches into his belt and pulls out a pill bottle. When he puts the bottle to his mouth he suddenly realizes that its empty. The bottle drops and Arashi stares fixedly at the crying girl, “Get away from me,” he yells at her; the girl simply cires for her mother. He falls to his knees in front of her and begins to shake her, a wild look of desperation rising in his eyes, “It’s not my fault,” he yells at her, “I didn’t kill you, its Uuzu…this is all his fault…” He remembers Uuzu kicking a stuffed wolf into the Amaterasu…

A sword slices through Arashi’s chest and the stuffed wolf in front of him. From behind him, a villager ecstatically cries, “I got him! I killed the Avatar of Heaven!” Arashi can only look at the girl, whose blood is seeping though the stuffed wolf. She looks up at him with teary, rapidly-glazing eyes, “Why…why are you doing this?” before she slumps against him. Arashi’s memory goes black.

When it clears, Arashi is standing in a decimated crater where the village used to be. He clutches the bloodied stuffed wolf to his chest and screams into the sky, tears streaming down his face.


Arashi walks along a desert with a woman trotting along behind him; he wears a white robe with the world “God” written along the back.


“Arashi-gama, the next sacrifice is ready,” the woman says as she dodges the people throwing themselves into the path after Arashi passes. Arashi nods before turning to face his followers, “I will show you the power of the gods,” he announces. A woman frantically scrambles to the front of the crowd, “My daughter is sick!” she yells, “Can you help her, Arashi-gama?” Arashi walks over to the woman’s daughter and smiles, “All is possible when you walk in my light.” He places his hand over the daughter’s eyes and heals her blindness with ninjutsu. The followers explode with excitement as the girl blinks her eyes in amazement.

The woman follower returns with a teenaged girl, who appears to be afraid. She looks down at the nervous girl and smiles, “There is no need to be afraid. Arashi-gama is going to send you to heaven to see your parents.” She gestures to the white-clothed followers all around her, “He is going to send all good people, like us, into Heaven and all those murderers who killed your parents to Hell where they belong.” “But…what if it goes wrong?” the girl asks hesitantly. “He is a God sent to us from Heaven; he can’t fail! And besides, he has already done this dozens of times.” “We must be going,” Arashi interrupts. The girl takes the woman’s hand and Arashi teleports them to the epicenter of the battlefield where it is raining profusely.

“Come, my child.” Arashi begins to raise the girl in front of him with force. She begins to cry, “i’m scared.” “Shhhh, soon you will be in Heaven, child,” Arashi says as he uses a genjutsu on her; she slumps in front of him. He creates numerous hand seals and suddenly her soul flies out of her body; the soul flies into the air, growing increasingly smaller, but also brighter. It appears to reach its peak when everything is enveloped in a bright light.

A shockwave spreads from the epicenter. Ninjas and animals alike attempt to run from it, but none can escape as the very ground is eviscerated in an instant. After the instant, it is deadly silent; only Arashi and his follower remain in the vast wasteland, observing the decimation. The follower is ecstatic, “All sinners sent to hell with one wave of your hand!” She looks up at him with happy tears in her eyes, “Arashi-gama—” Arashi grabs her and throws her into the air where she is immediately enveloped in black flames.

“That was cold, ‘Arashi-gama,’ or whatever they’re calling you these days,” Uuzu Uchiha tsks as he touches down on the ground. Arashi turns around and activates his Mangyekyo Sharingan, “I have you to thank for that.” Uuzu doesn’t seem surprised, “So the rumors are true. You’ve stolen yourself a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan…but it matters not. You’re merely a pretender, not a true Uchiha.” Uuzu directs his gaze at Arashi and activates his Amaterasu once more. Just as it is about to ignite on Arashi, Arashi utilizes his Sharingan to wink it out of existence and then place it on Uuzu’s shoulder. Uuzu jumps back before hastily deactivating his fire, gritting his teeth. “I am stronger than you, Uuzu,” Arashi says in a cool, flat voice. “Not on your life, kid.” Uuzu enters a battle position. “The result will be different. This time, I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to save this broken world.”

Uuzu narrows his eyes, “You’re all talk! Let me show you the power of a true Uchiha!” and begins to form the Susano. Arashi doesn’t move an inch; his Mangekyo only glows brighter. He has the Susano blade strike at Arashi and entire area is enveloped in smoke and Uuzu smiles, “And that’s tha—” Suddenly, Arashi’s laughter begins to echo across the battlefield. As the smoke begins to clear, Uuzu sees that a ribcage the same color as his has begun to form around Arashi, whose laughter is escalating maniacally, “Don’t place me on the same level as you mortals!” Instantly, the Susano identical to Uuzu’s grows around him and grows.

