Naruto D20

S3: Episode 10 - Preliminaries, Part 1: Outstanding Displays

The night before the preliminary fights, Yasei and Kai go over potential strategies at Kai’s place. Since Tezka has inconveniently fallen ill, they will have to use Gnar as a substitute in their upcoming fight. After they have discussed a general strategy, Kai goes to bathe and Yasei accidentally comes across Kai’s super secret stash of pop culture magazines/records. Overjoyed that she has found something to taunt Kai with, she turns the records on full volume and casually flips through the magazines on his bed until he returns. Kai hears the music outside of his door. Resolve is steeled. He enters the room and attempts to genjutsu Yasei, who kais in response. Heh. Both-kai.

The next morning, Kai, Yasei and Gnar head to the stadium to watch the fights before theirs. Before they take their seats, they make sure to wish Squad Four luck in their fight today; Inazuma and Yukai are very certain that they will win. As they find their seats, the first fight begins:

1. Crashing Waves Nation vs. Forest Nation

The Crashing Waves consist of two guys and one girl, all wielding umbrellas. The Forest Nation consists of one guy carrying a small cat on his shoulder, an Aburame girl and a guy with a palpable chakra-emanating aura. When the fight begins, the Wave ninja unleash a hail of needles from their umbrellas while the Forest ninja’s cat increases in size and the Aburame directs her bugs towards the Wave ninja. On the next round, the Aburame summons a large beetle to provide flanking with the Forest ninja’s now-tiger. One Wave ninja with a cloak unleashes a containment seal of water and attempts to manipulate water clones.

The Aburame, however, sends over a swarm of bugs that consume the chakra and cause the clones to fall apart. She then sends the large beetle to charge at the cloaked ninja, who is thus knocked unconscious. The Forest ninja with the chakra aura appears instantly over the unconscious ninja and loudly threatens to coup de grace him if his teammates do not give up. The girl instantly drops her umbrella in surrender, but the other guy continues to attack. All Forest ninja converge on the remaining Wave ninja and quickly knock him unconscious.

The Forest Squad is declared the winner and they leave the arena showered with the Crashing Wave ninjas’ needles.

2. Land of Storms vs. Fire Nation

Zig, Mu and Yoko enter the arena opposing two identical-looking guy and another guy. When the match begins, Zig activates chakra scalpels in both hands and sprints towards his opponents while the Mu and Yoko watch. The identical squadmates summon a fire dragon and fox and attempt to hit Zig with a fireball before he can reach them. However, he dodges the fireball with ease and hits both of the summoners in the head with his scalpels. Once hit, the two stumble around, seemingly unable to tell where they are going, running into walls.

Meanwhile, the third squadmate has been running around Zig in a circle. When he turns to face him, the Fire ninja runs to the side of the ring and makes a hand seal. As he makes the seal, the footsteps where he had been running begin to glow and violently explode, leaving nothing but a crater and huge plumes of smoke. When the smoke clears, Zig is no longer in the crater, but on the wall above one of the blinded summoners. He falls on the summoner and knocks him unconscious before going after the third Fire ninja. Zig taijutsu’s the hell out of this guy and knocks him unconscious.

With two of the opposing teammates unconscious and the other blinded, the Land of Storms wins the match in a landslide.


S3: Episode 9 - Survival Exams, Part 5: A Final Bid for Star Chips!

Squad Five stealthily approaches a large body of water and finds the Island and Wave Nation squads sitting together on a large rock eating fish. Contemplating how to defeat two squads alone, they suddenly notice another squad on the opposite side of the lake also observing the squads on the rock. Recognizing them as the Eastern Kingdom squad, a plan is formulated via hand gestures to take both squad down together. During a surprise round, everybody charges the rock all at once. Kai casts a genjutsu on the rock while everyone else takes on an individual opponent. Gnar surprises all and grows into a “big giant furry bear ape…with thumbs” in the middle of the rock and begins to fuck up everybody’s day.

The battles does not take very long and soon all of the Crashing Wave ninja are dead and all of the Island Nation ninja are defeated; it is decided that they will be left alive, but will be relieved of all of their star chips. All ninja take the stars from those they defeated, bringing Squad Five up to 7 star chips each. Squad Five and the Eastern Kingdoms ninja bro out while waiting for the Island ninja to stop bitching and try to figure out where to go from this point. They are fans of our movie. Both squad decide to wait out the rest of the exams since they have enough to pass; Kai gets the idea of summoning Wuko (a doton user) to make an underground shelter to hide out in. But first, they had to scare the Islanders away so they wouldn’t pull some shit to steal our chips.

