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This caption is the knowledge given to the players in the planning stage of the game:
With the 30 year great shinobi war coming to an end a tenuous peace has settled in. The date is 5AW (after war) and many of the villages that were waring are still ready to pounce at one another, the political situation is volatile at best and is simply waiting for something to re-spark the conflict that ended with the Celestial Conflict 5 years ago. Most of the villages have started to rebuild their military, with the rapidly expanding forces and growing armament stores scout ninja have already started to be captured and many people fear another war.

The GM of this game is JustinStewart

Blamanche writes most of the Adventure logs, and Balfuora helps sometimes.

The group has recently decided, after getting our first fan, that we were going to implement any of our fans into the game as NPC’s. If anyone is specifically interested PM Justinstewart to notify him of your presence, and he might take suggestions from you about your new NPC.

Note Regarding Early Adventure Logs
The adventure logs from Season 1 are currently undergoing reconstruction due to the numerous details that I neglected to record at the time of publication. Please bear with me (and the weird episode ordering) as I try to write up these sessions to be as entertaining and informative as they were when we played!
~ Blamanche

Naruto D20

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