Naruto D20

S4: Episode 4 - The Fish Room

Yasei awakes from her induced coma feeling happy and refreshed; its not every day one gets to ride on dinosaurs. Utterly starved, she walks downstairs for breakfast and, when asked what she wants, replies a meat tornado. The waitress appears confused, but walks off to the kitchens regardless. She enters the swinging doors and tells a busy Kai a customer wants a “meat tornado.” He sighs, “its the Hyuga, isn’t it?” She nods and he goes to a side room to prepare. When the waitress returns to Yasei, she is led to a room which is filled with a variety of cooked meats. When she closes the door, the meat spins up into a tornado and Yasei flies around cackling madly.

Kane is just sitting down to breakfast when he notices a blood and meat-soaked Hyuga walking out of a room, immensely satisfied. He recognizes her as one of Arashi‘s squad members and walks over to say hey. Yasei sees a stereotypical ninja approaching and waving; this has happened a lot since she won the Chuunin exams. She hitches her face into a smile and says, "Heyyyyyyy bud…sorry, I don’t have a pen on me at the moment," Kane shakes his head, “But its me, from the Forest Nation?” [Yasei gets to reroll a wisdom check] “Oh right! You’re—” [flashback to his entire squad getting murdered] —you’re ping pong guy!" They nod together and sit down.

“So, what have you been up to?” asks Yasei.
“I’m actually the bodyguard of ”/characters/npc-lord-shinamori" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Shinamori; you met him, I think, when you took over that castle for him?"
“Oh yes of course, I’m supposed to meet him today.”
Kane pauses, “Oh? I thought we would be meeting Arashi today.”
“Oh, Arashi is busy on the front lines, so the Kage sent me in his stead.”
“Right, well its getting close to the meeting time, so I’d better go find my lord.”

“Right. And I’ll…” Yasei looks down at her blood-stained clothes, “clean up…before the meating.” They chuckle and part ways. Once Yasei has her clothes cleaned off, she makes her way to the fish room Arashi had told her about, where it is guarded by an intimidating man. He halts her and asks for her paper voucher, which she provides. He tells her to hold her hand out and he slaps it onto her wrist like a slap bracelet. Yasei is allowed to proceed down the glass stairs until she is finally in the fish room.

When she steps off the last glass stair, she feels as though she might fall, but steadies herself. All around her appears to be nothing separating this room from the water, yet what feels like a wall of force keeps her from falling into the water below her. Fish ranging from many different species and sizes swim lazily by the walls of force. The room itself is filled with crystal; crystal tables, crystal chairs, crystal glasses (even the waitresses wear crystal heels). Yasei looks wonderingly at the animals swimming around and notices something larger than normal. She looks around and sees two men with black suits (one with a red tie and one with a blue tie). She goes up to the man with the blue tie since he is Joey “Motherfucking Fish Expert” Kasano and asks about the large animal. He replies that it is a baby leviathan donated by Seiko Heijuro. Yasei wonderingly recalls that the last of the leviathans were supposedly killed by Kase Zetsubo after he put on a suit of waterbreathing armor to fight it on its own turf.

While she waits for Shinamori, she orders the most brutal sounding drink, Dragon’s Blood and sits at a table sipping it from a refilling crystal glass. Elsewhere, Kai is informed that the suspicious Hyuga has taken to the fish room to meet with Lord Shinamori. Curious, he disguises himself as a pretentious rich person, makes an equally pretentious shadow clone and makes his way to the fish room. When he arrives with his voucher, he takes a seat at the table adjacent to Yasei and enters a heated argument with his clone. In a few minutes, Lord Shinamori arrives with Kane and looks around for his meeting companion. Yasei walks over and introduces herself as Arashi’s temporary replacement. Nodding, Shinamori sits down with her and orders himself a drink.

“Now, let us begin.”


