Naruto D20

S4: Episode 14 - Kitan the Butcher: The Battlefield Burns On

Kai slams open the door to Team Hasuchi‘s location with all his might and take a second to survey the situation. The Kage’s grandson Ryu lies broken and bleeding out in a slew of wires in the corner while Hasuchi is bleeding, but alive with her head under the foot of the only standing person in the room. Kai charges with a Meteor Thrust at the large green-haired man carrying an unbelievably large cleaver on his back. As he charges with Wuko at his side, he recognizes the man as Kitan the Butcher of the Eastern Kingdoms; a notorious fighter, self-proclaimed mind-reader and survivor of the brutal 30 year war, he was a foe to be reckoned with. Although he was already bleeding heavily, Kitan easily avoids Kai’s attack and proceeds to mock him within Kai’s mind; as Wuko attacks, he exclaims that he’s always wanted the executioner’s blade and will be happy to take it off their hands.

Not long after this exchange, Yasei arrives and immediately rushes to stabilize the dying Ryu. Noticing Yasei’s arrival, Kai triumphantly states in his mind, “Now it is time for me to reveal my ultimate technique!” “Oh yeah?” Kitan is interested in his next move. “Yes, you had might as well give up now that I have activated…the Tsukiyomi!” Kai activates his technique and Kitan closes his eyes in response. “I’ll get you yet!” Kai says lying in wait. Once Yasei finishes stabilizing Ryu, she aims to assist Kai by throwing up some water with a jutsu and attempting to freeze it into a mirror. Kitan, sensing this strategy within Yasei’s mind, responds by making a water dragon out of it to attack her, which she avoids.

Within the chaos, Squad A-1 arrives to assist, bringing news that the operation must come to a close swiftly if the plan was to be successful. It appears as though Kitan cannot read their minds, however, and has reached his limit. Yasei and Kane look away from the action and Kitan is forced to open his eyes to survive an attack from Kai. As he holds up his cleaver to avoid, a clone of Kai appears in his vision, smirking, “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Days of Tsukiyomi torture, ice, shiruken and previous injuries from the fight weigh heavily on Kitan as the onslaught continues. Eventually, he is beaten to the ground unconscious. Before Kane’s clone kills him, he picks up Kitan’s cleaver and is filled with intense knowledge as the sword binds to him. Again, pressed for time, the squads high-tail it out of there, detonating the charges as they go.

Within the day of their arrival, the tide of battle had been effectively turned and 2,000 people had been killed at their hands. As the squads return back to base and the screams of soldiers fill the air, Kai and Yasei notice Arashi sitting on the fortifications, surveying the fiery inferno so intently that he could be mistaken for a statue.


S4: Episode 13 - The Mighty Wind Ogre: A Sensei and Her Students

“One Thousand Blades Jutsu!”

Yabiwatsu flickers forward and makes deep cuts all over Kane whose blood splatters across the floor. Kai, noticing the turn of the battle, sighs heavily and enters the stance he swore to never use again after the Chuunin exams. “KANE, FUCKING MOVE.” he yells as he begins to rise into the air. Yasei looks over her shoulder and in a typical anime fashion exclaims, “That jutsu…!” The following sound clip ensues as Kai charges at Yabiwatsu:

As she’s afflicted with so much fire damage, Yasei activates the previously implanted ice charges; Yabiwatsu is not looking very good. In desperation, she looks over at her remaining genin and yells at her to run. Kai, Kane and Yasei all try to catch her before she leaves the door, but Yabiwatsu shunpo’s to its entrance defensively, action readied to fuck up anyone who comes near. Before she can leave, Kane lands a soul-imbued shiruken on the girl’s shoulder; he can tell where she is going.

Frustrated, Kai Meteor Thrusts Yabiwatsu unconscious to get her out of their way. Yasei rushes outside and finds the girl with her telescopic eye, fleeing for her life through the woods. Soundlessly, she teleports onto the branch adjacent to her and boops her on the head; she crumbles, paralyzed. Meanwhile in the warehouse, Kai takes the executioner’s blade from Wuko and is heading to decapitate the unconscious Yabiwatsu. He is stopped at the last minute by Kane, who protests that she could have useful intel. Kai looks disappointed from losing a pair of Kerrigan eyes, “Fiiiiine.” Instead, they cut off Yabiwatsu’s hands and tie her up along with her retrieved genin.

Kane reports in with the headset regarding their success, but hears bad news from another squad. Hasuchi Usagi‘s squad had successfully planted the explosives, but Hasuchi and Ryu, the Kage’s grandson, had been taken captive by the jonin there. Team Kai, Kane and Yasei are faced with the choice of blowing them up to get more soldier casualties or saving them and allowing the samurai soldiers time to escape. As Yasei considers the repercussions of allowing enemy forces to retreat, Kai speaks up, “I can take care of them, I’m not apart of the village.” He instantly leaves the warehouse in the direction of the other camp. Yasei, dumbfounded and frustrated looks at Kai, the prisoners and Kane, “Take care of them.” She too, disappears into the darkness.