As they considered how to best do this, Tezka announced that he had a plan. He begins to walk over to the Islanders, growing and losing bones, changing facial traits and, overall, being creepy as fuck. “Get the FUCK out,” he growls at them. They look terrified, “But…I thought we were cool!” “I WILL EAT YOU. LEAVE.” And they run the fuck away. Problem solved. They spend the rest of the exam days hanging out underground while Gnar visits sometimes.

At the end of the exam, Tezka decides to bring Gnar with them. As the lights on the gloves turn red, all of them are teleported out of the caves into a large room with everyone who passed the exam. All of the senseis and kage are also here; [[:player-sensei-arashi-totaro | Arashi]]spots his team and gives them a super-anime thumbs up. Gnar is quite terrified by this change of environment and hides in Tezka’s lovingly crafted skin backpack. The proctor stands, “Well, congratulations I guess. I didn’t expect so many of you to live…how problematic,” he sighs, “In any case, the 3v3 matches have been assigned and posted to that wall he points. You have a day to prepare.” Squad Five looks around and is excited to see that their friends in Squad Four have also made it to the preliminaries. They greet each other heartily before going to view the match-up board. Excitement is considerably dimmed in Squad Five’s eyes once they see their friends’ opponent: the Shadow Nation squad, including little Uzu II.


Listings for the upcoming matches, as posted on the board
1. Crashing Waves Nation vs. Forest Nation
2. Nation of Storms vs. Fire Nation
3. Shadow Nation vs. Shattered Sky Nation (Squad 4)
4. Western Kingdom vs. Eastern Kingdom
5. Holy Land vs. Searing Wind Nation
6. Hidden Crag Nation vs. Shattered Sky Nation (Squad 5)

S3: Episode 8 - Survival Exams, Part 4: Encounter! The Orange Death!

As Squad Five prepares for an encounter with the Storm ninja, the man coming up the center tunnel speaks up, “Hang on, we don’t need to start a fight now.” As he approaches, the squad can see that he has long brown hair in a ponytail, piercing gray eyes and a blue scarf wrapped around his neck. From the other sides, a man with black hair and green eyes and a woman with short blonde hair stop a few feet away from Squad Five. “We just need one star from each of you and we’ll leave you be,” says the man with the scarf, “Do we have an agreement?” Kai and Yasei look at each other briefly and decide that these are people they do not want to mess with. They accept the agreement and the Storm ninja seem pleased.

The scarfed man smiles as they hand over the star chips and thanks them for their cooperation. He tells them that this has been their squad’s strategy and it has been working quite well (since everybody is terrified of them). Upon the Squad asking, he introduces himself as Zig, the other man as Mu and the woman as Yoko. They reveal exam information that Squad Five has missed:
- The cave is divided into three areas (upper, cold; middle, meh; lower, fire)
- People are getting fucked up in the lower area by fire elementals and shit
- The Frost Nation is camping out in the upper area
- There was a huge fight at the entrance area; Denmark’s team beat all of them
“Well,” Zig straightens his scarf, “That takes care of our start chips. We’ll be heading back to the starting area. Best of luck to you.” And with that, the Storm ninja disappear back into the caves.

“Well, shall we go up or down?” asks Kai. “Well…” Yasei shifts about, “we should probably go down…the Frost Nation people might want to kill me because…I killed their leader or something…” “WHAT?” exclaims Kai, “And you decide to tell me that NOW?” “I thought it wouldn’t come up! It was just something I did with my dad—” blustered Yasei. “Ah nevermind. We’ll go down to the mid-level and look for our allies,” says Kai. As they descend down the tunnels, they come across an unbelievably malevolent presence down a cave. Curious, Kai sends a shadow clone in that direction to check it out, but it almost immediately poofs from the impact of a bone boomerang.

Tezka senses a creature running towards them from the cave where the presence was. The Squad prepares to face the malevolent presence only to instead face a small orange fox-like creature as it shuffles out of the cave. It notices Tezka and the two have a prolonged stare-down. Minutes afterwards, it seems as though the creature submits and sits down in front of Tezka. He notices that the bone boomerang from before is sheathed on the creature’s back; as Tezka stares at it, the creature cocks its head to the side, “Gnar?” Struck with inspiration, Tezka pulls out a large amount of bone from himself and gives it to Gnar.

