Naruto D20

S3: Episode 18 - Chuunin Exams, Part 1

Arashi, Kai and Yasei arrive at the stadium to watch the fights and cheer on Tezka, who has recovered from his illness. For the semi-finals up until the finals, the field of play for each battle will be randomized.

1. Tezka (Shattered Sky) vs. Maname Aburame (Forest)

[rocky terrain surrounded by a moat of water]

Before the battle begins, Tezka gets down on all fours, cracks his head around and smiles at Maname, who waves and smiles in return, “Good luck!” When the fight begins, she immediately summons her swarms of insects and the giant beetle from previously. Tezka, with unnatural speed, closes the gap between them and begins to grapple Maname; he is, in turn, grappled by the beetle and pinned while Maname escapes up the wall. Exasperated by the persistent pestering of the swarm and the escape of his prey, Tezka’s body suddenly becomes covered in slime and he slips from the beetle’s pincers. He follows Maname across the walls, firing bullet-like finger bones at her periodically while still being followed by the swarm.

Seeing that her beetle is no longer of use, and frankly alarmed that Tezka is so unphased by her swarm’s damage, Maname dismisses the beetle and instead summons a large wasp to go after Tezka. But as the wasp goes to attack Tezka, he leaps off of the wall, grapples the wasp and they both plummet into the water below. Maname realizes that this fight has been going on too long and, partly in an attempt to impress senpai (Kai), walks down the wall to fight Tezka head-on. She promptly loses, but is not eaten!

Tezka Wins!

2. Alciel Uchiha (Shadow) vs. Takashi (Holy Land)

[rocky terrain]

At the beginning of the fight, Alciel makes four shadow clones while Takashi runs all the way towards the relatively boxed-in entrance and throws down a seal in front of him. Alciel charges forward to attack Takashi, but is stopped exactly where the seal is positioned, able to hit nothing but the wall of force being emitted from the seal. Alciel sends a clone to try and attack from above, but is halted by another wall of force laid down by Takashi. As Alciel angrily tries to break through the walls, Takashi begins to cast doujutsu (Kai recognizes as Demonic Mirage) on each of the clones to make them disappear. Takashi continues to pick off the clones like flies and Alciel can find no breach to exploit in his defenses; he gives up in utter frustration.

Takashi Wins!


these episodes will all cover 2 fights until we start to reach the finals. they will undoubtedly vary in length, so prepare for weirdly-spaced out episodes!

S3: Episode 17 - Erupting Vengeance, Part 2

The proctor blows the whistle, indicating the beginning of the fight, but both Kai and Uuzu II wait for the other to make a move. Five minutes tick along without either moving a muscle and the crowd is becoming restless, screaming “Get on with it!” and “Are they dead??!” Kai does not become phased by this as he is concentrating intently on the chakra signatures emanating from Uuzu II.

Suddenly, Kai senses chakra building up in Uuzu II’s eye. Without wasting a moment, Kai unleashes the seal of lightning chakra, infuses it into his muscles and warps behind Uuzu II at an astounding speed. Once there, he finds that Uuzu II has activated his Sharingan and made a stone clone behind him. Uuzu II quickly copies Kai’s movement technique and uses it to warp to the other side of the arena. However, as he attempts the technique, Uuzu II is wracked with pain as the fire chakra fueling the technique injures his muscles.

Kai, now out of lightning chakra, realizes that he can not afford for this battle to commence for much longer. He uses the movement technique with fire chakra, gritting his teeth from the pain, and warps directly in front of Uuzu II. Kai digs his feet into the ground, draws his hand back in a fist and says, “It ends now. Erupting Meteor Fist!” From the stands, Uuzu Uchiha stands up from his seat, eyes wide in surprise.

From Kai’s fist, aimed directly at Uuzu II’s chakra-laced right eye, erupts a huge cone of flames which engulf half of the arena in searing heat. For a few seconds, there is no sound but the sizzling and cracking of stone as it lithifies in the heat of the technique. When the fire halts from Kai’s fist, he remains hunched in the punching position; Uuzu II has been utterly annihilated, along with half of the stadium field. The crowd is silent; most of them did not even see what happened, it was so fast. Uuzu’s shock has evolved into unbridled anger while Arashi looks over, smiles and says,


Uuzu seems to want to attack Arashi, but suddenly realizes that he is utterly powerless right now and instead leaves. His mission accomplished, Arashi goes down to Kai, who is still hunched over in a punching stance and being examined by a medical ninja. The medical ninja looks over at Arashi as he approaches, “Don’t worry, sir, we’ll get this taken care of.” Arashi waves them away, “Nah, you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll handle it.” “But—” “Nah.” Arashi heals Kai for a moment so that he can move his limbs before slinging the kid over his shoulder. As the head towards the exit, Kai tells the proctor that he is withdrawing from the rest of the tournament.