Uuzu looks utterly terrified, “That’s impossible!” Arashi’s laughter dims, “Do not despair, Uuzu,” he says as he draws his Susano’s blade, “You did all you could as a mere mortal.” An extensive blow-for-blow fight ensues which destroys all that remains of the surrounding landscape. In the end, both Uuzu and Arashi lie bleeding out on the ground. Uuzu grits his teeth and summons a Shadown ninja in a mask. The ninja looks at Arashi and sees Uuzu bleeding out; he grabs Uuzu and flies away. Meanwhile, Arashi weaves in and out of consciousness. He watches Uuzu fly into the sky, closes his eyes, opens them and sees a woman in Yellow wheeling him into an operating theater. He continues to stare at the dingy sealing as she proceeds to heal his injuries.


S5: Episode 17 - Unraveling the Past: Obtaining a Sharingan

Akudama’s Face

Arashi stands back to back with an unknown medical ninja surrounded by three Uchiha. The medical ninja whistles, “Three new Mangekyo, huh? Rough.” The Uchiha around them hesitate, unsure how to proceed. “So, how’s your Sharingan research coming anyway?” Arashi asks the medical ninja. The Uchiha attack and the conversation continues. “Well, I found out why there have been more Mangekyos are lately. Apparently, when they experience bouts of extreme emotional distress they awaken the Mangekyo.” He slashes the throat of his opponent with ease. Arashi stabs another Uchiha in the face while nodding in interest. The medical ninja alerts, “Wait, leave that one for me. It looks like he’s related to the one you just killed.”

Arashi throws the Uchiha to the ground and the medical ninja vomits a white snake onto the ground. The snake quickly slithers into the Uchiha’s mouth, who struggles temporarily before becoming still. The Uchiha gets to his feet, walks around and cracks his neck. Kai and Yasei uncomfortably notice that this man looks exactly like Akudama.


Arashi continues his line of questioning, “So, what’s the big deal about them being related?” “Well,” Akudama says while leaning down and activating his chakra scalpels, “When the Mangekyo is created, it leaves an implant on the eye, but you don’t need that for the eternal Mangekyo. You see,” he carefully cuts through the nerve endings of the brother’s eyes, “The reason you can’t mass-produce these things is that you need to pull out the optic nerve, not just the eye. Once you fuse the optic nerves of one related body with another, you can get the eternal Mangekyo.” With that, he pulls out the optic nerves and implants them into his eyes. Akudama looks at Arashi with his new eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, “I could teach you how to do this.” Arashi nods, “Yeah sure. I was gonna torture this one, but…let him talk. I want to know if he has any relatives.” Akudama stares at the survivor intently for a second and smiles, “It seems he has a little brother in a village not too far off,” he gestures for Arashi to pass by, “Shall we?”

Yasei feels memories rushing back to her; she suddenly remembers everything about Yukai’s arm and Akudama’s attempt on her life. She begins to hyperventilate, repeating “I shouldn’t have seen that, I shouldn’t have seen that.” As more and more comes back, she becomes more panicked, “Nononononono, he’s gonna kill me!” A confused Kai pats her on the shoulder, “What’s wrong?” He leads her into the hallway. Yasei explains how Arashi went out on a limb to protect her from Akudama. Kai suggests going to find what he had to do to stop Akudama. They end up finding the memory and discover that Arashi gave Akudama a mechanical heart in exchange for keeping Yasei alive. They conclude to just never mention this ever again and hope Akudama doesn’t try to kill her and continue to the next door.

Happy House

Arashi and Akudama kick down the door to a small cottage. A lady inside screams in alarm and Akudama holds up a candy wrapper, “So you can teleport to any of these at any time?” Arashi sighs harshly, “I TOLD you, it’s not teleportation, jesus!” He stabs the woman in the chest to stop her inane screaming, “So tell me again, how do we transport these eyes?” Akudama tells Arashi to hold the kid down.

When the kid comes too, he is extremely confused and Arashi sits in front of him, “Amazing, isn’t it?” he says. The boys asks, “What?” “I just gave you the Mangekyo Sharingan.” The Uchiha boy is very excited, “What? Really?!” He stands up and finally sees his dead mother. “Yeah,” Arashi says calmly, “You wanna know how I got ’em?” He slowly lifts the boy’s brother’s eyeless head in front of him. The boy begins to scream and claw at his own eyes as he experiences his Mangekyo Awakening Rage. After an extensive battle with the child, Arashi and Akudama manage to beat him; the entire town is destroyed in the process. Arashi looks around and whistles, “Whoa, it worked.” He bends down over the Uchiha boy, conducts the optical nerve surgery and implants them into himself.

