Naruto D20

Season 2 Recap!

- Squad Five was joined by Ketsui’s squad in order to take down a tyrannical Lord who employed demons to keep control. They were to assassinate the Lord in order to allow Lord Shinamori, a friend of the Shattered Sky, to regain control.

- The assault on the castle was complicated by the presence of the Hatred Uchihas and tons of peasants. Arashi fought the Uchihas while Squad Five made quick work of the peasants with genjutsu, extravagant explosions and, of course, epic decapitation taijutsu. While Arashi fought, he implored that the rest of the squad go on into the palace to defeat the Lord before he escaped. They did.

Begin, Yu Yu Hakusho style fights!

- On the first floor, the squad encounters a samurai imbued with Hatred. Yasei takes on the samurai while her squadmates continue upwards. Its pretty rough, but before she could be knocked unconscious, she unlocks the next stage in her new sword technique and chops that mother in half.

- On the second floor, Kai and Takara encounter a lazy woman sitting on a chair in a room full of artwork. Takara takes on this fight while Kai ascends. The woman kicks herself around on her chair while flinging ink bullets at Takara, who becomes increasingly frustrated with her opponent. In a moment of desperation, she allows the demon inside of her to help briefly, but is taken over and can do nothing but wait until it gives back her body.

- Meanwhile, Yasei has defeated the samurai and limps up the staircase to assist her friends. She is startled to find the second floor an utter mess with blood coating the walls and claw marks etched in the floors. The head of the woman rolls by her feet and it is clear that she had gouged her own eyes out before her head had been detached. Yasei looks on in horror as a man with black hair and a spear saunters over to her, leans down to eye-level and pokes her forehead. “Boop.” Yasei instantly passes out from the fear; when she wakes, she feels as though he put something inside of her. When Takara wakes up, she denies knowledge of anything happening, much to Yasei’s utter disbelief.

- On the third floor, Kai comes across a fat man sitting sadly at a table. Kai initiates combat by accusing him of being a bitch and summoning Wuko to assist. They fling explosives at him, but every time he eats the surrounding tables, he seems to recover. Finally, Kai destroys the tables and confirmed a bluff to convince the man that a string of explosive tags was spaghetti. Once he eats them, Kai kais and is joined by Yasei and Takara as the man is defeated.

Lord: “Oh, you’ve defeated the underlings.”
Kai: “If that’s what you’d call them.”
Lord: “But…that’s what they were…”

- The squad reaches the final floor, in which they encounter the Lord with four spectral figures chained to him. He offers them power, but it is refused. As combat initiates, the ancestral horse of the ultimate badass, Bissemonton, just walks the fuck out of Takara’s body. As Kai and Yasei go to fight the four on chains, Takara flies in the air on the horse. Heads splode, genjutsu is cast, and eventually the Lord is tag teamed and burninated on his own throne.

- Immediately afterwards, Takara is taken over by the demon inside of her and he takes the Lord’s essence for himself. She begins to leave and a confused Kai and Yasei call Arashi for help. Arashi teleports in, also very confused, and knocks Takara out. The demon, calling itself a King, projected itself out of Takara and began saying that he wanted to know everything about this modern world. He was convinced to come back to the Shattered Sky to discuss things with Saigo and also help Arashi defeat the Hatred Uchihas.

- By the time we get back, there are 9 months until the Chuunin exams. Also, Ketsui and Arashi have a test tube baby which is cool.

- Suzume, injured in the fight with the Hatred-imbued Uchiha, remains unconscious after months of unsuccessful recovery efforts while Takara is busy being possessed and all that jazz.

And we’re caught up! Woot!

Okay, so here's the deal.

There has been a lengthy hiatus because, honestly, I’m so behind that every time I think about updating, my soul dies a little bit.

So lets be honest. The Chuunin Exams are way cooler than a month studying shit and doing a whole arc 1v1-ing demons (well, that was actually pretty cool, but man would that take forever to write up). Soooooo to make this easier, ima give you guys a summary of this stuff so I can write about the Chuunin Exams and get caught up for when we resume playing. Then everybody can update character info/pictures/yadda yadda yadda.