Kyo and Yasei, practically exploding from excitement, meet them by the exit, jabbering on about how awesome Kai was. Kai sighs wearily and asks Arashi if they can get some ramen. Arashi agrees to this and scares off the ambushing reporters with lightning bolts, yelling “GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WAY. HE’S HUNGRY.” When the approach the ramen shop, Raiku is already cooking up four bowls of ramen for them; Arashi talks with his father about how he totally burned Uuzu Uchiha while Raiku shakes his head smiling. At this point, Kyo is completely incoherent. After a few minutes, there is a knock at the door; Saigo Uchiha and Ishiru enter. Saigo sits down next to Kai and tells Raiku, “I’ll have the usual.” Ishiru gives Kai a, likely, painful hug, going on about how Kai had “brought much honor upon his famiry.”

“But,” Kai wheezes, still recovering from Ishiru’s crushing hug, “how will I get to see Yasei’s fight like this?” Arashi waves away his concerns, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you. We’ll bring those beer hats and everything.” Kai screeches, “Daaaad, can I have BEEEER?!” Saigo looks at him very seriously, “Son, you can have whatever you want.” On this note, they eat in happiness until Yasei must return to watch the fights and prepare for her own.


bonus after-credits scene

Uuzu Uchiha angrily stalks out of the stadium entrance. He has to get back to the Shadow Nation as soon as possible; right now, he’s practically defenseless. Focused as he is on the events which just transpired, he does not notice the man he is about to bump into until it is too late. Their shoulders collide roughly and, before Uuzu can chew out the peasant, the man turns his head and smiles, “Kids, huh?” Uuzu’s expression turns manic and he reaches to grab the man, who is tall with disheveled gray hair and wears a black t-shirt with jeans. But before Uuzu can grab him, the man disappears into thin air. Utterly incensed at his powerlessness to follow him, Uuzu curses and continues down the road, shoving people out of his way as he goes.

S3: Episode 16 - Erupting Vengence, Part 1

It is the day of the much-anticipated fight between Kai Uchiha and Uuzu Uchiha II. Yasei (who has just bet 10,000 ryo on Kai) along with a huge crowd of people wait anxiously for the fight to begin at noon. When Uuzu II appears in the ring at around 11:55, the crowd hushes as they wait for Kai to also enter the ring. The proctor looks over at the other stadium entrance and shrugs; he’s not here yet. At 11:59, just when the proctor is about to declare Uuzu II the winner by default, a huge blast of lightning touches down on the right side of the field. When it dissipates, Arashi and Kai step out into the stadium field, to much applause.

Arashi pats Kai on the back before walking up into the stadium and taking a seat directly next to Uuzu Uchiha with a smug look on his face. Yasei sees the two of them exchange banter, but cannot quite hear it. As the seconds count down to noon and Uuzu II stares daggers at the opposite end of the field, Kai reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small piece of cloth. In a deliberately slow motion, he ties the blindfold over his eyes and then waits in perfect stillness for the battle to begin. Uuzu chuckles from his seat, but Arashi smiles slightly.


S3: Episode 15 - The Solemn Funeral, A Sacred Vow

Kai, dressed all in black, sits on the stairs outside of his house, staring into the rain. The door opens behind him and Saigo comes to stand beside him. The watch the rain in silence for a while until Saigo speaks up, “Kai…I want you to pull out of the fight.” Kai looks angrily at the ground, “That’s not happening.”
“Kai, I know you have your pride, but—”
“We’re not discussing this.” Kai shoves himself up from the stairs and starts walking into the rain. Today was the day; Umi’s funeral. It would not do to be late.