Akudama saunters around picking through villager corpses, throwing many into familiar wooden coffins, “I told you,” he inspects a man’s arm before adding him to a box, “anatomy is my specialty.” Arashi pops some pills and looks intently into the night with his new Mangekyo Sharingan glowing brightly in the darkness, “That it is.”


S5: Episode 16 - Unraveling the Past - The Uchiha Genocide

Blood Red Door

Blood and lightning rains from the sky and pounds into the now-barren battlefield as Arashi and Soisne destroy everything in sight. Arashi blasts lightning through an Uchiha’s chest while Soisne rips a heart out of one’s ribcage, laughing uncontrollably as she does it. She stares at the heart in her hand and begins to eat it voraciously before choking and falling to the ground. Arashi’s head whips around when he sees her fall, “Soisne!” and he races over to her, looking extremely alarmed, “What the fuck are you doing?!” Soisne continues laughing as her body tries to kill her.

Arashi’s hands tremble and he shakily pops a few pills. He activates his chakra scalpels and begins to root around though Soisne’s failing body, mumbling to himself, “Pulse low…liver good…pancreas failing…collapsed lung….Jesus, Soisne, are you trying to—I’m stopping this now.” He goes to break her ribcage to stop the process, but she stops laughing and grabs his arm with an iron grip. She stares at him intently, “Leave it.” He doesn’t believe her, “Soisne…” But he sighs in resignation when he sees the familiar stubborn look in her eyes, “I suppose I can move around the organs to support the additional heart…”

He activates a medical jutsu and the blood flowing out of her body flows back inwards. Her eyes widen as more blood returns to her, “I want more.” Arashi looks up at her, “More?” She looks down at her own heart and begins to laugh hysterically again, “MORE!” Arashi looks down and chuckles, “Well fine then.” He pulls out her organs by the handful and begins to inject them with strange blood and bone mixtures while Soisne laughter drifts across the battlefield.

Battle Scene

An Uchiha warrior decapitates Soisne with a single swing of his sword while Arashi watches from afar impassively. The warrior blanches in horror as tendrils of blood burst from Soisne’s headless body and begin to reattached her head to the body. Another Uchiha rips a heart out of her chest with the Chidori in a panic; Soisne catches his arm as he attempts to retreat and rips his entire body in half, laughing maniacally. As her head continues to attach itself, she rips the Chidori-user’s heart out and begins to eat it.

Arashi walks over, nodding in approval, “Looks like five is a good number. Appears to be maintaining high regeneration, elemental affinities—” “This body is amazing!” Soisne exclaims, extending blood tendrils thirty feet behind her into an Uchiha’s jugular. Arashi smiles wryly, “Only the best for you.” “You should do this to yourself!” she exclaims. A sword goes through Arashi’s chest and he sighs in exasperation, “I think I’m pretty good with what I’ve got.” The man who stabbed him trembles behind him, “M-monsters!” Arashi turns to face him, the sword still stuck in his chest, “Are you an Uchiha?” “N-n-no—” “Good for you.” Arashi crushes him to the size of a pin.

“You’re gravity style is coming along nicely,” Soisne comments, as Arashi pulls the sword out of his chest and tosses it aside. “Yeah, its weird though. I can’t seem to get the chakra to work quite right. I think it requires some kind of special chakra. I’ll need to find a member of the bloodline…that is, if Kase didn’t kill the last one,” he laughs and pops some more pills. At the mention of killing, Soisne’s body quivers in a peculiar, animal-like fashion, which Arashi notices immediately, “That anxious for more blood, huh? Well, I think we can go at this for a few more days before taking a rest.” He stretches and floats into the air while razor-sharp tendrils of blood raise out of Soisne, “Let’s get to work.”

Breaking Into Two Pieces

Another utterly decimated battlefield is revealed, this time accompanied by a group of Mountain Nation soldiers, staring in awe. Soisne stabs an Uchiha in the torso while Arashi yawns behind her, “This is getting too easy.” Soisne turns back and looks at him questioningly, the Uchiha still stuck on her arm, “What do you mean?” “We just wiped out all of these people in no time at all. Now we both have to wait for reinforcements to arrive. Fighting together is a waste of time at this point.” Soisne shoves the Uchiha off of her hand and looks at him questioningly, almost sadly, “But—”

“If we split up, we can do more damage overall. Plus,” he adds, noting her reluctance, “this way, you get to kill way more people.” Her expression clears, “Oh,” and she makes an anime fist pound, “That’s okay then!” Arashi turns around and begins walking off towards the mountainous North. As he passes by the group of Mountain Nation who part, terrified, “Don’t worry guys, just be happy we’re on your side.” He gets past them and waves, “We may be monsters, but we’re your monsters.” Soisne smiles and waves after him. She walks towards the soldiers and smiles at them pleasantly, “I’ll treat your wounds now.”


