Naruto D20

S1:Episode 22 - Infiltration Turned Slaughter! Reappearance of a Foul Presence..

Leaving their sensei with the nurse-attired Kami, Squad Five infiltrates the relatively-unguarded spa house through the cloth awnings over the spas. They adopt the strategy of luring people out of the rooms and silently throat-punching them to death. A whole room of sleeping people is coup de graced in their beds. In a room of crates, they discover some descending stairwells and continue downwards. Alarmingly, they discover that the base is located directly under the local police station; stealth will be a necessity.

A stairwell leads down to the room where Pao Lei and her bodyguard are moving around. To ensure the element of surprise, the floor is dissolved a subtle amount and Suzume sand-coffins Pao Lei to keep her from running. Deciding that no more information was needed, Kai leaps into the room and obliterates her face (she’s dead). Her bodyguard is stunned, but is roused to action by self-preservation. He summons his chakra-resistant armor and swords and goes all out. He’s a real bitch to fight and progress is slow.

The battle remains slow-paced until a familiar aura encases the room; the squad is alarmed, but not as alarmed as the bodyguard as blood spews from his body from no visible wound. Everyone but Takara backs away from the bodyguard who is gradually becoming more and more terrified, apparently facing an invisible opponent. The man throws down his swords and cowers as the presence grows more malignant; the carnage is astounding. Again, Squad Five is faced with a very large elephant in the room, an elephant that is covered in blood and acting like nothing strange happened. Again, Squad Five chooses to instead focus on the mission at hand. They take Pao Lei’s signet ring and retreat back to the hotel.

Immediate retreat to the Shattered Sky village was necessary in order to outrun the ninja police. To avoid the suspicion of dragging an unconscious Arashi out into the streets, the squad gets Kami to bring Tyrell Williams to the hotel. They ask him to take Arashi home with him and to feed him the medicine four times a day. Tyrell looks questioningly at his paws and tries to count to three on them…looks at them doubtfully…and poofs away. With Arashi out of the way, the squad ninja speeds away from the village, running until exhausted, but safe in the Shattered Sky village.

They return to the hotel shared with Squad Four to find that they were also successful with their mission. The only thing between Squad Five and the dismantlement of the drug organization is now Mao himself.


S1:Episode 21 - An Elaborate Ruse: Perilous Consequences

Once the squad has settled into their room, they notice that Arashi has been acting more sluggish than usual. They are dismayed to discover that he has been poisoned by the summoner, but he insists to stay behind with Kami while they scope out the area under cover of darkness. The squad examines the entrances and exits, discovering a locked front door and a cloth awning covering the individual spas of the drug-dealers lair. Finding that not much more can be done tonight, the squad returned to the hotel to find Arashi in a feverish sweat.

Alarmed, Kai goes to find a doctor, pretending that Arashi is his very sick father. He manages to find a doctor to come and examine him (almost forgetting to hengei his numerous tattoos and seals). The doctor is able to create an antidote for the poison from a kunai saved by Arashi from the summoner. He says that Arashi must rest for a week and be administered the antidote every four hours. Grateful for an antidote, the squad allows Kami to take care of their sensei while they continue the mission without him in the interest of time.

In order to get a feel for the layout of the spa, the squad infiltrates the place pretending to normal academy kids. The layout is scoped and rooms are stealthily checked and the squad retreats back to the hotel to wait until night again.


S1:Episode 20 - An Elaborate Ruse: Mysterious Snakes

Squad Five is woken in the morning by an exhausted Arashi. He has something to tell them, but will wait until they depart from the hotel. After wishing Squad Four luck and walking off with a very deliberate bag containing five swords, they are on the road again. Arashi quickly informs his squad that he has concocted an elaborate ruse in order to disguise the fact that we possess 5 legendary swords. On our way to our mission, we will be attacked by some snakes who will be under the impression that we’re carrying the real swords (they’re dueling swords). Of course, we’ll kill them all, but pretend that they ran off with the swords in the mission report. Problem solved. Ish.

Now knowledgeable of the impending ambush, the squad remains alert as they walk along the forest-lined road. When they hear a large poof in the distance, they instantly prepare for the impending attack. Arashi runs off into the forest to deal with the summoner leaving the snakes for his squad to deal with. Just as their sensei disappears into the forest, snakes wearing Swirling Mist headbands emerge and lunge at the squad. The fight is long against these huge snakes. At one point, Suzume traps a snake in her sand coffin, but her concentration is broken and the snake swallows her full. While in the stomach of the snake, she discovers a large turtle shell and goes to take shelter by it. A turtle head peaks out of the shell, delighted to see somebody else. He is turtle-friend, formerly known as Kami. With the inspiration to finally get out of the snake, Kami blasts a hole through the snake allowing Suzume and himself to escape.

