Naruto D20

S2: Episode 9 - The Magic of the Sand Nation?!

The group arrives at the Sand village after the fight with no problems. They check in to a hotel, as it is near nightfall when they arrive. Kai discovers from the innkeeper that there is a midnight curfew due to the recent string of murders that have been taking place; the last murder occurred last night on 5th street.

When the group enters the room, they discover a strange form of magic. There were balls of light without flame emitting all throughout the room and beds made of an unknown, fluffy material. Icarus looks suspiciously at a large white throne sitting in a closed off portion of the room. He pulls a lever and becomes alarmed when it makes a loud swirling noise. Yasei, attempting to discover the source of the light, accidentally rips a cord out of the wall while Kai discovers the power of the switch. Yasei then notices a whirring device sitting beneath a table and opens its door; cold drifts out of it and a light turns on as well. Utter awe. They begin to formulate overly-complicated explanations of how such phenomenon can exist when they hear Arashi laugh through the ring link, “You guys are so dumb.” Frustration.

The next day, they discover that all of the attacks have happened in the same general area of the city and scope it out in shifts. They find that these areas are frequented by government workers coming from the Sand’s “Coats & Oats” company [creates everything from food to clothing] to the residential areas. The group decides that the best chance they have at catching the culprit/demon is to wait around the building at night and search for a potential government victim. They lie in wait until dark…


S2: Episode 8 - Across Swirling Sands: "This Technique Is..."

As Icarus engages the infamous Clovis Lombard 79 in glorious combat, Yasei dashes towards the Puppet user on top of the shanty rock. His puppet, a demonic-looking thing wielding dripping scimitars, slices her some poison damage. Yasei, unwilling to waste her time with poison, Void Palms the puppeteer off the edge of the 60ft. cliff; the fall kills him instantly. She surveys her handiwork briefly before stalking down the cliff towards the struggling swordsman.

Meanwhile, Kai is engaging the Sand user as well as two other Sand clones. Feeling the need for some backup and unleashing a bitchin’ new technique, Kai summons Wuko-Sun, who shows up with a toolbox and a branch of bananas expectantly. He seems ecstatic to be fighting an opponent this time and immediately joins the fray. The Sand user, no longer liking his odds, begins to float upwards 45ft. on a sand cloud. Kai and Wuko look at each other and begin the lead-up to their new technique. Wuko runs and jumps up towards the sand off of Kai’s back as Kai says “This is my one and only original technique!” Kai then leaps into the air in a charge and grabs Wuko as he turns into an adamantine staff. “This technique…is BANANAS!” Kai yells as he smashes the Sand user into the ground. Epic landing is epic.

As Yasei walks towards the swordsman, he breaks out of Kai’s genjutsu and draws his swords. Yasei, wasting no more time, drops the remaining distance smashing her foot into his former comrade’s head. She Piercing Fang’s right up in his business twice before he utterly explodes. Across from the rock, Icarus appears to have defeated Clovis, who takes flight once he notices his squad being dead. As he runs off into the desert, the party hears him yell, “You have not seen the last of Clovis Lombard 79, King of the Bandits!”
Good loot is good.


S2: Episode 7 - Across Swirling Sands: A Long-Awaited Battle

The very next day, Icarus, Kai and Yasei begin their journey to the Sand Nation. It takes roughly a week for them to reach the outskirts of the Forest Nation, where they purchase desert-appropriate clothing, water barrels and three camels to aid their trek across the desert. Their journey across the desert is fairly uneventful until one night when a coyote sniffs around the campsite and then trots away. The next day, they are attacked by a group of 10 coyotes wearing Sand headbands. The group defeats them fairly easily and questions two wolves about their owners. One answers that their masters are bandits who wanted access to their resources. All wolves are dispatched before moving on.