S4: Episode 3 - A Meeting in the Promised Land, Part 3

At 6 pm, the kitchens of the Promised Land are absolute chaos. A man with long black hair runs around frantically, occasionally grabbing chakra gems from a large chest in the middle of the room. Numerous cook books are positioned all around the room with shadow clones stationed at each of them. As his left Sharingan activates, Kai Uchiha has a moment to consider once more what has brought him to this point before he must serve up his genjutsu’d meal on a plate. Today is the day that Seiko Heijuro comes to personally challenge him and he must not get a single order wrong. As the orders continue to pile in, the clones are starting to panic.

“He ordered WHAT?” “Find it!” The clones flip hastily through the books before one cries desperately, “I can’t find it in the books!” Kai turns his gaze on the clone, “TSUKIYOMI. You have three days!” This continues for at least twenty minutes; it is much more intense this month, as it appears Seiko is eating twice as fast. Finally, the orders begin to cease and Kai is utterly exhausted. Seiko sticks his head into the kitchen, looks around at the chaos and nods, “Next time…I’ll get you next time.”

Kai slumps to the ground an calls weakly for his assistant, Jenna. She comes in and makes him a terrible dinner, which he enjoys immensely. Just as he has a moment to revel in his success, a uniformed assistant hurries to his side and whispers, “Sir, someone has tried to enter the presidential suite.” Kai is surprised; the Presidential Suite is so outrageously priced that only Seiko Heijuro has been able to afford to stay there. “Who is checking in?” His assistant proceeds to describe a Hyuga with white hair before Kai sighs and stops him, “I’ll take care of it.”

He heaves to his feet and races upstairs, using a key to enter the Presidential Suite. The door opens to reveal an empty 5×5 closet space; Kai closes the door, sits down in the center and activates his Sharingan. A few minutes later, he hears the lock clunk and none other than Yasei opens the door with an expectant expression on her face. Kai immediately Tsukiyomi’s her and catches her as she falls to the ground unconscious. He then throws her into the closet and exits, closing the door behind him. He sighs again as he walks back down the stairs, “What a pain in the ass.”


S4: Episode 2 - A Meeting in the Promised Land, Part 2

At around 6 pm, a Hyuga with white hair wanders into a different dining room almost by accident. After going from a room full of yelling people to a completely silent room consisting of one person, she believes she has found a comfortable medium in this room full of whispering people. Yasei Hyuga stretches wearily; she has until tomorrow to meet with Lord Shinamori and wonders what she is going to do in this snob’s playground. Looking around, she sees that all seats are occupied save for one chair next to a man violently consuming piles of food. In between bites, she notices that he has long black hair with white streaks, is unshaven and is wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. Feeling her stomach grumble in protest, she makes her way over to his table and asks if she can join him.

He nods silently and continues to shovel food into his mouth. Yasei looks around uncertainly, noticing that he appears to be ordering and eating food off of a very long list containing foreign words and (she thinks) nonsense words. She orders ramen from the waitress and the man looks sideways at her. He gestures at the list, “What are you, a bitch?” Challenged, Yasei looks at the new pile of food dropped on the table by another waitress, “Well, I ain’t no bitch.” They eat from the list for a solid twenty minutes until they can no longer eat any more. As they sit back with typical anime stomachs, the man waves over the waitress, “I’ll pay for her and whatever else she buys.” As the waitress walks away, he looks over at Yasei, who is in disbelief, “You remind me of somebody…you’ve got a brutal look in your eye.”

Yasei nods understandingly, “So, what was the deal with that list?” He looks almost frustrated, “I first came here two years ago and they said I could order WHATEVER I wanted. I’ve been coming here every month since then and ordering utter nonsense, but every fucking time, they give me the right thing. Even if I order something fake, I can’t say that its wrong…” He sighs and looks at Yasei…who awkwardly looks back. “K, bye.” he stands up abruptly and leaves the room. Yasei suddenly feels his presence disappear via teleportation.