Kane is left with two unconscious women and the other squad squabbling for information in the earpiece. He sighs and makes two shadow clones, “I didn’t sign up for this shit.”


S4: Episode 12 - The Mighty Wind Ogre: A Hunter and Her Prey

Squad Five warily approaches a shoddy metal warehouse on the far edge of the samurai’s camp. Noticing only one conspicuous entrance, Yasei activates her Telescopic Eye to survey the situation; all inside appeared to be oblivious to the incoming attack. Banking on the element of surprise, Yasei throws open the door and charges directly at Yabiwatsu as Kane draws his shiruken and Kai makes a summoning hand seal. In a puff of smoke, Wuko-Sun appears wielding the Executioner’s Blade [which had been mysteriously stolen from Arashi’s super-secret underground lair after the death of Saigo Uchiha]. Kai activates his Sharingan and faces the group of genin in the corner while Yasei and Kane face off against Yabiwatsu.

As soon as Yasei entered the room, Yabiwatsu had activated a Kerrigan ocular jutsu and spent the first few rounds of combat avoiding attacks and intently watching Yasei’s movements. As the battle progresses, Yasei finds it harder and harder to land her attacks while Yabiwatsu slowly gains the advantage. Meanwhile, Kai spends his first round against the genin casting a genjutsu which causes two out of the three to fall unconscious. Kai coup de grace’s one while Wuko does the same with the other; the remaining squad member runs off to the other side of the room in a panic.

The longer Yasei fights against the Wind Ogre, the more harrowing the fight becomes; all hits she sustains hurt ten times what they usually should. Despite her best efforts, she is being backed into a corner; however, this is when she fights the best. Yasei activates the final stage of the Ryureiken and prepares to perform her newly-developed jutsu, One Hundred Cuts. In a flash she disappears and begins to teleport around Yabiwatsu, making one hundred cuts into her chakra points and implanting ice charges at every opportunity before teleporting back to her beginning stance. Kai, looking on from afar, starts to cheer on Yasei since her movements were too fast for his Sharingan to track. Yabiwatsu sways on her feet and coughs some blood onto the ground. She looks over to see two of her students decapitated and the other terrified; the Wind Ogre’s face hardens and she turns towards Kane in an all too familiar stance.

“One Thousand Blades Jutsu!”


S4: Episode 11 - News of an Ominous Opponent Ahead!

As Squad Five returns to headquarters after hours of fighting, they come across Hasuchi Usagi and Aki Waru arguing over whose group should take down the furthest trebuchet target. Utterly frustrated by Aki’s insistence, Hasuchi appears to back down. “Thank you for taking the high ground Hasuchi,” Kai pats her on the shoulder, “Aki’s a little bitch.” One of Hasuchi’s genin, Ryu Taifu laughs as Aki glares daggers at Kai. With that bitch Aki put back in her place, the rest of the deliberation goes by fairly quickly and the teams depart to their chosen objectives with a large box of explosives.

Upon approaching their camp, Squad Five notices a shift of guards patrolling the perimeter. As one samurai guard passes by the shadows, Kai Tsukiyomi’s him while Kane hengei’s and takes the guard’s place with four explosives hidden in his sleeves. Meanwhile in the tsukiyomi, the samurai Goshiru’s steadfast resolve to not tell Kai anything slowly dissolves as he is subject to varying degrees of torture. After six hours of having his skin walk off and play peekaboo with him, Goshiru begs Kai to stop, “I wil tell you-eru!”

Goshiru reveals important details about guard detail shifts and firework alarm systems which Kane uses to maneuver the camp and plant the charges without being detected or suspected. Goshiru also reveals the identity of the jonin that Squad Five will be facing: none other than Yabiwatsu, the Wind Ogre. A very powerful Searing Wind ninja, she favors using a wind sword which can extend and distend at her will and specializes in hitting vital points in melee; accompanying her are three genin who failed to pass the Chuunin survival exam.

Unsettled by this new information, yet thoroughly unsurprised about the Shattered Sky’s incompetence in gathering intel, Kai ends his interrogation and Yasei slits Goshiru’s throat before a sound can be made. Kane makes a shadow clone to keep impersonating Goshiru while the rest of the squad hurries to the location of the Wind Ogre.


S4: Episode 10 - Kai Returns to Duty: The Joys of Killing Plebeians!

Kai, Kane and Yasei arrive at the Western fort within the day. The stone fort, covered in metal reinforcements, is surrounded by constant battles; in the distance, Kai and Yasei see a distinctive blast of lighting touch down in the middle of some troops. They enter the fort and ask for the commanding officer. They are immediately taken into a room and find themselves surrounded by yelling advisers. One of them looks up hopefully at Yasei when they enter the room [don’t recognize the others], “Ah, you’re here! Did you bring others?” “No, it will just be us for now,” she replies. The advisers begin to yell again in frustration and the group begins to tuen them out. When one even suggests a tactical retreat, Kai jolts back to the discussion, “Well, that sounds like a bitch move.” Yasei nods sagely, “I agree.” The advisers look more frustrated, “So what else can we do?!” Kai has grown tired of the situation and begins walking out of the door, “Okay, so we’re gonna go take back those trebuchets the enemy stole while you guys keep bitching.” Before they can respond, the door is closed and they leave.