So yeah. The summary of that arc will be up pretty soon and, hopefully, I’ll get back my motivation to write about the Chuunin Exams. Yeah! Yeah. (woo)


S2: Episode 17 - Casualty! A Squadmate's Grief

As Kane becomes enraged about Dossel’s death, an Uchiha puts up a bone field right in the middle of combat, in which Fuu is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Kai and Yasei combo attack another Uchiha by progressively kicking and cutting him into the air and then blasting him down. In the glass container where Dave is stuck, the Uchiha decides to stop messing around. He unleashes a laser attack which simultaneously cuts Dave in half and kills Fuu. Kane is even more pissed. He runs over to the Uchiha and Shiruken Barrage’s his face until it begins to deteriorate rapidly.

Meanwhile, Icarus traps the three remaining Uchiha in a fire barrier, causing them great pain when they try to escape. Arashi throws down a blinding bolt of lightning down on them within the barrier, utterly annihilating the Uchiha and leaving a huge crater in the middle of the road. When the dust clears, Arashi sees a black form, similar to what emits from the Prime Hatred, rising from the body of the inverted mangyekyo Uchiha and makes a hand seal. The blackness is absorbed into his chest and he instantly falls unconscious.

The moment he hits the ground, his Yellow puppet shows up and picks him up. She says that he has sealed a piece of the Prime Hatred within himself to ensure that it can’t return to the source and tell it of our plans. He will need to recover for a month before the mission can continue. Suzume has been injured in the fight and will not wake from a deep slumber. Kane is sent home to the Forest Nation while Yellow takes us to a hotel in the Western Kingdoms to wait for Arashi to recover.


S2: Episode 16 - Five Strong Opponents: A Hopeless Situation?

As the two squads depart the next morning, they decide to test each other’s mettle by punching each other. Everybody is very impressed by the each other’s stamina until Yasei becomes a little overzealous and jyuuken-punches Dossel; he spits out a little blood and Arashi looks back, frustrated. He heals Dossel and tells everybody to stop dicking around. Fuu is being judgmental in the background; Yasei and Kai decide that he’s just a bitch and should admit it. Fuu protests adamantly until Kane turns back and says “Fuu, stop being a bitch.” It is settled.

After a while of walking, Arashi and Dave become quiet; Arashi stays at the front while Dave falls back. Arashi tells Yasei and Kai to prepare themselves for combat. As they look around, they notice five pairs of Sharingan, one with an inverted mangyekyo, following them along the road. They notice our movements changing and attack. Once they’re closer, it is apparent that each has cracked-looking skin. Arashi and Icarus go to deal with the inverted mangyekyo while Dave goes to handle another user. The squadmates handle the other three.

It soon becomes apparent that their opponents are an odd mixture of Uchiha and Kaguya as they begin to pull bone weapons from their bodies. Arashi teleports the inverted mangyekyo Uchiha 300ft. into the air and slams him into the ground while Dossel gets bone-sharded into unconsciousness and Dave becomes trapped in a genjutsu within a glass prison. Takara attempts to shoot Dossel’s attacker, but ends up shooting Dossel through the skull, instantly kill him. Kane looks over to see his squadmate dead on the ground with the Uchiha looming over him and becomes enraged. He puts on serious face and pulls out the Demon-Wind Shiruken to engage the Uchiha..

S2: Episode 15 - The Art of Not Being a Bitch, Arashi-Sensei Conquers!

Arashi and Dave drag the ping pong table out onto the road and face each other seriously. Squad Five and the Forest squad stand grouped next to the door as Kai hangs lackadaisically out of the window watching. Arashi picks up the worn wooden paddle on the table and wishes Dave good luck. Dave nods in acknowledgement before ripping open the top of his kimono to reveal a ridiculously ripped upper body. He reaches into the recesses of his kimono, pulls out two league-approved metal paddles and enters a fighting stance. Arashi looks suddenly nervous at his opponent, “Well…you came prepared,” and chuckles weakly. Dave simply stares and states, “Begin.”

The match almost takes place too fast for the genin to see what was happening. Before they knew it 8, 12, 20 balls were flying around and Arashi and Dave were moving in a blur. A few seconds into the fight, there is a large puff of smoke and a puppet appears on Arashi’s side with eight arms, each clutching paddles. Dave blusters “That’s cheating!” trying to keep up with the new opponent. “It’s a ninja move.” says Arashi. He soon beats Dave and his squad cheers him on. He accepts the praise but says, “Nah, but seriously, I fucking cheated.”