Almost the entire village has shown up to the funeral; a closed-casket affair, for obvious reasons. Inazuma (in a wheelchair) and Yukai (arm in a cast) stand next to the coffin holding pictures of Umi along with Z and Ku. Each ninja comes by the coffin and deposits a white rose upon the coffin to pay their respects. Yasei stands tearful by Yukai as he bawls into her shoulder. As Kai walks past the silent Inazuma, he tells him, “Words mean nothing. I will avenge her.” With that, he places a red rose on Umi’s coffin. Yukai grits his teeth and grabs Kai by the arm, “I swear, if you don’t end that kid, I’ll tear you out of your grave and beat you up myself!” Kai nods solemnly, “He will die. I promise.” And with that, Kai walks past the procession towards the forest, where Arashi stood waiting.

note: the time between preliminaries and 1v1 fights was initially meant to last one week. However, due to extensive damage inflicted on the stadium by an unknown individual (which seemed almost suspiciously convenient for Kai and Yasei, although Arashi denies all involvement) the 1v1 fights were delayed for one month instead

Kai trains with Arashi personally.
Before Arashi leaves, he erases Yasei’s memories regarding Ku, warning her that if she pokes at the memories and remembers anything, he will have to kill her himself.
Yasei trains with Ketsui.


S3: Episode 14 - Preliminaries, Part 5: Squad Five vs. Hidden Crag! Gnar Smash!

As Kai, Yasei and Gnar walk towards the stadium for their fight, the proctor approaches them, “Uh…what is that?” he asks, gesturing to Gnar. “Oh, he’s a ninja animal. Totally chakra-bound, so no worries,” Kai says smoothly. The proctor considers for a moment before assenting, “Well, as long as its chakra-bound, we’re okay. Proceed.” They enter the arena to find the Hidden Crag on the other side, each equipped with shovels.

During the first round, the first Crag ninja cloaks himself in lightning, the second throws and detonates a kunai of explosive tags and the third creates a wall of earth, obscuring line of sight. Gnar is unleashed in the middle of the battlefield, where he tries to get in a swipe at the Crag ninja whenever he gets a chance. Kai utilizes genjutsu in order to make his opponent fall asleep and take fire damage while Yasei gets in super melee range with sword techniques. At one point, a Crag ninja appears from the ground and attempts to grab Yasei, but utterly fails.

While that happens, Kai kicks the Crag girl into the air 35 feet and accidentally kills her from the fall damage. He also kicks another ninja into the air and, this time, he is merely rendered unconscious from the fall. The last member sees this ludicrous display and gives up.

Plot Twist: We win!

Squad Five is given a letter indicating our success and stressing that Gnar can no longer be used in team fights. As reporters come up to interview the squad and ask for comments, Kai responds that fighting without Tezka sucked and that he was probably poisoned by someone else.

At this time, the one-on-one fights are also posted. The results raise both eyebrows and excitement. The first match will be between Kai Uchiha and Uuzu II.


S3: Episode 13 - Preliminaries, Part 4: An Ominous Absence

Kai arrives at the preliminary stadium an hour early, as usual, but is surprised to not find his squadmate there as well. It is only three minutes until the preliminary matches resume that Yasei appears and takes a seat next to Kai, ashen-faced and much quieter than usual. When he asks if she will be okay to fight, she jumps and hastily says she will be fine. When he’s not looking, she glances over at Arashi’s seat and notices that, for the first time, it is empty. To avoid being overcome with guilt, she tries to direct her attention back towards the team fights.

4. Western Kingdom vs. Eastern Kingdom

As it happens, Denmark is the only member of the Western Kingdom squad to show up. The Eastern Kingdom ninja, greatly offended, seem to steel their resolve to win. Kai and Yasei are unsure of who to root for, as they have friends in both squads. When the fight begins, Denmark takes a whole round to wave at the crowd; Kai’s allegiance is resolved. As the Eastern Kingdom ninja all charge at him, Denmark performs a whirl attack to blast all of them backwards. He then goes after the white-haired son of the blacksmith, hooks him with the end of his axe and throws him 93 feet into the air.

After the blacksmith’s son falls to the ground, bloodied and unconscious, Denmark uses the weight of the fall to straight up behead the Eastern Kingdom ninja with his axe, screaming “DUNNNNNK” as he did so. The Eastern Kingdom squadmates are horrified and the proctor shows up immediately to end the match. Denmark is quite upset by this interruption. He throws his axe on the ground, “You Eastern Kingdom people are bitches!” and stalks away.

Clearly, the Western Kingdom won this match.