With one down, the rest are more quickly dispatched and soon Squad Five stands alone on the road trying to listen for a sign of their sensei’s progress with the summoner. When they hear nothing, they climb atop of Kami who claims he can find the summoner. Indeed he does and immediately headbutts the ninja straight into a tree. Arashi is noticeably surprised as this sudden appearance and headbutt of the turtle killed his opponent outright. Introductions are made and remain friendly as Arashi’s wolves are on good terms with the turtles. To avoid suspicion, Arashi makes the summoner’s corpse disappear and has Kami hide his affects in his shell.

By now the city is very close and the squad makes it there with Kami in not much time. The whole squad, Arashi included, are exhausted and rest a moment in their hotel before planning their next move.


S1:Episode 19 - Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Making Jutsu!

Squad Five and Arashi return to the hotel room to a very anxious Squad Four until Z returns to assuage them. They discuss the plan of action due to the new information and, after a very lengthy deliberation, decide to split up into their original squads to take out the remaining daughters simultaneously. Z was apprehensive about leaving Arashi unattended, but the genin all agreed that it would be the best course of action, so he allowed it. They plan to depart in the morning. In the meantime, Squad Four hunkers down to complete mission reports. Inazuma is aghast when he realizes that three out of the four member of Squad Five had no idea that mission reports are an actual thing that had to be done. Kai hastily says that they’re all completed and unanimous in opinion…leaving out the fact that this is only so because he has written all mission reports for the squad thus all.

To break the tension, Umi suggests a nice dinner and asks for someone to go and gather some ingredients. Squad Five enthusiastically agrees to go and, on the way back from the grocery store, discover a poster for a very familiar film. FUCK YES, Super Mega Ninja Assassin is finally being released! HOLY FUCK ITS COMING OUT TONIGHT. They run back to the hotel and burst into the room, interrupting Arashi who is surreptitiously eating candy out of a large sack. They try to convince him to join them at the premiere; although he seems tempted, he says that he has business to attend to before the morning. He then ninjas out of the room and sadness all around.

Not daunted for long, Squad Five convinces their teammates to join them for the midnight premiere of their cinematic masterpiece. As they approach the theatre, the lines are out of control; the stars of Super Mega Ninja Assassin wait for no man. They each hengei into their appearances dawned for the movie and are immediately swarmed by fans. They do get their tickets for free, however, and get an extra one just in case their sensei shows up.

Halfway through the movie, it is decided that film is not enough to portray the genius of Ninja Assassin. The squad hengeis again to act out the film in the theatre which is received with wildly enthusiastic applause. Talk of a sequel is circulating. It is late when the movie is finished and Kai completes some wild maneuvers to escape a mob of insane fangirls. Utterly exhausted and anticipating an early morning, the squad returns to the hotel and falls asleep immediately.


S1:Episode 18 - The Interrogation of Mai Lei

Upon returning to the hotel, Z pulls out a large scroll covered in seals and spreads it out on the floor. Instructing his squad to remain behind, he prepares a hand seal to transport Arashi, Mai Lei, and himself into his portable room. Arashi insists that his squad be allowed to conduct the interrogation while the sensei’s supervise. Although Z is hesitant at first, he is eventually persuaded to do so.

Squad Five and their hostage are transported into Z’s portable room which consists of a table and several torture tools set about for their use. Arashi and Z stick to the shadows while Squad Five ties Mai Lei to the table and formulates an interrogation plan. When she wakes up, Kai asks her a question with the answer already known to test her honesty. When she blatantly lies to cover her family’s trail, Kai cuts off some of her fingers and asks again. She remains hesitant to give straight answers for a time before a squadmate notices that a tattoo on Mai Lei has gone missing. It is a snake making its way to her throat in an attempt kill her. The squad almost fails to catch it, but Arashi throws a kunai to pin it against the wall. Once her only means of escape had been eliminated, Mai Lei was much more willing to reveal her family’s organization to the squad.

She reveals that her father, Mao, operates as the CEO of a major bank in the Fire Nation city of Candel; it is through that bank that he launders all of his drug money. As of late, her father has been taking a different direction from standard drug trade due to a new, mysterious associate. Mai Lei talks of this associate with obvious suspicion, saying that he has a great deal of influence over her father and rarely shows himself in public. She also mentions a sort of “pet” her father keeps around as a bodyguard, a patchwork monstrosity consisting of interesting items her father accrues (including a Sharingan).