Meanwhile, Dave tries to justify his ultimate failure, “If I had only known…” “Yeah,” whispers Yasei, “he still would’ve lost cuz he’s a fucking biiiiiitch.” Kai leans out of the window and yells, “Yeah he is!” Arashi smiles and shakes his head. He tells his squad to get to bed, as they have to leave for the mission in the morning.


S2: Episode 14 - Enter Team Dave! A Skill Unmatched...?

It takes Arashi and Squad Five around two weeks to reach the borders of the Swirling Mist Nation. As they continue to go further North, but into the Swirling Mist, they notice that the snow begins to melt and mist springs up all around them. Arashi seems to know where he’s going though, so the team follows him to an inn with a large lighthouse on top. They find that the inn is a hot spring; Arashi orders them a feast and afterwards Kai notices a long table with two paddles on opposite ends. “What’s that?” he asks Arashi. Arashi’s eyes cloud as he reminisces, “Ah, that is ninja ping pong…a dangerous game when played to one’s full abilit-eru…”

Kai immediately picks up a paddle and challenges Yasei to a match…it is accepted. Kai activates his Sharingan while Yasei activates her Byakugan and an intense ping pong battle ensues. It is now that the squad that will escort Squad Five through the Swirling Mist shows up and watches in awe. They’re clearly under the impression that an intense blood-feud is going on between Uchiha and Hyuga. The clearly-more-main-character-looking squadmate, Kane, goes over to Takara and Suzume and introduces himself along with his two squadmates Dossel [buff-bro] and Fuu [pasty artist bitch].

Once Yasei and Kai’s battle is over, Kane suggests a match and wins hardcore. However, Dossel and Fuu are utterly annihilated when set against the dual power of the Sharingan and Byakugan. Around this round, Arashi comes in with the other squad leader Dave and watches approvingly. He congratulates Kai and Yasei on their victory and then turns to Dave, “So Dave, you wanna play a round?” The atmosphere visibly darkens as Dave turns gravely to face Arashi, “Always.” He looks around, “We’d better take this outside.”


S2: Episode 13 - Begin Mission: Lust Demon Elimination!

As Kai sits on the edge of the bed, Arashi appears in the room. “Kai, I have another assignment for you guys. Come with me.” Outstretches hand. Kai tells Arashi everything that just happened; he is wary. “Kai, don’t take anything the Prime Hatred says at face value…for all we know, he could have initiated this in the first place.” Kai nods and hears his father return. He and Arashi go downstairs to find Saigo and Akudama (Ku) in the kitchen. Saigo stands by the table with his arms crossed while Ku is dissecting the body of the intruder on the kitchen table.

Kai goes up to Saigo and asks if they have any leads. Saigo replies that it was probably a protester and shakes his head angrily. Ku confirms that the intruder seemed to be an ordinary man from his analysis. Arashi looks visibly uncomfortable being in the same room as this man; he edges himself out of the room as this exchange goes on and waits outside for Kai. Kai asks his father if he’s got this; he does. Kai goes outside and teleports with Arashi to his secret basement.

Arashi has already teleported sleeping Icarus, Suzume, Takara and Yasei there and, conveniently, they all wake up around the same time. In this new basement area, there is a woman in a yellow robe cooking with an active Sharingan. A bemused Yasei discovers with her Byakugan that this is a living person with Arashi’s chakra flowing inside of her [no chakra pathways, just chakra-enhanced joints/eyes]. She looks at Arashi warily, “Arashi, is this like what you do to puppets only weirder?” He replies, “Yup, this is what happens when you make a puppet out of a living person.” Suzume’s interest is piqued, asks how. He takes out a scroll and shows her, she throws up from the amount of fucked-up that scroll depicts. Arashi rolls up the scroll, satisfied to quiet his inquisitive students.

“Now,” he says, “we have a new mission. We’ll be going to the Forest nation to defeat Lust Hatred. To get there, we’ll have to go through the Swirling Mist nation, but we’ll receive a Forest nation escort to protect us on the way.” He turns to face Kai, "I also took your advice and decided to ask for help…Tao said he could help, just not right now, and Ketsui said she’d help once her squad trains a bit more." He pauses for a bit and looks sheepishly at his feet, “I’d like to apologize for putting so much pressure on you guys…I sometimes forget that we grew up in different times.” FORGIVENESS ALL AROUND. Everybody picks up some ballin’ new loot before they leave.