The next evening, the group attempts to find a more secluded area to rest to prepare for the inevitable confrontation between themselves and bandits. They put together a rough shanty on an rock outcropping with a decent view around them. Not long after the shanty is put together, they see a group of four ninja approaching. They are too busy whispering to themselves at the bottom of the rock to notice Kai casting a Genjutsu on the entire party. One wielding two scimitars is instantly affected. The leader goes around one side while the Sand user goes around the other; a student wielding a puppet climbs up on the rock and runs towards the shanty.

Kai runs towards the Sand user and engages in hand-to-hand combat. Yasei draws her soul edges and leaps on top of the rock to engage the Puppet user. Meanwhile, Icarus engages the leader…a successful Lore check reveals that he is none other than Clovis Lombard 79, the King of Bandits! Icarus leads him away into the sands to engage in epic flaming battle!


S2: Episode 6 - Confrontation! An Underlying Plan Unfolds!

Yukai wakes up the next morning in Yasei’s bed completely out of his element and remembering nothing. Yasei encourages the confusion by leaning up close to him and saying “You wanna see my dragon scales?” He sputters and turns red until Yasei picks up her literal dragon scales from under her bed and begins to excitedly point out the colors reflecting from their surfaces. Later in the day, they see a romantic comedy in which Arashi stars as the main romantic interest; it was a mediocre performance.

Kai, in the meantime, has been making friends! He comes across Sutomu, Arashi’s little sister, practicing with little success in the training grounds. He tells her to unleash a jutsu after he activates his Sharingan to try and figure out why she has trouble casting jutsu. He discovers that she has trouble sculpting chakra because her chakra pathways are riddled with holes that constantly leak [a sinking suspicion arises that these holes were not present at birth]. He also runs into Hakai of Squad 2 who is desperately trying to understand the meaning of art for a project Tao assigned to her. Kai gives her a sufficient definition and she is satisfied.

Soon afterwards, an explosion is heard from the center of the village. Both Yasei and Kai arrive on the scene to find the academy up in flames. A meek-looking Kyo stands in the middle of a violent argument between the normal police force and the ninja police, headed by Saigo Uchiha himself. The normal police appear to be arguing for the arrest of Kyo while the ninja police believe it was simply an accident. Saigo appears to become more frustrated as the normal police’s demands grow more outrageous. Once Saigo gains the upper hand in the argument, Kai goes up to Kyo and silently takes him home.

Kyo is half upset and half angry over the situation. “I told them just what you said, Kai, and they didn’t believe me!” Kai nods and bends down to face his little brother, “Kyo, to be honest, I told you to do that in order to get you kicked out of the academy.” Kyo’s eyes widen. “You can’t rely on anyone but yourself to get stronger. And now you can train with whoever you like outside of the bullshit school.” Kyo smiles, understanding now, and hugs his brother, “You’re so smart!” Kai smiles and ruffles his brother’s hair before they continue walking on to the Uchiha household.


S2: Episode 5 - A Great Weapon Appears! Another to the Collection...

Arashi claps his hands together and looks around at his students, “Tomorrow morning, you will be travelling with ”/characters/npc-icarus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Icarus to the Sand Nation, where there is a Lesser Wrath Hatred that I would like you to deal with. Subtlety will be key, of course, as the Shattered Sky is not currently aligned with the Sand Nation and this is not an official mission." He also warns the squad that the Prime Hatred will have his eye on the demon in question and that they should refrain from calling Arashi for help as it will alert the Prime Hatred to his presence. Also, he will be hunting down another Hatred with Suzume and Takara during our mission. He gives Kai and Yasei a day to tie up loose ends before their departure.

Both Kai and Yasei are excited to find Squad Four has returned from a mission. Kai approaches Z about chakra containment seals while Yasei runs off to find Yukai [to save time, these two developed a relationship over the time skip]. She finds Yukai at the training grounds; he beckons her over excitedly and she sees that he’s holding the legendary shinobi sword Samihada in his hands.