Gnar takes the bone and begins to run back into the cave. Tezka follows him to see that he stores it in a nest-like area full of shinies (skulls, ninja headbands and kunai), with headbands belonging to the Mountain Nation squad. Interested in seeing whether or not the Mountain Nation had left behind star chips, the squad decides to search for the corpses. As they exit the area, Gnar follows behind them happily. Tezka notices that all of the animals that they get close to bolt away once they smell Gnar. Not very far away, they find a large area full of explosive marks and kunai. Three decimated corpses lie scattered throughout the room, freshly killed, but missing all of their star chips. Gnar prances over the bodies proudly, nudging at Tezka to inspect the corpses. The Orange Death, indeed.

Determined to find another means to get star chips, the squad resolves to try and find whoever took the Mountain’s star chips. When deciding where to start, they notice a stream heading away from the area and decide to follow it, Gnar cheerfully following them.


S3: Episode 7 - Survival Exams, Part 3: An Overwhelming Presence Approaches...

Yasei is wrenched from her astonishment as Tomoyo enters the Jyuuken stance and raises her arms. “You oppose us and you oppose our house. I will not let this stand.” Yasei looks frustrated, “The only thing I oppose is the treatment of the Lower House.” Tomoyo looks unimpressed and attempts to divination whirl Yasei, but she divination whirls in retaliation, resulting in only a pushed back effect for them both. They proceed to an intense battle between Tomoyo’s sacred fist and Yasei’s soul edges.

Meanwhile, Tezka, suddenly free of distractions, notices the sleeping Hyuga on the ground. Salivating heavily, he draws a sharpened bone from his arm and leans down next to the Hyuga. In one swift motion, he cuts open the Hyuga’s jugular and begins to eat though his neck with gusto. The remaining member, horrified at his squadmate’s demise, only tries to fight harder against Kai, but Kai ain’t no bitch. Sensing an opportunity to utilize a new technique, he unleashes a gout of flame against the Hyuga and kicks him into the air while he’s distracted. While he hovers in the air, Kai appears above him and follows him during his descent. As the Hyuga hits the ground, Kai’s drives his fist through the Hyuga’s chest, instantly killing him.

Tomoyo suddenly realizes that both of her squadmates are dead. During their fight, both she and Yasei had sustained extensive injuries, but she prepares for a move to finish Yasei off. Instead, Yasei unleashes a high-level Ryureikin technique which ends up killing her. As Tomoyo drifts towards death, Yasei looks over her with immense regret, “It didn’t have to be this way…we are blood, the two of us.” Tomoyo lets out a weak chuckle, “We were never blood, and you know it,” and expires.

Enter Tezka, “So…can I eat that?” Frustratingly unsure of how to cover this up, it is decided that Tezka will eat them to hide the evidence. Attempts are made to make it seem as though they were eaten by animals while Kai steals their eyes and seals them away. Once all of this is accomplished, the squad takes a moment to sit down and rest. As Yasei tries to heal the injuries sustained while fighting Tomoyo, Tezka sits up straight, sniffing violently, “The three ninja from the Storm are coming.” (these three ninja are all full-grown adults, super overpowered and taking these tests purely for the title of Chuunin) Yasei grows alarmed, worried that they will slay them all and urges the squad to run for it. They do and the Storm ninja give chase; to lose them, Kai throws back some explosive tags to collapse the tunnels.

The squad runs for ten more minutes before stopping at a T-shaped junction, where they can see all approaching the area. Fairly certain that they’ve lost them, they take a moment to continue healing. They soon notice, however, that they are surrounded by the Storm ninja, each sauntering down a hallway of the T-junction. Squad Five gets to their feet and prepares for a fight.


S3: Episode 6 - Survival Exams, Part 2: First Encounter! A Friend or Foe?