S2: Episode 12 - Whispers of Hatred

Kai Uchiha wakes up in his bedroom at exactly 2:47 am and hears his brother Kyo calling for him from his bedroom. Kai leaps out of bed, runs downstairs and kicks open Kyo’s door, kunai in hand and Sharingan activated. In the darkened room, he sees Kyo curled into a ball on his bed looking scared. He whispers, “There’s something under my bed.” Kai walks over and looks under the bed; he sees another Kyo underneath, utterly terrified. He whispers, “There’s something on my bed.”

Kai compares the chakra signatures of both Kyos; the one on top of the bed is not Kyo. Kai quickly straightens and enters a fighting stance. The Kyo on top of the bed has turned into the familiar form of the Prime Hatred. It leans very closely towards Kai’s face and says, “You owe me one.”

Kai Uchiha wakes up in his bedroom at exactly 2:46 am and hears shuffling downstairs. Kai rips himself out of his bed and sprints downstairs to Kyo’s bedroom just in time to find an intruder looming over Kyo’s sleeping figure. Kai charges into the room and kicks the intruder’s face into the wall, killing him instantly. Saigo bursts into the room, sees the dead man clutching a knife and becomes enraged. He wrenches the body out from the wall and drags it outside of the house.

Kai gathers the sleepy Kyo into his arms and carries him to his room where he barricades all entrances but for the windows. While Kyo falls asleep in his bed once more, Kai remains seated on the foot of his bed, his Sharingan staring fixedly at the window entrance.


S2: Episode 11 - Swords and Souffles

Squad 5 returns from their demon-slaying mission in December. Suzume and Takara arrive before their teammates and go to eat ramen with Arashi. When Yasei returns from her week-long journey, she has finally decoded the Dragon Forging scroll she recieved from Ishiru. She then decides that it is time to gather the required resources to forge the sword [a grandmaster blacksmith and alchemist]. She hunts down Arashi and asks if he knows either of those. He replies that he is technically a grandmaster alchemist, but will also keep his ear to the ground for a blacksmith.

Yasei, suddenly curious, asks “Hey Arashi, why were you imprisoned anyway?” Arashi looks at her steadily and says “I’m the Avatar of Heaven.” Yasei rolls her eyes, “Arashi-sensei, I’m not talking about your movie persona, what’s the real reason?” He sighs, “I…ahh I stole somebody’s gourd or something.” “Oh, so the ANBU constantly guard you so you won’t steal anymore gourds…” points “I call BULLSHIT Arashi!” “Ah, fine, I’m a war criminal. I killed a lot of people I shouldn’t have.” Yasei is satisfied with this answer.

Kai immediately returns home to find that his father Saigo has been training Kyo in their backyard for a week straight and hasn’t gone in to work at all. When he enters the kitchen, Saigo is baking a souffle for dessert and sporting an “I Heart Sharingan Eye” apron. It is absolutely delicious. “Wow Dad,” Kai exclaims, “your super special technique is improving!” In order to savor the souffle, Kai and Saigo both activate their Sharingans while eating. After a minute, Kyo also activates his Sharingan. Saigo displays no surprise. They eat in super perceptive silence before heading to bed.


S2: Episode 10 - Wrath's Fury

As midnight comes and goes, Icarus, Kai and Yasei remain vigilant as they watch from the rooftops surrounding Coats & Oats. After about an hour, they notice a man scurrying out of the building towards the residential area. They follow him and notice that he’s being followed by a red-haired woman; it is clear with any doujutsu that she is being possessed by a Hatred.

The decision is made to eject the demon to save the host; Kai summons his demon-slaying gauntlet and charges downwards to punch the demon out of its host. The woman is pushed backwards as the demon begins to expand; two swords form in its outstretched hands. The man the demon was stalking notices this and begins to run away screaming for the police. Icarus vanishes and a moment later the man’s screams are silenced. Yasei and Icarus then go in to attack the Wrath demon. He is a formidable opponent that takes a very long time to whittle down; right after the demon’s last attack, Icarus is knocked under zero hit points. From him spouts a large black dragon on fire. It flies in a huge line in front of him, instantly killing the previous host who didn’t get out of the way.

Before the alarm is raised, Yasei and Kai pick up the unconscious Icarus and race back to the inn. The next day, they leave under the pretense of double homicides destroying their vacations. By the time the group reaches the Shattered Sky, it is December.



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