Yasei’s eyes widen, “Where did you get that!” Yukai puffs up considerably, “Oh, I looted it off of a ninja who ambushed us. I’m going to become its master!” Yasei is concerned. “Yukai, you do realizes that anybody who sees you with that sword will kill you? And even if that doesn’t happen, the village will take it from you.” He did not consider this. “Honestly Yukai, it would probably be safer with somebody like Arashi.” Arashi shows up at mention of his name, looks at Yukai, looks at Samihada, and knocks Yukai out/erases his memory. Samihada is added to the Shinobi Sword collection in Arashi’s basement.

S2:Episode 4 -Overcoming Hatred

IT WAS ARASHI’S BIRTHDAY! Yasei wakes with a start, leaping out of bed, that thought burning in her mind. Scrambling due to her late remembrance. She immediately rushes to the candy store! When she arrives, there is a defeating sign on the door that reads “Closed”. Yasei realizing that at 5:00 AM she should have expected this, reaffirms that she “ain’t no bitch”, and picks the lock on the door, breaks in, takes the newest brand of candy that the store carried. Happy with her discovery, Yasel places more than enough money on the counter and exits the store, locking the door on her way out.

Kai and Yasei arrive at the training grounds around 5:30 and proceed to wait for whatever Arashi was going to tell them. At around 7 Arashi warps in, sandwich in one hand, a basket in the other. Arashi places the basket on the ground and says “Eat up, I got these for you guys”. In the basket are what look like freshly baked bagels. Kai and Yasei give each other confused looks, and then proceed to eat the bagels. Yasei pulls out her gift for Arashi at this point and hands it to him screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Arashi, still eating his sandwich, starts to choke a bit, spits out the remains of the sandwich and devours the candy Yasei presents him. Arashi asks Yasei where she got the candy, and Yasei replies in a matter of fact tone, “Candy Store”. Arashi seems amazed, and looks to take a mental note. During this exchange, Kai is silent, clearly attempting to make some point towards Arashi. (Brooding)

Arashi says “Alright, down to business then. We have some more of those lesser hatreds I told you about to hunt down.” He starts making hand seals and continues them for about a minute. He finishes and summons the silver blade without a handle that he used to expel the first lesser hatred back in the Fire Nation. He says “Here.” Tossing it to Yasei. Arashi then drops back into hand seals, this time going for two or three minutes, slowing down during them as if trying to remember which seals to use. Finally, he completes the jutsu, and summons to him a large gauntlet that looks as if it covers most of the wearer’s arm. He looks at Kai, and says “This one is for you.” Kai nods and takes it from Arashi, who continues to speak
“These weapons have been purified in holy fire and sanctified in holy water. Their purpose is to expel and destroy the hatreds. If you hit a person possessed by a hatred with one of these, it will be forced out of the host, and will be vulnerable to the hatred destroying weapons. However, if you get any blood, even one drop, on these weapons, they will be useless. They will cease to function to their purpose. "
Kai and Yasei nod in understanding, and Arashi continues, “Once the Hatred is expelled, it will be easy to kill with the weapons, they will purify it. In order to keep the demon’s essence pure and safe, one of you will have to absorb it into your body. It is not dangerous, but is extremely necessary if we want to insure that hatred will stay purified.”
Arashi shifts his weight, and clears his throat, then says “Supposing you accidentally kill the host before the hatred is expelled, the person’s corpse will become possessed by the hatred, and be much harder to kill. At this point, it will be impossible to expel it from the corpse, and furthermore to purify it. In this situation, you MUST kill it. Once it is dead, you will have to quickly absorb it’s corrupted essence into you to avoid it’s escape. Once inside you, it will have a small impact on your mind, but should be manageable. I do not recommend this method, as it leaves the hatred intact.”
Kai and Yasei just stare at Arashi as he finishes his explanations. Kai speaks up, “Arashi, are you telling us this because you want us to go hunting for one without you?” Arashi smirks and says “Observant as always Kai”.