5. Holy Land vs. Searing Wind Nation

During the first round, the first Searing Wind member summons a bird, the second draws a sword and the third draws invisible wind daggers. The second member of the Holy Land squad, a cheery-looking guy with a lollypop in his mouth (known as Takashi), waves over at his opponents and the first two Searing Wind members instantly fall asleep.The dagger-wielder looks back, sighs, and charges forward to face the first member. As the third member, Hayate, runs up a wall, the Searing Wind ninja succeeds in landing a hit on the first member, Koi, but the blow seemingly glides off of her skin (it glitters as though covered in scales).

Meanwhile, on the wall, Hayate has activated the Chidori technique and charges at full speed towards the Searing Wind ninja. But just when he is within range, Hayate deactivates the Chidori and just looks at the Searing Wind ninja. Highly offended, he makes a full attack action against Hayate. Instead of landing any hits, he is grappled instantly by Koi and Hayate holds up a smaller Chidori to his throat, “Listen, I’m going to cut your throat if you don’t give up,” he says genially. The Searing Wind ninja struggles, then sighs, “…fine.”

The Searing Wind ninja is released and the Holy Land wins the preliminary match. Up next: Squad Five’s match!


S3: Episode 12 - Preliminaries, Part 3: An Interlude at the Hosptial

Arashi and Yasei sit in Yukai‘s hospital room, silent except for the occasional sniff from Yasei. “This cannot be allowed…” Arashi says harshly, "but Yasei, don’t encourage him. A one-armed swordsman cannot be worth his salt." Yasei looks sadly at Yukai, “I understand.” Arashi leaves the room. She stays there into the night when Akudama AKA Ku, the orphanage owner, enters the room. He hands Yasei a supply of food and asks her to go and give it to the orphans. She looks at him strangely and agrees; as she exits the room, he calls after her to, “Take your time.”

Yasei completes her task and returns to the hospital, but hears strange noises coming from Yukai’s room. Curiosity getting the better of her, she activates her Byakugan to look into the room. Inside are eight half-opened wooden coffins covered in seals all grouped around Yukai’s bed. Yasei recognizes the coffin inhabitants as ANBU ninja from the Forest and Mist Nations and notes that all are perfectly preserved with no wounds. Ku has donned a gas mask and appears to be chopping off different parts of the arm from many ninja and using them to form a new arm. The whole process takes many long minutes, but he soon begins to use a jutsu to reattach the arm to Yukai’s body. As he starts putting the stitching in, Yasei grows sickened and goes to throw up in the hospital bathroom.

When she returns and enters the room, Ku is reading a book of poetry at Yukai’s bedside. Yasei, being stupid, comes into the room and asks “Where did that come from?!” pointing at the new arm. Ku looks at her and his expression becomes noticeably darker, “Come over here and I’ll show you the technique.” They stare at each other for a few heartbeats before Yasei says she has to throw up and leaves. She runs to the bathroom and locks herself in a stall, but freezes when she hears the door open, close and the deadbolts clank into place. Ku’s voice drifts through the room, “Yasei, are you feeling okay?”

He begins to walk down the stalls, pushing open each door very deliberately. Yasei is utterly terrified and reaches out to Arashi through the ring link, “Arashi, I’m so scared.” “Oh he’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Another stall door slams back in place, closer this time. Yasei is practically in tears, “Ku is coming after me.” Arashi suddenly appears outside of the stall, “Whoa, let’s calm down here,” he says weakly. Yasei hears the distinctive humming of chakra scalpels being formed from outside. “Oh come on, Ku,” Arashi says warily, “nobody’s sick here.”
“Oh, she sounds quite ill. Perhaps I should prescribe her some medicine.”
“Wouldn’t it be easier if I just rewrote her memory?”
“…Who’s to say that you will not unwrite her memories whenever you please?”
Arashi sighs, “I’ll make a deal with you.” Ku pauses, “Let’s do this elsewhere.”
As Ku exits the bathroom, Arashi looks back at Yasei and mouths “You fuck.” before going through the door.

It takes awhile for Yasei to will herself to leave the bathroom. When she does, she stays at Yukai’s bedside all night, utterly terrified to move let alone sleep.


S3: Episode 11 - Preliminaries, Part 2: Shadow vs. Shattered Sky! The Power of Uuzu II

3. Shadow Nation vs. Shattered Sky

A hush falls over the room as the Shadow ninja enter the arena, although Squad Four seems to remain confident in the face of adversity. Kai notices that Uuzu II has an eyepatch over his right eye and becomes wary. “This is bad,” he whispers to Yasei, “he might have the Mangyekyo in that eye.” “What? That’s impossible,” Yasei replies, but watches more carefully as the fight begins.