Regarding her affinity with snakes, she has a deal with the Western tribe. As long as they are summoned to defeat the Southern tribe, they will get a cut of the profits (or something like that, I really don’t remember sorry). After this point in the conversation, the snake worn by Suzume disappears in a puff of smoke. A sigh resounds from Arashi’s corner. Mai Lei then spills the beans about her sisters, revealing little that we already didn’t know. Pao Lei pays an old ninja from the Eastern kingdoms to be her bodyguard as she is not proficient in combat. The guard wears chakra-resistant armor and carries chakra-resistant shields and swords. Lei Lei, the owner of the dojo, has students which are actually hired thugs and two large thugs providing additional protection.

A final question is asked about Takara’s relevance in their whole operation, to which she replies that the Shadow was to buy her at a very high price (the deal was arranged by her father’s associate). With enough of their questions satisfied, the squad knocks Mai Lei out and allows Z to take her back to the Kage for him to deal with.


S1:Episode 17 - Squad Five: Origins of Loot Hogging

Everybody is shell-shocked at the sight of Yasei bleeding out on the ground, but Kai quickly realizes that there is little time. He bounds up the staircase to find Arashi taking a nap in the room of blood and shakes him awake. Arashi is confused at first, but becomes alert once Kai explains the situation. They both rush back down the stairs and Arashi looks more than distraught at his student’s condition. He immediately grabs Kai by the chest, drains him of most of his remaining chakra, and begins to try and save Yasei’s life. After awhile, Yasei wakes up more perturbed than anything else while Arashi falls back in exhaustion.

Once everything calms down, they scan the contents of the room to find two safes and a pile of swords. Yasei immediately claims the swords while Arashi is more interested in what the safes contain. He borrows some more chakra from his students to summon a green-cloaked puppet which proceeds to disintegrate the safes. He is immensely disappointed to find that they only contained large piles of money. Meanwhile, Suzume is approached by the snake that attacked her earlier. It says that it was under Mai Lei’s genjutsu and thanks the party for freeing it, offering to come along and help Suzume if she needed it. snake is added to the party Across the room, Arashi then moves to the unconscious Mai Lei and unceremoniously removes her Sharingan. He places it in a jar and stores it in Kai’s backpack for the time being. He then draws on some more of our chakra to teleport us out of the estate.

Z is startled by our sudden appearance and starting to get suspicious of Arashi’s chakra usage when Arashi suddenly knocks him out and fudges with his memory in order to avoid all of the extra trouble. He has Z think that he helped us fight Mei Lei, but fell under the effects of a genjutsu. More fast thinking had to be made when the rest of Z’s squad showed up; Tyrell Williams was the answer. Tyrell was the ultimate wingman, assenting Arashi’s questionable story explaining how Tyrell carried all of them there. Undoubtedly he earned an extra share of reefer for later.

Yasei, not knowing exactly what swords she is holding, consults fellow swordsman-bro Yukai to try and figure out what they were all about. He gapes at her and explains that they’re five of the seven swords belonging to the Shinobi Swordsmen. This causes problems. Arashi takes all of our cool new things and puts them in his new scary basement located extremely under the earth, or if you will, in a ninja-age Batcave. When he comes back, he notices the snake slithering around Suzume’s person and dispassionately says “Fuck that snake. Snakes are bastards.” Life continues. We then regroup and drag the unconscious Mei Lei back to a hotel for questioning.


S1:Episode 16 - Mai Lei's Lair: A Fatal Encounter!

Squad Five approaches the desk of Mai Lei; her back is facing them as she scribbles figures on the ledger in front of her. Suzume, remembering tales of Mai Lei’s prowess with a blade, turns her attention to a pair of dueling swords hung up on the wall, one of which much more elaborate than the other. She then unleashes her puppet to gain the upper hand in the situation and traps the sword in the puppet as an enraged Mai Lei turns to face her opponents. The teammates are instantly on guard once she activates a Sharingan in one of her eyes, but none are able to avoid the powerful genjutsu she places on them. She appears to have set the room on fire and consistently burns the genin unable to escape it.

Only left with the option of killing the caster, the squad leaps into action, each lunging at Mai Lei to deal some damage. She proves to be notoriously nimble, however, and dodges most of their attacks as they become increasingly damaged by her genjutsu. Eventually, they do manage to land some hits on her, but when she sees the end of the battle at hand, she throws an explosive kunai at each of her attackers. All manage to avoid them except for Yasei. The force of the explosion slams her into the wall with a sickening crunch and she crumples to the ground. Kai becomes enraged and runs across the room to kick Mai Lei into the wall (for non-lethal damage). The boss has been apprehended, but Yasei lies silently on the ground with blood pooling quickly around her.