As she notices the time, she starts to walk towards her room when she realizes that the man said he’d pay for “whatever else she would buy”. She instead goes to the front desk and asks to be upgraded to the presidential suite. The man looks quite confused and asks her to repeat herself; she replies that the man who was just here would cover it. He makes a phone call and almost disbelievingly hands her the presidential suite key. “So, who was that guy anyway?” Yasei asks as she starts to walk away. “Why,” he puffs, “that is Seiko Heijuro, our finest customer.” Yasei shrugs and makes her way to the Presidential Suite.

When she opens the door, she is met with a vast jungle within the room. Directly in front of her is a hammock and a pitcher of lemonade shoved into a sand dune; a perfect breeze drifts through the room and the sun is positioned in a perpetual sunset. She lays in the hammock for awhile and a lemur shows up and curls up on her chest. She notices a dial on a neaby tree which seems to control the temperature. When she lowers it by a single degree, Seiko instantly appears, “Excuse me?” changes it back and teleports away. While she is immensely distressed by the occurrence of teleportation, she suddenly notices a herd of dinosaurs in the distance. She rides on them for hours and has a wonderful time.

When she gets tired, she looks around some more and finds a perfectly ordinary cabin with a bed inside. When she flips the lightswitch, the sun goes away and it is nighttime; night noises fill the cabin and Yasei has probably the fullest night of sleep she’s had since the last month of the time skip.


S4: Episode 1 - A Meeting at the Promised Land, Part 1

In the desolate plains of the Holy Land, an elaborately-dressed lord flanked by two beefy bodyguards walk along confidently; occasionally, the lord will point out a feature in the landscape excitedly to his silent guards. About fifty feet behind them, a ninja wearing a Hidden Forest headband follows stealthily, keeping a close eye on the lord and all surrounding him. Kane was used to these yearly trips into the Holy Land, but had resolved to keep a vigilant watch over his lord at all times.

As they reach an apex in the plains, they were suddenly greeted with the familiar sight of the Promised Land inn, located between the borders of the Searing Wind, Shattered Sky and Fire Nation. As its name implies, it appears as a mirage-like oasis within the plains, a huge complex of buildings meant to be a safe haven for all manners of scheming diplomats; after all, the bar itself guarantees confidentiality above all else. As they enter the bar, Lord Shinamori dismisses Kane to “enjoy the sights” as his services will no longer be needed. (despite the fact that many diplomats gather here on a daily basis, not one has ever been assassinated). The meeting they are to attend will not take place until tomorrow afternoon.

Kane takes to walking around the Japanese-styled gardens, deep in thought. Tomorrow, his master would be conducting his yearly meeting with Arashi Totaro, the same man who had witnessed the death of Kane’s entire squad. Shinamori often met with him to provide information for the Shattered Sky in exchange for “favors” as he called them. As he passes by an elaborate spa, he notices a large amount of wealthy people congregating around very strange rooms, including a room consisting of a man plowing the ground (around which wealthy people pointed and laughed uproariously) and a room completely dark (Kane can only assume that this room is for people pretentious enough to be above the cycles of night and day).

Disgusted by the shameless displays of affluence, Kane instead goes into a room of bored-looking bodyguards gathered around a ping-pong table. As the body guards size him up, he succeeds in an intimidate check as he pulls out his old sensei’s ping-pong paddles and challenges one of them. When one accepts, the game begins with seven balls. Kane misses one and enters challenge-accepted mode. He creates three shadow clones and shadow replicates the six ball coming towards him. As his clones spike the balls towards his opponent, he shadow-binding shiruken’s the opponent and instantly wins.

Masculinity confirmed and irritation slightly abated, Kane triumphantly returns to the bar to eat dinner. In an ambient-lit room with a man playing the piano, Kane sits at the bar and looks around expectantly. In a few seconds, a woman shows up and asks what he would like to eat. Remembering the fanciness of this place, he orders the simplest thing he can think of: water, an eggroll and a bowl of ramen. To his fury, he is served the fanciest-looking ramen he has ever seen; he angrily eats it before retiring to his room for the night.


