Naruto D20

S1: Episode 2 - The Ultimate Test: A Kage's Approval

When Yasei arrives at the academy, mostly everybody is already there. Kai sits at the top row of seats, snoozing on the desk, while Suzume and the other students talk amongst themselves. As Yasei goes to sit in the corner, another a Hyuga sniggers and whispers something behind her hand to a friend. Yasei clenches her hands together and stares out of the window determinedly. The sensei, Dave, walks into the classroom carrying a stack of papers and motions for everybody to settle down. “I certainly hope you’ve all studied! This test will determine whether or not you posses the knowledge and skills to become a ninja for the Shattered Sky village. It will consist of both written and practical examinations, one of which will be performed in front of the Kage himself,” he looks around the room, “so I expect you will all be on your best behavior.” He walks around passing out a packet of questions to each student and returns to the front of the room. He looks over at the clock, “You may now begin.” The exam includes a variety of questions ranging from religion and ninja lore to the tactical know-how of throwing kunai.

The students are given two hours to complete the written exam and then an hour for lunch. Towards the end of lunch, the exam scores are posted. One perfect score goes to one of Suzume’s friends, Inazuma, a renowned tactical genius. Closely following are Sutomu Totoro and Kai Uchiha. The rest of the scores are significantly lower with Suzume towards the middle and Yasei almost in last place.

Dave supervises the three practicums which tests skill with the Duplication Technique, kunai-throwing and Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu respectively. Kai, Suzume and Yasei all excel in the practicums with Kai being especially good at Genjutsu, Suzume with Ninjutsu and Yasei with Taijutsu. Afterwards, Dave brings them one by one into the academy stadium where the Kage, Saigo Uchiha, and the Village Council is gathered. There, the students perform the Substitution Jutsu in front of them. Suzume and Yasei pass well enough, but as Kai enters the stadium, the Village Council shifts in agitation; there had been much talk among them that the Kage’s son received special treatment in the academy. Kai waits patiently for the mark to begin when the Kage suddenly stands.


Saigo reaches into his pockets and throws a kunai towards Kai at full speed. The kunai lodges itself in Kai’s forehead with a thunk, but he immediately turns into a large log. From the shadowy corner of the room, the real Kai steps into the light with his hands in his pockets, looking at the Council expectantly. Saigo nods approvingly and sits back in his chair while the Council reels and Kai walks away.

With the Substitution exam completed, the students had nothing left to do but wait for the final scores to be posted. Kai resumes his slumber on the desk and Suzume talks nervously with her orphanage friends. Yasei stares out of the window, worried that her written score will prevent her from passing. After about an hour, Dave enters the room and posts the scores on the wall. Kai, Suzume and Yasei have all passed! All of the passing students are told that the headband ceremony will take place this evening on the outside stage; it will be then when groups and senseis are assigned!


S1: Episode 1 - The Ultimate Test: A Bright Day Under the Shattered Sky

The morning begins like any other for Suzume of the Shattered Sky village.


She carefully pulls back her red hair into a ponytail and readjusts her ninja tool pack, checking for the third time whether or not she had remembered her shiruken. As she looks into her small mirror, she smiles reassuringly at the nervous girl looking back at her and exits the room. Outside, the orphanage is in an absolute uproar. Brightly-colored banners and streamers line every inch of the walls and mountains of breakfast porridge are being steadily brought out from the kitchen by young children. A man with long brown hair and a scar across his face carries a large pot out of the kitchen with difficulty as children cling to his legs.


“Suzume!” he says, spotting her and smiling, “Sit, sit! A good breakfast will help you pass the exams!” Suzume smiles and sits to enjoy the breakfast Ku has prepared; while it is plain, it is unmistakably made with love. After finishing, she offers to help Ku clean up, but he insists that she get going, lest she be late for her exams. The children crowd around the door, wishing the students taking exams today good luck and cheering. Suzume gives them all highfives as she and three other orphans, Inazuma, Umi, and Yukai, head over to the academy; above them, a constant auora shimmers in the village sky.

Meanwhile, in the Uchiha district, sun begins to shine into the windows of the most elaborate house in the area. Upstairs, a man dressed in full samurai armor and an apron bursts through a door into a darkened bedroom, “Kai!” he yells, ripping the curtains from the window. Light floods into the room and a young boy with dark hair groans, clutching a pillow to his head. The armored man walks over to the bed and pulls off the pillow, “Kai, wake up! You’re going to be late!” Kai groans again, “What does it matter?” “Why,” the man puffs up indignantly, “you are the son of the Kage! You cannot simply skip the academy’s graduation exams! It would bring much dishonor upon your father-eru!” Kai swings himself to sit up and yawns, “The academy is a load of garbage trash, Ishiru. It didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.” While Ishiru protests again, Kai gets to his feet and pulls on a black t-shirt and shoes.