Seemingly unfazed by the freezing cold, Yasei gestures around excitedly, “This will be perfect! So much snow! Nobody will stand a chance!” Kai suppresses a shiver, “That’s all well and good, but if we stay out here for very long, we’ll all freeze.” Yasei, suddenly realizing who she was with, jolts back to reality, “Right. Let’s find a cave entrance then. They should be coming out of there, right?” Kai nods and the three squad members wade through the snow drifts until they find a cave opening. When they reach the inside of the cave, they notice that the cave goes in many different directions, both upwards and downwards. Tezka sniffs excitedly, “Hey, this is where I live!” He sniffs again and points towards the tunnel directly in front of them, “We shouldn’t go that way. There’s something big there.” Kai and Yasei stare at him; deciding to ignore how he knew about a monster’s presence, they instead ask what he knows about the caves.

Tezka explains that his sensei often comes here to “blow off steam” and that many strange creatures live here including, but not limited to, a huge fire centipede known as the Rimaraz, fish that can cast ninjutsu and a creature known as the Orange Death which preys on all other animals in the caves. Throughout the course of this discussion, not a single person approached this area of the cave. Getting restless, the squad decides to move further down the tunnels in order to get some star chips. Tezka’s scent proves to be instrumental in preventing numerous encounters with nasty beasts, much to Kai and Yasei’s relief.

As they further descend into the tunnels without another soul to be found, they suddenly (nearly) stumble over an inconspicuous trap; a jar filled with poisonous spores set over a trip wire. Tezka sniffs around the area and confirms that a squad of Hyuga are camped in a nearby cave enclove (with rich people stoves and beds, of course). We follow the scent of smoke to where they are eating in the cave. After disabling the trap, Tezka takes the poison jar and stealthily crawls across the ceiling above the sleeping Hyuga while Kai and Yasei creep towards the cave entryway.

Tezka drops the jar onto the unaware Hyuga, who quickly spring into action as Tezka drops to the ground. As one member begins to fall asleep under the effects of the poison, the other two (a boy and a finely-dressed girl) divination whirl Tezka into the wall. As the boy moves to attack Tezka again, Kai leaps in and Kage Buyos him into the wall. The girl turns to assist, but is blocked by Yasei who has her soul edges drawn. The girl looks as though she’s seen a ghost, “You…” Yasei jolts from recognition; this was none other than her own cousin, Tomoyo, the future head of the Hyugan clan in the Horizon.


S3: Episode 5 - Survival Exams, Part 1: The Mysterious Moutainside

When Squad Five wakes up, Arashi is already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. As they wolf down the food, he looks at the gravely, “Remember guys, you’ll be up against a lot of people who will kill you without batting an eye. Now I know it is not exactly orthodox, but you guys should take the rings I gave you, just in case there’s an emergency.” He seems to consider something for a moment before saying, “And bring lots of blankets.” Kai and Yasei nod and give their sensei a hug before leaving.

At the written test center, the 40 teams that passed the written exam gather; some carry lots of equipment while others carry none. As they arrive, each member is given three slips of paper to infuse their chakra into. The proctors tell the participants that the cards, meant to display a ninja’s strengths and weaknesses, may be traded at the owner’s volition; everybody has an hour to trade before leaving for the Survival Exams. Squad Five trades most of Kai’s cards for information about Uzu II and previous allies, such as Denmark of the Eastern Kingdoms. After an hour, the participants are loaded up into covered wagons and depart to the testing site.

Two hours later, the wagons jolt to a halt and the tarps are thrown off the carts. As the squads filter into the clearing, they are dwarfed by the shadow of a large mountain pockmarked with holes throughout the exterior. As the ninjas stand in awe of the mountain, a proctor hands out star chip gloves while another stands in front of the group and explains the rules of the Survival Exam.

“As you can see, each member of this exam will receive a star chip glove with 10 empty chip places. You will be given 2 chips to start with, but, within the week-long time limit, each squad member must acquire at least 5 in total in order for the team to pass; should anyone neglect to do so, they and their squad will be disqualified. Each additional star acquired past 5 will result in an additional point towards your nation’s standing. Now,” he gestures to the mountainside, “you all will be competing for star chips within this mountain’s cave system. Should you stray more than 1 miles outside of the caves, you and your squad will be immediately disqualified. You will notice that your gloves have an area which currently glows red. In an hour, a proctor will escort each squad to a location in the mountain and the exams will begin when the lights on the glove turn green.” He surveys the crowd gravely, “Once the exams officially begin, you will not be subject to any rules of conduct. You have an hour to prepare yourselves.” He steps away from the crowd.