S1:Episode 15 - Mai Lei's Lair: An Evil Presence Emerges...

Mai Lei’s estate is quite conveniently located along the edge of town. The estate is surrounded by 50 feet of wall with guarded entrances and a patrolled catwalk on the roof. The teams decide that for a successful and quiet infiltration, they would need the help of both Arashi and Z. Arashi, reluctant as always to offer “unneeded help” to his students attempts his usual method of leaving when the begging gets rough, but encounters staunch resistance with Z. Z threatens to have him imprisoned once more, should he continue to act in an insubordinate nature. When Arashi bristles, Kai reminds him that he has no chakra and is, essentially, a useless fuck. The tension abates. Once a plan in solidified, the squads split up and go to it.

Squad Four hengei’s into the rooftop guards, replacing them as Z silences and throws them off the building to be sealed away by Arashi. Once the rooftop is secured, Squad Five uses grappling hooks and ninja wire to propel into the upper tower, gaining entry to the estate. They sneak quietly down from the empty top room and discover a room of full of off-duty guards. Suzume utilizes her ninja wire to disrupt a candle and distract the room while the squad sneaks downstairs. They then proceed to silently take out each room, keeping an eye out for hidden passages and shoving bodies into cabinets.

Upon entering the final room, however, Takara is surprised by a room full of people alarmed by her approach. Terrible noises are heard from within the room and the rest of the squad rushes to investigate. Inside they find Takara and the room drenched in blood, hacked and mangled body parts strewn about the floor. The remaining sods are terrified and being killed seemingly by thin air while Takara watches silently. As the last guard is utterly destroyed, Arashi rushes into the room and swiftly knocks Takara out. Nobody quite knows how to react to this sudden carnage, but Arashi tells them not to speak of the incident, as he has wiped it from her memory. When she awakens from unconsciousness, she finds her teammates unable and unwilling to address what happened in the room, so they leave Arashi behind and continue down the stairs.


S1:Episode 14 - Mission Briefing: The Long Road Ahead

The next morning, Squad Five meets Arashi at the mission building (I don’t know, okay) to discuss the intel the village was able to acquire. The parameters of this multi-national mission are simple: infiltrate three remote bases, discover the location of the main boss’s base of operations, and then detain or kill him. To accomplish this mission, the Shattered Sky Village has been granted permission to enter the Searing Wind and Eastern Kingdoms in order to investigate, but the mission must remain covert.

The rest of the mission details are hashed out over sushi with Squad Four and not Kai, who could not be bothered to show up. The organization is run by the drug lord Mao Lei Dong, whose location is unknown. He operates his business via three main branches each of which run by one of his daughters: Mai Lei, in the Shattered Sky, Pao Lei, in the Eastern Kingdoms, and Lei Lei, in the Searing Wind. The squads collectively decide that it would be best to take out the strongest, Mai Lei, together and then separate to dismantle the remaining two separately. It is agreed to leave in the morning towards the town where Mai Lei bases her operations.

They nearly leave in the morning without Kai until Yasei realizes that nobody told him of the mission plan. She rushes to wake up Kai and get to the mission, but he insists on going to the nursery to sort out his brother’s living situation. They arrive to find Arashi already taking care of the situation. He admonishes only Yasei for being late for the mission, spurring her into racing back to the gate. Arashi arrives ten minutes later slowly eating breakfast ramen. Z is not amused. Arashi is less amused when he realizes he must walk the whole way to the city with squads of noob ninjas who can’t even ninja run.


S1:Episode 13 - Enter, Squad Four!

Having been thoroughly discouraged from further investigating into their sensei’s private affairs, Squad Five turns their attention back to their specially-assigned B-rank mission from [[:kage-saigo-uchiha | Saigo Uchiha]]. Kai gathers his squadmates at his house upon receiving the mission parameters from his father. As this is the squad’s first high-ranking mission, they are required to enlist another squad of their choosing to help bring down Mao’s drug operation. After careful deliberation, the team chooses Squad Four, led by Z, to join their mission. Upon readying themselves to turn in their decision, the avid fan Yasei notes the absence of the master samurai, Ishiru. It is resolved to ask the Kage about his whereabouts.

The squad is informed that it will take about a week for Squad Four to return from their mission and process the requisition orders. They are also shocked to discover that Ishiru has been hospitalized from a mission gone bad. They rush to visit him and shower him with grandiose flowers and vases for him to wake up to. The squad goes about missions and studying for the following week until Squad Four returns, downtrodden from their failed mission. They are surprised that they’ve been chosen for this mission, due to their recent failings, but agree to meet and discuss the mission the next evening over sushi.



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