S2:Episode 3 - Barbecue and Cake Batter

At the barbecue, Yasei find her sensei enjoying a meal with Ketsui Hyuga, the rest of Squad 3 and a mysterious-looking guy with white hair. Yasei sits down and greets everyone, participating in the meal; she then introduces herself to the stranger who does not understand the concept of shaking hands. His name is Icarus and he says that he was being taken in by Arashi because he is a criminal who would be executed by his nation otherwise. He then begins to rattle off a large list of people who he’s killed before Arashi stops him, embarrassed.

Arashi asks Yasei how her training has gone and about Kai. She accidentally lets slip that she spotted Saigo Sharinganing in the library; he immediately gets up and heads for the library in order to make fun of him. As Yasei drags on his legs trying to stop him and Icarus trots behind them, he suddenly stops and goes back to the restaurant to say goodbye to Squad Three. Yasei is are confused. She then notices for the second time a necklace around Arashi’s neck that is only passed along in upper house Hyuga clans. She succeeds her knowledge check and begins to grin widely at Arashi. “So Arashi, where did you get that necklace? Someone…special?” His eye widen, grabs Yasei’s head and attempts to erase her memory. However, she passes her Will save and yells “AHA!” pointing at him. “FUCK…I don’t even feel like making fun of Saigo anymore. Just tell Kai to meet us at the training grounds tomorrow” Arashi sulks off as Yasei congratulates him muttering about “these fucking kids.”

Meanwhile, Yasei is stuck with Icarus who follows her around without saying a word. She takes the opportunity to learn more about him and is consequently horrified. Apparently, he was originally from the Expanse and regularly took demons inside of himself to appease his God until Arashi showed up and took him under his wing. In more recent news, Icarus was the one who killed the entire Fire Council under Arashi’s orders. Disturbed, Yasei stops asking questions for a while.

Meanwhile, at Kai‘s house, the delicious aroma of a carefully-baked cake enriches the house. It was delicious, delicious cake. When Yasei goes up to the door, it is answered by Kyo. “Can you tell your brother to meet me at the training grounds tomorrow?” “Sure! Can I come?!” “Sorry Kyo, its official ninja business.” “Ahhhhh FINE.” Slams door. He goes to tell his brother and asks him if he can come. “Please! I learn way more at home than at the academy! All the girls do there is make flower arrangements!” Kai consider’s his brother’s request, but declines due to Arashi’s likely involvement. “Kyo,” he says, “you just need to threaten to burn the academy down if your teachers refuse to teach you anything interesting.” Kyo’s eyes widen to the size of saucers. “Okay! You’re so smart!” Kai ruffles his younger brother’s hair and smiles.


S2:Episode 2 - Sharingan, Activate! The Ultimate Power of Saigo Uchiha!

Kai and Kyo wake up the next morning to the smell of horrifyingly burnt breakfast foods. They walk downstairs to find Saigo proudly surveying a table of burnt bacon and eggs while sporting Ishiru’s cooking apron. “Ah! Sit, sit, I’ve made the breakfast!” he exclaims. Kai and Kyo eye the food suspiciously, but eat it anyway. Once they’re finished, Kai says that he will now go off to train a cloning technique. Saigo hurriedly offers to help him train in the shadow-clone technique, to which Kai assents. Kyo adamantly demands to be included in the training; Saigo is initially hesitant to include his 7 year old son, but is convinced otherwise by Kai.

Saigo decides to take the day off of work and make dinner as well. Kai makes him a list of food they usually get at the store. He also gives him recipes for desserts that Saigo might want to make. Saigo, overwhelmed by the stacking lists, activates his Sharingan in order to memorize all of the ingredients. Kyo, in awe after seeing his father’s Sharingan, impulsively says “Hey, I can do that!” Saigo looks doubtful. Kyo is more adamant “I can! Tell him, Kai!” Kai adds that “Of course he can.” and Saigo finally tells him that he brings much honor to the Uchiha clan. And hurries out of the door.