It seems as though the rest of the participants begin to move off in clumps, either approaching other squads or standing staring at the mountain. Squad Five looks around and sees that the squad from the Holy Land has not been approached by anyone. Figuring that not many people would help the controversial upstart nation, Squad Five offers them support should they encounter them, an offer to which the Holy Land squad accepts. With that taken care of, Kai searches the crowd for the tall figure of Denmark and immediately succeeds in finding him. They approach the Eastern Kingdom squad while they are bargaining with the Island Nation squad. Denmark convinces the leader, Zong Hue to accept an alliance with the Shattered Sky, curtly telling the Islanders, “Your services will no longer be necessary.”

With alliances out of the way and the hour coming to a close, a proctor approaches Squad Five and asks a single question, “Upper, middle or lower?” Kai and Yasei look at each other briefly before simultaneously responding, “Upper!” The proctor looked surprised, “If you say so,” and proceeds to utilize a wind technique to fly the squad to the top of the mountain. As they approach, they quickly note that their sensei was right to have them bring blankets. The proctor set the squad down amidst the swirling snow and biting cold on the top of the mountain. As the proctor ascends and rapidly disappears from sight, Kai, Yasei and Tezka begin to shiver.


S3: Episode 4 - Chuunin Exams, Begin! The Deadly Exam!

Squad Five wakes up in the early morning and begins to quiz each other in preparation for the upcoming exams. Once they felt quite sure they could not prepare any more, they decide to call their Sensei, [[:player-sensei-arashi-totaro | Arashi]], with their communication rings to have breakfast. As he is contacted, Arashi instantly teleports into Kai‘s kitchen with his arms full of clearly pre-prepared food. “Right, I will make you all breakfast,” he declares. He makes a very healthy breakfast for the squad and, after they’ve finished eating, walks with them to the testing center. As they near the entrance of the testing center, they come across Soisne leaning against a building, clearly waiting for them. She joins them and hands Tezka a small black box, “If anyone asks you for anything, give them this box,” she tells him. She then hands over a very suspicious-looking bag labelled “Tezka Treats” to Arashi, as Tezka drools in the background, “Give him these if he does a good job.”

With that, Soisne gestures farewell and disappears into a side alley just as the group reaches the registration area. The initial paperwork is processed, although some odd looks are given to Tezka and his black box of papers. As the squad is herded into the testing center to be processed, Arashi waves cheerily and wishes them luck. The squad members are each forced to don skintight uniforms to prevent cheating and told that the exam would be broken up into two parts. The maximum score that can be achieved is 120%; to pass the exam, teams need to get an average score of 60%. Since nobody indicates otherwise, the squad sits together at a table to wait for the exam to begin. As they look around, they notice (along with the numerous foreigners) 8 proctors sporting different dojutsu (both Sharingan and Byakugan) throughout the room, eyeing the participants closely.

When the time comes for the exam to begin, the doors slam shut and soundproof walls rise up around each participant. For three hours, each squadmate hears nothing but the scribbling of his/her own writing. When it is time for a lunch break, the walls disappear and all are shocked to find a dead body laying in the middle of the floor. As Kai and Yasei forcibly drag a salivating Tezka away from the dead body, they spot Squad Four’s Inazuma motioning them over to their table. Yasei and Yukai sit in abject failure, bemoaning the difficult questions while Kai and Inazuma assure them both that they are willing to hardcore team carry.

After another three hour exam section (and a total exam time of 8 hours), the participants are allowed to leave and await the postings of results. When they are brought out, Squad Five is delighted to find that they have passed (with Kai at 88%, Yasei at 80% and Tezka at 78%). The top scoring participants are as follows:

120%: Sutomu Totaro (Shattered Sky) and Zong Hue (Eastern Kingdoms)
108%: Inazuma (Shattered Sky) and Zig (Land of Storms)
100%: Yoko (Land of Storms)
97%: Uzu II (Land of Shadows)

Those who passed the exam are told to meet at 6am tomorrow to complete the Survival Exam. Squad Five decides to once again spend the night at Kai’s house.


S3: Episode 3 - Meeting Tezka

While their sensei takes care of important business, Kai and Yasei are left with the task of getting to know their new squadmate, Tezka. They take him to the training grounds and ask what he can do. Tezka proceeds to grow taller and change hair and eye colors almost effortlessly; when he returns to his normal height, he spits bones and flesh out onto the ground. Intrigued, Kai inquires what he can do in combat. Tezka responds by partially pulling out his spinal cord and smiling. Yasei, recognizing the distinct style of the Kaguya clan, looks him up and down, saying “You don’t look like a Kaguya.” He tilts his head and suddenly his features meld into those of a pale-skinned female with white hair, “Better?”