S3: Episode 26 - Mu, Destroyer of Gods, Part 3


There is a split moment where Yasei is filled with dread as she sees Mu’s chakra pathways blow open from sheer force of will. The next, the entire area is subjected to incredible pressure, much stronger than before. The ice mirrors surrounding Mu crack and shatter, forcing Yasei onto the ground where she is assailed by 800 lbs of pressure. She looks over towards Gunter, who is also lying on the ground; he sadly says, “Mehp” before poofing away. Yasei can feel her very bones trembling under the immense pressure of this jutsu…if she does not do something, she will die. All she can do now, is gamble on a single jutsu.

Meanwhile, Mu approaches Yasei, his broken sword in hand. He points his sword directly above Yasei’s chest and asks, “Any last words before I put you back into your place?” Yasei, with great difficulty, makes a hand seal and manages to yell, “Never underestimate Yasei Hyuga!” With that, the ice charges placed in Mu earlier begin to take affect, rapidly encrusting him with ice. He falls over onto his back, barely conscious and his eyes staring into the sky; the pressure on Yasei is lifted. She slowly gets to her feet and stumbles over to where he lies. The crowd is completely silent.

When Mu sees her approach, he croaks, “Impossible, I am Mu of the Storm…Destroyer of Gods…” Yasei wearily rests her foot on Mu’s chest and leans down towards his face, “I am Nora Yasei, Breaker of Chains. And now you—” she kicks her foot off of his chest, “are simply Mu of the Storm.” As Yasei turns and walks off towards the exit, the crowd goes absolutely ballistic. She can see reporters gathering like wasps outside of the arena exits, but notices Arashi leaning against the wall in the upcoming hallway. “Yasei!” he says, patting her on the shoulder, “You’re a fucking idiot, but good job.” He smiles, “Can’t take a glass of water from me, but damn!” Yasei smiles widely and gives him a hug.

“So, that was quite the political statement in there, Breaker of Chains,” Arashi says, “You wanna deal with those guys” points to reporters “or head home?” Yasei asserts that she’s prefer to go home. Arashi teleports her home only to be surprised by practically the whole village yelling their congratulations. Very elaborately-planned party decorations hang all over the packed house and Yasei is assaulted with hugs and conversation. Overwhelmed, Yasei scans the crowd and finds Tsuru holding a piece of cake for her. “Tsuru,” she asks while jostling others out of her way, “when did you have the time to prepare all of this?” He looks down at her questioningly, “Oh, I set this all up last night before your fight. I knew that you’d win…come to think of it, you didn’t even notice this mornin—” He’s cut off as he nearly has the life squeezed out of him by a teary-eyed Yasei. He smiles warmly and pats her on the head, “Welcome home, Yasei.”


S3: Episode 25 - Mu, Destroyer of Gods, Part 2

“Secret Technique: Demonic Ice Mirror Jutsu!”

Large crystals of ice begin to form and expand around Mu, gradually forming a dome around him. Before the dome completely closes, Gunter dashes into the area and Yasei extends a finger to touch the ice; she instantly melds into a crystal and becomes one with the ice. The crowd is in an uproar; this technique has not been seen since the war ended and many had thought that all knowledge of it had been lost to time. Of course, the stadium is in disarray also due to the fact that they can no longer see any action.

Within the ice mirrors, Gunter takes full advantage of the relatively close quarters by getting in full-attack actions against Mu who is still gathering his bearings. Within the mirrors, Yasei will give him no chance to regain his composure. She draws her soul edges once more, “Ryureiken, Final Stage: Headhunter.” The normally soft blue color of the soul edges dies for a moment before a kind of black flame begins to roll off of the ghostly blades; from the outside of the dome, the people can only see black flame being reflected throughout the mirrors.