Kai and Yasei chose to unlock the Blood Red Door and Breaking Into Two Pieces memories

S5: Episode 15 - Unraveling the Past: The Fractured Friendship


Arashi stands over the corpse of a white-cloaked demon holding a staff in a crypt with a floor littered with mummies. A few years appear to have passed from the last memory. He sighs, “It’s completely looted, just like all the rest.”


Tao grits his teeth and throws his hat to the ground, “Dammit…we’re too late.”


“We’ll just have to hope he doesn’t get the rest of the pieces, I guess.” Soisne says dejectedly.


A man approaches from behind them and asks a question in a foreign language. Kai and Yasei recognize him as none other than Icarus. Arashi responds in the same language and Icarus looks perturbed by his response.

Tao looks around at them all, “So, now what do we do?” “It’s obvious,” Soisne replies, “we destroy the Shadow Nation.” “And all of the Uchiha, once and for all.” Arashi chimes in. Tao is taken aback, “Can you two even hear yourselves?” Arashi lashes out in anger, “No, Tao, I don’t. I only hear the sounds of our people dying, I didn’t think you would forget!” Tao adopts his calming voice, “You’re being irrational, Arashi. This just isn’t right.” Soisne scoffs, “Sounds like you’re being a bitch.” Tao turns on her, “Don’t encourage him, Soisne!” Arashi goes towards Soisne, “If you don’t like it, you don’t need to come.” he grabs Soisne’s hand, “Its not like we need you anyway.” He begins to walk out of the cave, Soisne in his wake.

“You’re walking down a path you can’t come back from, Arashi!” Tao calls after him desperately. “I’ve given up on the high road, Tao. The high road is what killed that little girl…” “What little girl?” Arashi ignores him and makes a hand seal; a cloud appears in front of him which he steps up onto, “I’m going to walk the low road and burn everything in my wake.” He extends his hand once more out to Soisne, who grabs it and steps onto the cloud. “Goodbye, Tao.”


Kai and Yasei chose to unlock the Crypt memory

S5: Episode 14 - Unraveling the Past: Finding a Path

A Man Walking

Arashi comes to on a rickety wagon with the sun beaming down on his face. He sits up abruptly and sees the small amount of villagers who survived, including Soisne and Tao crowded around the wagon. Beside him, Raiku grabs his arm and urges him to lay back down. Tao comes over to the wagon explains that they are relocating to the Wind Nation. He looks apprehensively at Arashi, “You should really get those spirits taken care of soon. Who knows what will happen if you keep them in there too long.” “I know, I know.” “I could exorcise them real quick for you, if you’d like. And I know Soisne wouldn’t mind taking them off your hands…” he gestures towards the blue-haired woman walking stiffly ahead of them.

Arashi snaps at the mention of Soisne, “They’re still people, even if they’re spirits! I’ll take care of it!” Tao looks taken aback, “Sorry.” Arashi apologizes, “It’s been a long day.” “Week.” Tao corrects. Arashi starts, “Where’s Uuzu?! He could be halfway across the world by now! I have to—” He tries to get up and groans in pain. “Arashi, now isn’t the time to be worrying about Uuzu.” Tao says him before speeding up to tell Soisne about Arashi coming to. Arashi lies back down onto the card, staring into the sky, “It’s all fucked up Dad…it’s all fucked up…” Arashi begins to cry as Raiku silently strokes his hair.


Dead Uchiha litter the ground as Tao, Soisne and Arashi pick through their corpses. Soisne dispassionately rips a pair of one’s eyes out, “No information, as usual.” Arashi grunts in frustration as he coup de graces a struggling survivor, “How many do we have to kill before we find out where Uuzu is?” He sighs and wipes the blood from his sword. “We’re running low on rations again.” Tao makes some hand seals and begins to form a wooden house, “We could go to a nearby town for rations,” he suggests.

Soisne perks up, “Good idea, I’m low on blood. Let’s go.” “No! Only the enemy,” Arashi says sternly, “We’re better than these Uchiha bastards.” Soisne kicks the dirt in front of her, “Fine.” “Not all Uchiha are bad, Arashi,” Tao interjects. Arashi scoffs, “Yeah, well I’ll send them all to Hell and let them sort out the good ones.” Tao chastises Arashi for being too extreme, but Arashi pays him no mind. He is being subjected to intense flashbacks from the burning metal city. His hands begin to tremble and he reaches into his pocket for a pill bottle. He takes out two pills and pops him into his mouth. Tao and Soisne look at him disapprovingly, but before they can say anything, Arashi walks off to go find some berries.



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