Slightly alarmed, but realizing this thing was their only way into the Chuunin exams, the team makes introductions. Upon realizing that Kai is an Uchiha, Tezka sniffs the air longingly and says “Sharingan…I had one of those once.” Sufficiently weirded out, they change the subject by asking where he came from (as they had not seen him around the village previously). Tezka paused to consider the question. “Caves, mostly.” he smiles widely, “Sensei takes me out at night a lot…for snacks.” Considering this exchange sufficient for introductions, the squad decides to spend the rest of the time before the exams training cardio.

After three days, Yasei and Tezka stay over at Kai’s house to leave together in the morning. The very next morning, registration for the Chuunin exams would begin!


S3: Episode 2 - Official Squad Meeting! And A New Member?

Kai Uchiha and Yasei Hyuga showed up at the best ramen shop in town at around 11am. Looking around, they noticed that, as usual, their sensei had not yet shown up. They did, however, notice an unusual pair of people sitting at the ramen counter. A strange person whose face was indistinguishable behind mats of black hair was sitting awkwardly in a stool, saying nothing. The woman sitting beside him was dressed in ANBU apparel and was in the process of removing her mask.

Raiku made his way over to them and greeted the woman heartily, asking what they would like. The woman nodded curtly and said, “I’ll have the usual. He’ll have nothing.” indicating towards the person beside her. Raiku seemed wounded, “Oh come on, the kid needs to eat!” The woman replied with a perfectly straight face, “No, he doesn’t.” Recognizing this woman as the Avatar of Hell who killed thousands of people in the Fire Nation (and who, somehow, knew Arashi), Kai and Yasei uneasily approached the counter to wait for their sensei.

At exactly noon, Arashi showed up behind the counter and began to make himself some food. “So,” he said while frying his ramen with extra lightening, “You guys still wanna take the Chuunin exams?” Kai and Yasei all but burst a lung in disbelief, “Fuck yeah, are you even asking this??!” Arashi shrugged, “Just making sure you guys didn’t bitch out.” Yasei and Kai were outraged, “Are you calling us bitches?! Fight us, Arashi!” Arashi smiled at his squad and then turned to the Avatar of Hell. “So, Soisne, is this him?” Soisne nodded, pulled out a large book and pressed it into Arashi’s hand. Then, without another word, she got up and left. Arashi flipped through the book with an odd look on his face before slamming it shut.

“Alright,” he said rubbing his hands together, “Squad Five, this is Tezka and, starting today, he’ll be your new squadmate!” Yasei and Kai looked over at their new squadmate who had jammed his neck into a decidedly unnatural position to grin at them.


S3: Episode 1 - A Mysterious Duo! Who Lies Behind the Mask?!

In a darkened cave, a drop of moisture rolls from a steep stalactite towards the precipice. It hesitates for a moment, then falls and lands on what looks like a mass of black hair sitting perfectly still in the darkness. The mass seems unfazed by the water droplets and only continues to stare off into the cave, drooling slightly. From across the room, another figure enters, carrying some sort of bundle under their arm. The bundle is thrown at the sitting creature and a voice echos across the cave from the newcomer. “We’re going into town. Get dressed.” a woman’s voice states harshly. The creature stirs and examines the bundle dispassionately, “But why?” The woman scoffs, “Just come on.”

The creature seems to brighten suddenly, “Are we going to eat?” It begins to salivate heavily. The woman pauses and seems to consider something before grudgingly answering, “…eat first, then.” The creature leaps to its feet and heads to another opening in the cave. This area is dominated by a large pen, like one that would be seen enclosing cattle. However, in the center, there are instead people of various ages and genders sitting around, staring into the darkness with glazed-over eyes. The creature climbs over the fence and grabs the nearest person.

As easily as breaking a twig, it breaks the person’s neck in half and begins to rip chunks out of its prey, occasionally pausing to lick its lips and sigh in contentment. While the creature rips another limb off of the body, the woman leans against the doorway impatiently. From the dim lighting of the cave, only the shape of her ANBU mask is visible.


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