Teleporting from mirror to mirror, Yasei utilizes a full-attack action to perform her 64 Cuts jutsu on Mu, succeeding in every attack to implant an ice charge into him. At the end of her turn, she has inflicted massive physical and tenketsu damage upon him. He attempts to use his ultimate gravity jutsu but, to his dismay, realizes that he has acquired too much tenketsu damage to do so. Panicking, he breaks through a nearby mirror and attempts to escape. Yasei teleports to the nearest mirror and gives him a hearty slice before forcing him back into the dome. As Gunter attacks Mu, Yasei reforms the mirror behind him; the intimidate check is over 40. In the distance, Ishiru can be heard screaming, “YEAHHHH CUT HIM!”

Yasei obliges and, once again, hits him with the 64 Cuts jutsu. Mu, staggering and coughing up blood, realizes that he can no longer perform hardly any of his jutsu (172 tenketsu damage will do that). Yasei, watching him closely, speaks with a voice that drifts throughout the mirrors, “Surrender.” Mu becomes enraged, “I will never surrender to someone like you!” he gets to his feet and makes a hand seal, “I’M BETTER THAN YOU!”


S3: Episode 24 - Mu, Destroyer of Gods, Part 1

Yasei wakes up in the morning, already full of dread. All she can think about is Mu’s fight with Zong Hue; fighting this guy would be the equivalent of a death sentence. There’s a knock at the door and Tsuru enters the room with a hearty breakfast prepared on a tray. Noticing the despair pouring off of her in waves, he pats her on the head and assures her that she will undoubtedly win. She smiles halfheartedly as she forces down breakfast.

On her way to the stadium, Yasei is met with an impromptu Shattered Sky parade with people carrying banners and signs, cheering her on. Yukai emerges from the crowd, gives Yasei a hug and tells her to kick Mu’s ass; Ishiru emerges and tells her to bring much honor to her famiry; Arashi and Kai accompany her to the stadium, wishing her luck.

All too soon, Yasei finds herself standing opposite the blood-eyed Mu on a barren field of stone. Desperate to even the odds, the first thing Yasei does is summon a penguin. To her surprise, the high-level dual-wielding penguin, Gunter, appears beside her, swords drawn. He glances over at her, “Mehp.” Yasei is astounded that the penguin elders would so generously send Gunter in her hour of need, but does not complain. She draws her soul edges, activates her Byakugan and charges at Mu at a full sprint. He does nothing during her approach and even seems bored when she gets closer. She attempts to hit him with her 64 cuts, but misses; instantly, she is assailed by his force technique and hits the ground, groaning.

As Mu seems ready to increase the force, Yasei looks around at the stands and is astounded by the support she sees. Zong Hue’s floating swords and Maname’s bugs spell out “Yasei” in the distance. An overexcited Raiku is being accosted by ninja personnel while screaming and shooting lightning into the air. Tsuru holds up a handmade sign while jumping up and down. With so many rooting for her, she could not possibly let them down…what she needed was an ace in the hole…

A man with long white hair and blue eyes stands across from her in the swirling wasteland of snow, his arms crossed. Yasei shivers slightly, but, although she’s never admit it, has grown more used to the hostile environment of the Frost Nation with each passing day. “Why did we come out here anyway?” she asks. The man narrows his eyes, “That sensei of yours brought you here to learn about your heritage and, by god, I’m going to teach you. But Yasei,” he approaches her and puts a hand on her shoulder, “you must only use this technique on someone you’re certain you can kill. No one must know you can use this. Do you understand?” Yasei looks up solemnly at the man and nods, “Yes, father…”

Mu is laughing as Yasei struggles on the ground, “Give up, child, and I will make your death quick.” Yasei grits her teeth as she struggles to make a hand seal, “Not on your life. Secret Technique: Demonic Ice Mirror Jutsu!”


S3: Episode 23 - Chuunin Exams, Part 6

Yasei Hyuga (Shattered Sky) vs. Takashi (Holy Land)

[ice pillar tundra]

The two opponent fight upon a field of ice pillars jutting out from dense snow. In the first round of combat, Takashi throws down a box of seals next to him, but is soon joined by Yasei who has teleported the 145 ft of the ring to get behind him. Before he can react, she enacts her Deceitful Water Movements technique which she used against Tokasa. Takashi does not want any part in this, so avoid away from Yasei when she makes an attack against him. He jumps down onto the ground and throws down another box of seals.