In the first round, all but Uuzu II (who seems bored) activate their sharingan and Inazuma throws down two containment seals of water. Umi utilizes the water to create a large wall in front of them while Yukai‘s cloud hovers above, giving them eyesight. The two Shadow ninja blast two fireballs at the water wall, but do not make it past the wall (to their surprise). As a Shadow ninja tries to overtake the water wall, Inazuma makes a hand seal and all of the needles from the Crashing Wave fight revealed explosive tags before exploding and forming a deep chasm. While the ninja past the wall tries to fireball, but Umi blocks it and Yukai engages her in melee combat (she’s fucked). The other ninja attempts to jump over the chasm but is pushed down into it by one of Inazuma’s wind techniques.

As water continues to flow into the chasm, Inazuma walks over, takes off his backpack and throws it into the chasm. A horrific scream is heard from the chasm as the ninja is electrocuted in the water. Uuzu II is beginning to look annoyed; he takes off his eyepatch. To Squad Four’s surprise, black fire begins to burn at the water wall; Umi tries to compensate by adding more water, but the fire is cutting through the water like butter. In hardly any time, Umi is covered in black flame. Z and Arashi stand up in alarm; Arashi looks over at Uuzu to find him complacently polishing a glass eye taken out of his right eye socket.

As Inazuma unsuccessfully tries to put out the fire engulfing Umi, Yukai all but teleports over to Uuzu II and cuts him deeply in the chest. An enraged Uuzu II turns his gaze on Yukai and focuses the black flame on Yukai’s left arm. The proctor appears instantly and calls the end of the match, “The match is over, cancel your jutsu,” he demands of Uuzu II. Uuzu II calmly puts the eyepatch back on, “I don’t know how.” Upon hearing this, Arashi instantly teleports into the ring and tries to kill Uuzu II, only to be halted by the original Uuzu himself. They are quickly joined by dozens of ANBU and security ninja to prevent a large-scale fight. Z is attempting to seal the black fire off of Umi, only to find that he does not have the capability to do so.

Arashi looks at Umi and then at Yukai and makes a decision. He quickly cuts off Yukai’s left arm and begins to heal the stump. Utter pandemonium ensues around them, but Inazuma and Yukai can do nothing but stare at Umi as she screams, writhes and burns to death. Eventually, Yukai passes out and is taken to the hospital, but Inazuma remains, repeating, “I told her to stand in the front…we never should have taken these exams…”

In light of these events, there was no victor declared and the rest of the matches were postponed until the next day.


S3: Episode 10 - Preliminaries, Part 1: Outstanding Displays

The night before the preliminary fights, Yasei and Kai go over potential strategies at Kai’s place. Since Tezka has inconveniently fallen ill, they will have to use Gnar as a substitute in their upcoming fight. After they have discussed a general strategy, Kai goes to bathe and Yasei accidentally comes across Kai’s super secret stash of pop culture magazines/records. Overjoyed that she has found something to taunt Kai with, she turns the records on full volume and casually flips through the magazines on his bed until he returns. Kai hears the music outside of his door. Resolve is steeled. He enters the room and attempts to genjutsu Yasei, who kais in response. Heh. Both-kai.

The next morning, Kai, Yasei and Gnar head to the stadium to watch the fights before theirs. Before they take their seats, they make sure to wish Squad Four luck in their fight today; Inazuma and Yukai are very certain that they will win. As they find their seats, the first fight begins:

1. Crashing Waves Nation vs. Forest Nation

The Crashing Waves consist of two guys and one girl, all wielding umbrellas. The Forest Nation consists of one guy carrying a small cat on his shoulder, an Aburame girl and a guy with a palpable chakra-emanating aura. When the fight begins, the Wave ninja unleash a hail of needles from their umbrellas while the Forest ninja’s cat increases in size and the Aburame directs her bugs towards the Wave ninja. On the next round, the Aburame summons a large beetle to provide flanking with the Forest ninja’s now-tiger. One Wave ninja with a cloak unleashes a containment seal of water and attempts to manipulate water clones.

The Aburame, however, sends over a swarm of bugs that consume the chakra and cause the clones to fall apart. She then sends the large beetle to charge at the cloaked ninja, who is thus knocked unconscious. The Forest ninja with the chakra aura appears instantly over the unconscious ninja and loudly threatens to coup de grace him if his teammates do not give up. The girl instantly drops her umbrella in surrender, but the other guy continues to attack. All Forest ninja converge on the remaining Wave ninja and quickly knock him unconscious.