On his way out, he passes Yasei who is looking for Ishiru. She notices that Saigo is heading towards the library. When Ishiru arrives, he is happy to see everybody until he realizes that Yasei is there and become visibly more tired. Yasei asks him if he knows of any way to forge dragon scales; he responds by giving her a scroll describing the process in Draconic; it will take her ten days to learn the language and transcribe it. Meanwhile, Ishiru drops the ball on us that Arashi has just returned today toting around some foreign kid. “That FUCK,” exclaims Kai. “First he’s late and then he adopts another fucking kid.”

They attempt to go and find him at the ramen shop and the library. Instead at the library, they stumble across the mighty Saigo Uchiha pouring over numerous recipe books with his Shaingan activated; they back out of the room slowly to avoid notice. Finally, they ask where the fuck he is through their rings and he replies that they’re at the barbecue place. Kai refuses to go as he is mad at Arashi, so Yasei heads over alone.

S2:Episode 1 - Squad Five, Reform!

It is now November, and a year has passed since Squad Five has seen each other. Kai, remembering that his guardian Ishiru would be returning today, decides to greet him at the village gates. When he arrives, he finds Ishiru walking wearily into the village while Yasei zig-zags around him, performing numerous poses and excitedly recounting daring deeds. When she and Kai notice each other, they greet each other happily and quickly ask how each other’s time skip was. Kai replied that he had developed a few techniques and trained his brother, Kyo, who (now at the age of 7) could produce a Fireball jutsu. Yasei, wide-eyed, says his brother will be the best ninja; Kai agrees. Yasei then remembering her time skip all but yells that she killed a dragon. “Chopped its fucking head right off! And check out these scales!” She gestures to her back, where two metallic-looking slabs are strapped. Awesomes are shared. Soon, however, Ishiru must go turn in his mission report and Yasei must run off and show Tsuru her prizes. Kai returns home to make Ishiru his favorite meal of spicy yellow tuna; Ishiru is pleased when he returns. He also tells Kai that his father, Saigo, is expecting him at the kage building.

As Kai approaches the building, he notices a mob outside complaining about recent events. The crowd is dispersed by ANBU agents vomiting tear gas on them. Inside, Kai listens in on a worried conversation between his father and a council member before they notice his presence. Once he enters, Saigo sits back in his chair and looks very uncomfortable. “I am going to…spend more time…with you and Kyo. I have been neglecting my fatherly duties with this job.” Kai stares at him strangely, “…You called me to your office…to tell me you want to spend more time with me?” “…yes. Tomorrow I will make you breakfast. At…9? 8? 7. 7 o’clock.” Kai is dismissed and returns home sufficiently weirded-out.

- Events that Occurred During the Time Skip -

- The entire Fire Nation Council was assassinated. Their insides were irrevocably melted, yet their skin untouched.

- Coups are occurring all across the ninja world; many nations are strengthening their border patrols and tensions are running high.

- A new nation has been established and called the Holy Land in the Southern Searing Wind nation. They were essentially given permission to establish their nation and participate in the chuunin exams by Saigo Uchiha, creating some tension with the Searing Wind nation. The Holy Land is currently welcoming inhabitants and plans on staying neutral in any upcoming conflicts.

— Recently, an interview was conducted with the three powerful ninja who claimed the Holy Land (two men and one woman). In a demonstration of their power, the woman showed her superior speed and skill with a blade by cutting off dummies’ heads without the interviewer noticing her movement. The second man pulled out a scroll and summoned multiple animals of different bloodpacts to attack the dummies. The third man, with hands deep in his pockets, simply looked over at the dummies and knocked them over.

The interviewer was very impressed and asked them what they wanted to accomplish with this new nation; they replied that they would control all conflict in order to promote peace. The interviewer laughed and asked, “Isn’t that a bit like playing god?” The man with his hands in his pockets then pointed a finger towards the dummies. The interviewer described the sensation as “thunder without sound” as blue chakra burst from his fingertip and utterly destroyed the dummies and the landscape 200 feet beyond them. The man put his hand on the interviewer’s should and stated, “Your god is nothing.” She was then politely asked to leave.


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