Yasei follows him onto the ground and activates her newfound Hyouma bloodline to burrow through the snow, utilizing tremorsense to find him. She burrows around for a while unsuccessfully before finding him standing atop the ice pillar located in the center of the stadium. While still within the ice, Yasei attempts to have the ice rise up and swallow him, but is thwarted by a wall of force. Tired of burrowing around the problem, Yasei leaps out of the ice and tries to attack him again, only to be blocked by yet another wall of force. Frustrated, Yasei activates her Byakugan and finds that he has erected walls all around him, but neglected to put one above him.

Emblazoned with a new plan, Yasei jumps over Takashi and void palms downwards into the force cage. Takashi takes the hits and, in between her attacks, attempts to cast genjutsu on Yasei. Since her Will save is too damn high, Takashi merely ends up wasting his remaining chakra while Yasei pummels him into submission. Upon realizing this, Takashi surrenders.

Yasei Wins!

As Yasei makes her way back to the stands, she suddenly comes to the realization that she has actually made it to the final round of the Chuunin Exams, which would be held the following day. Any excitement she might have felt at the prospect is drained as she realizes that her opponent is Mu of the Storms, who had essentially crippled Zong Hue.


S3: Episode 22 - Chuunin Exams, Part 5

fights were skipped, but what I wrote down, I will cover. after the recap fights, we will get into the finals

Denmark (Western Kingdoms) vs. Yoko (Storms)

Yoko attempts to try and inflict damage on Denmark through her threads. Denmark says, “Fuck yo ranged attacks,” pulls Yoko to him with the threads and straight up decapitates her with his axe. Zig and Mu are not pleased.

Tezka (Shattered Sky) vs. Cassandra Eisenhart (Western Kingdoms)

Tezka defeats Cassandra (since he does not really use chakra) and makes it into the final bracket, but decided to drop out since he did not really care about winning.

now, onto the finals

Yasei Hyuga (Shattered Sky) vs. Zig (Storms)

[volcano/lava terrain]

Decidedly out of her element and wary of Zig (upset at the loss of his teammate), Yasei feels a bit uneasy. Before the fight begins, Zig asks Yasei to give up; if she does not, he will not hold back. Her pride pricked, Yasei refuses. When the fight begins, she summons a penguin, specifically the penguin located one minute into this video:

And Zig summons two shadow clones. Yasei goes after Zig from one side while the penguin comes in from the other. Zig sends the two shadow clones after the penguin while he fights with Yasei. The clones go to attack the penguin, but he avoids both attacks and poofs both of them with his breath weapon. It proceeds to slide around on the ground saying, “Look at meeeeee you fucking priiiiiiicks!”

Zig looks over and sighs in exasperation. In his fight with Yasei, he has landed a good amount of hits, but she has also hurt him a good bit. He decides to run around and heal himself before getting super serious. When he finally turns to face Yasei again, he hits her on the head, blinding her for two rounds. Sufficiently alarmed, Yasei blindly void palms in Zig’s direction, nearly pushing him off of the platform into the lava. Sliding in like a boss, the penguin also attempts to push him into the lava with a wind technique, but Zig avoids.

With the penguin too far away and Yasei blinded, Zig walks up behind her (apparently worse for wear) and hits her again on the head, paralyzing her. He is about to kick her paralyzed body into the lava when the penguin unleashes an elemental blast attack into the area to disrupt him. Both Zig and Yasei are blasted backwards onto the platforms. When Yasei realizes that the damage from the technique has unparalyzed her, she slowly stands up. Zig also stands, panting heavily; they stare at each other warily for a moment. Yasei charges at Zig and slices into him for non-lethal damage and, as he falls unconscious, stops him from falling into the lava. Exhausted, but supremely happy to be alive, Yasei and the penguin dance around in a circle chanting, “Who da penguin, who da penguin!”