The Forest Squad is declared the winner and they leave the arena showered with the Crashing Wave ninjas’ needles.

2. Land of Storms vs. Fire Nation

Zig, Mu and Yoko enter the arena opposing two identical-looking guy and another guy. When the match begins, Zig activates chakra scalpels in both hands and sprints towards his opponents while the Mu and Yoko watch. The identical squadmates summon a fire dragon and fox and attempt to hit Zig with a fireball before he can reach them. However, he dodges the fireball with ease and hits both of the summoners in the head with his scalpels. Once hit, the two stumble around, seemingly unable to tell where they are going, running into walls.

Meanwhile, the third squadmate has been running around Zig in a circle. When he turns to face him, the Fire ninja runs to the side of the ring and makes a hand seal. As he makes the seal, the footsteps where he had been running begin to glow and violently explode, leaving nothing but a crater and huge plumes of smoke. When the smoke clears, Zig is no longer in the crater, but on the wall above one of the blinded summoners. He falls on the summoner and knocks him unconscious before going after the third Fire ninja. Zig taijutsu’s the hell out of this guy and knocks him unconscious.

With two of the opposing teammates unconscious and the other blinded, the Land of Storms wins the match in a landslide.


S3: Episode 9 - Survival Exams, Part 5: A Final Bid for Star Chips!

Squad Five stealthily approaches a large body of water and finds the Island and Wave Nation squads sitting together on a large rock eating fish. Contemplating how to defeat two squads alone, they suddenly notice another squad on the opposite side of the lake also observing the squads on the rock. Recognizing them as the Eastern Kingdom squad, a plan is formulated via hand gestures to take both squad down together. During a surprise round, everybody charges the rock all at once. Kai casts a genjutsu on the rock while everyone else takes on an individual opponent. Gnar surprises all and grows into a “big giant furry bear ape…with thumbs” in the middle of the rock and begins to fuck up everybody’s day.

The battles does not take very long and soon all of the Crashing Wave ninja are dead and all of the Island Nation ninja are defeated; it is decided that they will be left alive, but will be relieved of all of their star chips. All ninja take the stars from those they defeated, bringing Squad Five up to 7 star chips each. Squad Five and the Eastern Kingdoms ninja bro out while waiting for the Island ninja to stop bitching and try to figure out where to go from this point. They are fans of our movie. Both squad decide to wait out the rest of the exams since they have enough to pass; Kai gets the idea of summoning Wuko (a doton user) to make an underground shelter to hide out in. But first, they had to scare the Islanders away so they wouldn’t pull some shit to steal our chips.

As they considered how to best do this, Tezka announced that he had a plan. He begins to walk over to the Islanders, growing and losing bones, changing facial traits and, overall, being creepy as fuck. “Get the FUCK out,” he growls at them. They look terrified, “But…I thought we were cool!” “I WILL EAT YOU. LEAVE.” And they run the fuck away. Problem solved. They spend the rest of the exam days hanging out underground while Gnar visits sometimes.

At the end of the exam, Tezka decides to bring Gnar with them. As the lights on the gloves turn red, all of them are teleported out of the caves into a large room with everyone who passed the exam. All of the senseis and kage are also here; [[:player-sensei-arashi-totaro | Arashi]]spots his team and gives them a super-anime thumbs up. Gnar is quite terrified by this change of environment and hides in Tezka’s lovingly crafted skin backpack. The proctor stands, “Well, congratulations I guess. I didn’t expect so many of you to live…how problematic,” he sighs, “In any case, the 3v3 matches have been assigned and posted to that wall he points. You have a day to prepare.” Squad Five looks around and is excited to see that their friends in Squad Four have also made it to the preliminaries. They greet each other heartily before going to view the match-up board. Excitement is considerably dimmed in Squad Five’s eyes once they see their friends’ opponent: the Shadow Nation squad, including little Uzu II.


Listings for the upcoming matches, as posted on the board
1. Crashing Waves Nation vs. Forest Nation
2. Nation of Storms vs. Fire Nation
3. Shadow Nation vs. Shattered Sky Nation (Squad 4)
4. Western Kingdom vs. Eastern Kingdom
5. Holy Land vs. Searing Wind Nation
6. Hidden Crag Nation vs. Shattered Sky Nation (Squad 5)


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