As Kai begins to walk downstairs, he bumps into his hyperactive younger brother waiting outside of his door, holding a plate of breakfast food. His face lights up when he sees Kai and he holds up the plate, “Kai! Ishiru made breakfast! Are you going to school now? Are you going to be late? When you get back, can you teach me a jutsu?” Kai smiles and pats him on the head, grabbing a piece of toast with his other hand as he continues walking downstairs, “Yes, yes and yes. See you, Kyo.” Kyo whoops, dropping the plate in his excitement. Kai waves as he walks outside eating the toast as Ishiru off-handedly scolds Kyo while cleaning up the remnants of breakfast.

In the slums of the Lantern District, the streets are already bustling with vendors calling out wares to passerbys. Within a particularly decrepit apartment complex, a young girl with pale eyes finishes pulling her white hair into a ponytail and sheathes two worn wakazashi swords onto her ninja belt.


Behind her, a twenty year old Hyuga sits at the table (there is only one room) and finishes drinking his tea.


The girl turns around and gives two thumbs up, grinning ear-to-ear, “Yasei Hyuga, ready to become a ninja of the Shattered Sky!” The man smiles slightly, “You’d better eat your breakfast quickly or you’ll be late,” Yasei glances out of the window and jumps, “Oh no!” She wolfs down a bowl of porridge and a cup of tea in what must be record time. The man gets up to gather a sword and a bag, “Alright, I’ll see you tonight once I finish up at work. Good luck today!” Yasei runs over and gives him a hug before barging out of the room, going straight though the paper door, “Bye Tsuru!” she yells. Tsuru looks over at the hole in the door, which appears to have been mended multiple times, and sighs heavily as an oblivious Yasei clamors down the rickety stairwell.


Episode 0 - Genesis
Pre-Game Post

Long ago in a time of strife and waring clans there existed only one truth, death. This was a time when warriors fought massive wars for land and virtually every stone was soaked in blood. The battles had become so prevalent that children were born just so they could be raised to die on the front lines.

It was in this time of bloodshed a god was born amoungst men. It is said that when he was born he fell from his midwife’s hands, stood up on two legs, and said “I am Bishimonten, and I shall purge the world of its greatest affliction!”

Bishimonten was said to have grown to a full man in a single week and raised a great army to stand behind him. He wielded a great spear in one hand and held a mysterious Pagoda in the other (this was rumored to be the source of his power). It was said that when he steped onto the battlefield the elements would bend to his commands and the very souls of his enemies would shake in fear. He could fell an entire flank of an army with a single swing of his great spear, Vessavana.

He quickly conquered any land he attempeted to lay dominion over and continued to claim that he would rid the world of its “greatest affliction”, many assumed this affliction was war. But when he was asked by a monk of his order what this affliction was he replied “humanity”.

Once the other clans heard his desires they became panics and quickly rallied behind the three strongest clans. The Uchiha, the Kaguya, and the Zetsubo. These great clan leaders wielded three legendary weapons forged by the Gods themselves. A great sundering sword with nine rings of power, a mantle with five jewels of wisdom the bestowed its wearer magical powers and a ringed staff that protected its wielder from all harm.

These clan leaders led the remainder of all the humans against the great warrior god and defeated him and his twisted demonic soldiers.

After Bishimonten was defeated he promised each of the heros a gift from his pagoda, the source of his power. The Zetsubo clan leader was the first to speak; he asked of Bishimonten his power! “As you wish” he said and so it was. The Zetsubo’s arms turned jet black and pained him as he could feel the infinite power of the elements passing through them and he could no longer hold the ones he loved without ripping their very souls from their bodies. The secound to speak was the Uchiha, thinking himself a wise man he asked of Bishimonten his insight. “Your wish is my command” he spoke and so it was. The Uchiha’s eyes changed and a thrid opened upon his brow, he gained perfect insight into the world but could no longer be blissfully ignorant or happy again. The final hero, the Kaguya hessitantly asked Bishimonten for his great resiliant form and health. “As you say” he nodded and so it was. The Kaguya’s body become as hard as stone and his bones like the strongest iron. But he could no longer move himself, his body was too powerful and unmoving the walk and thus was doomed to spend the rest of his immortal life as an unmoving ruler of the Kaguya.

With the three warrior’s wishes granted he layed on the ground with no arms, eyes, or bones and looked beaten and broken. He looked at the heros and said, “with these gifts I curse you forever as, Shinobi” and with that his body was imersed in light and turned to dust. the warriors then hid the great pagoda and Bishimonten’s spear Vessavana away so no future generations could make the same mistakes they had made.


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