Yasei Wins!

Yasei also fights Koi from the Holy Land and wins. (these sessions took place at absurd hours of the night, so not much info available)


S3: Episode 21 - Chuunin Exams, Part 4

7. Denmark (Western Kingdoms) vs. Zig (Storms)

[urban stone terrain]

The two opponents start out on opposite buildings standing next to differently-colored flags. The crowd instantly begins screaming at them to get the other person’s flag; Zig looks around irritably while Denmark eats up the attention and plays to the crowd. When the fight begins, Zig casts a jutsu on himself and heads towards an empty building. Denmark books it right past Zig and heads to the other end of the arena. As Denmark passes him, Zig looks incredulous and takes the time to form chakra scalpels and lengthen them considerably. As the crowd roars, Denmark jumps to the top of Zig’s building, grabs the flag and waves it around triumphantly. Once the crowd has gotten its fill, Denmark puts the flag in his axe’s holster and jumps down to search for Zig.

After looking around for about a round, Denmark decides to start smashing into buildings to try and find him. Zig, hiding in a building, makes two shadow clones and sends one out and back in to lure Denmark to the building. Instead of going in through the door, Denmark makes a new one with his axe, surprising and irritating Zig to no end. The two clones attack Denmark, but are instantly poofed away by his whirlwind attack. When he comes back into place, Zig hits Denmark’s head from behind. Confused, Denmark takes a blind swing at Zig (which looks like it hurts) and Zig runs up the wall behind him. With just a touch to his head, Zig knocks Denmark unconscious.

The crowd boos and hisses as Zig walks towards the exit without collecting Denmark’s flag. When he reaches the exiting tunnel, he looks up at the arena designer, Tao Kokaro to make the tunnel to exit. Tao shakes his head and points at the flag, “Nah, you gotta get the flag or you can fight the crowd.” Zig sighs heavily, goes to get the flag and is finally allowed to exit through the tunnel.

Zig Wins!

8. Zong Hue (Western Kingdoms) vs. Mu (Storms)

[grassy plains]

Before the fight, Zong Hue adjusts his armor and Mu pulls out contacts from his eyes, revealing his blood-red retinas. When it begins, Zong Hue makes a complicated hand seal and eight swords appear around him. Mu makes a hand seal and all of the grass around him is pressed into the ground with great force; as he moves forward slowly, all around him continues to be smothered. Zong Hue directs his swords to dance around Mu; before he can inflict any damage, Mu nears closer to Zong Hue and gestures upwards, hurling Zong Hue 110 ft into the air. When Mu gestures downwards, Zong Hue is slammed into the ground, his armor cracked and body bleeding. He struggles to get to his feet, but appears to be under a great deal of pressure.

Instead, Zong Hue makes a hand seal and his eight swords meld into one behind Mu; with a motion, they charge Mu from behind and get in a solid hit. Angered, Mu makes a very slow hand seal (provoking another attack of opportunity from the sword) and causes the sword to fall to the ground. From the ground, Zong Hue sighs and makes another hand seal. The large sword turns into tiny small swords surrounding Mu; Zong Hue files up 100 ft into the air with a wind technique. Mu pulls out a sword, points it upwards and causes a gout of flame to burst towards Zong Hue, who takes even more damage. Blood drips to the ground from Zong Hue’s mouth while he directs his blades to swarm Mu and flies upwards another 100 ft.

Mu looks at Zong Hue’s height and at his sword. Looking immensely frustrated, he throws the sword to the ground and begins to walk out of the arena. The proctor asks, “Do you surrender?” Mu does not look back, but angrily replies, “Yes!” before leaving. 200 ft in the air, Zong Hue hears of his victory, passes out and falls to the ground. He is greatly injured and, it is said, will be incapacitated for the rest of the exams.

Zong Hue Wins!



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