On their way out, they accidentally run into that bitch Aki Waru‘s squad; they seem very confused to see Kai here, but he leaves so quickly they do not have time to act. The group goes to the battlefield where they saw lightning earlier to find Arashi since clearly nobody knew what was going on. He seems happy to see us, and surprised to see Kai, although he looks dead tired at the same time. Arashi reveals that he has a plan on how to retake the trebuchets and accompanies them to the war room to discuss it. On the way, Kai gives Arashi a forged document to give people saying that Kai had been pardoned until the Kage delivered on official legislation. They pass Squad 1 again and flash the paper once more. As a conversational topic, Yasei asks if Arashi has ever heard of Seiko Heijuro. “WHAT!” he turns to face her, “WHERE IS HE?!” "Oh, I ate dinner with him at Kai’s bar." “Yeah,” Kai chips in, “he eats there all the time.” Arashi is utterly flabbergasted, “I-I can’t believe it…we’ll discuss this later! I must find him…”

In the war room, Arashi delineates his plan: Squad A-1, A-5 and the new Squad B-1, led by Hasuchi Usagi, will each infiltrate an enemy camp surrounding one of the three trebuchets and plant explosives without being seen. Afterwards, the squad is to defeat a squad of jonin and genin at the trebuchet and then set off the explosives. The intel given suggests that the jonin are not very high ranking and headsets are passed out to be used in the event of a problem. It is decided that Kane, Kyokan and Hasuchi will be the communicating parties. The plan would begin at 8 pm; all squads are to report back five hours beforehand to rest up.

Until then, Kai prepared delicious food to raise soldier morale and then joined Yasei and Kane in killing as many plebeians as possible before 3 pm. As three o’clock rolled along, the squads returned to the barracks to solidify the plan.


S4: Episode 9 - An Impending Invasion: Mobilizing the Shattered Sky!

Yasei leads Kai and Kane towards the Holy Land ninja who appears to be taking a break. “Sensei, we have some information for you regarding the situation.” She looks up questioningly and Kai explains the information and requests transport due to the alliance the Holy Land shares with the Shattered Sky. Yasei’s sensei sighs heavily and assents. She stands up and makes some hand seals; a large mud wall emerges in front of the bar and she orders her troops to keep fires going along the border. She then grabs all three of them and teleports them to the outskirts of the Shattered Sky.

Realizing that he would be instantly killed if he approached the Kage, Kai has Yasei go to the capital with the intent of bringing him back to the woods to speak with him. Yasei sprints to the capital and find that being careful with words is not her strong suit; her plea for him to listen to an information broker alone ended up sounding more like a threat. Instead, he gives her a hawk to relay information back and forth. When Yasei returns, Kai takes a piece of paper and writes, “Its Kai, come here.” A message returns saying, “I’ll be right there.”

The Kage arrives 20 minutes later in a gust of wind and Kai immediately tells him about the situation via his Tsukiyomi. The Kage meditates on this information for a bit before deciding to send all three of us into the field, including Kai, to defend the Shattered Sky from invasion. Kai, Kane and Yasei are to be sent to Arashi’s position to hold the area until the Searing Wind conducts their attack on the North. At that time, they would be teleported there with Arashi so that Arashi can fight the Kage.

Before they depart for the Western fortress, the Kage stops Kai, “Thank you for this information, Kai. Without it we would have undoubtedly lost this fight. You truly are your father’s son.” Kai asserts that he only got involved to protect his bar and his brother. Grumbling, he signals Yasei and Kane to follow him back to Yasei’s sensei for teleportation. The Kage halfheartedly smiles before turning back into a gust of wind.


S4: Episode 8 - Incoming Troops! A Match for the Ultimate Combination Jutsu?

An alarm blares and word travels that an army from the Searing Wind Nation is approaching with the intent of going through the bar into the Shattered Sky! Kai, Kane and Yasei immediately head outside of the wall to face the force of 30,000 troops along with a few of Kai’s people. Kai loudly requests that they back off from his establishment, but the troops ignore him. Yasei and Kai nod briefly at each other and Yasei begins to create a giant ice mirror in the air with its face directed towards the troops. Kai looks upwards into the mirror and activates his Tsukiyomi.

Instantly, 1,750 people fall to the ground. Kai takes his time torturing as many as possible to discover why the Searing Wind was invading the Holy Land. A second later, three jonin remain standing among the bodies, extremely confused. Kai turns back to face them, yelling “Retreat or die!” It appears as though the jonin recognized him as they furiously began to tell their troops to retreat. Soon afterwards, the troops pull out cannons and point them in the direction opposite of the bar, towards the Fire Nation. Around this time, Yasei flinches as an overwhelming presence appears out of nowhere teleporting Holy Land troops into the area. As the presence continues to appear and disappear with more troops, Icarus makes a few hand seals and touches the ground where the unconscious soldier bodies lay. A small ball of white light falls from the sky and explodes on the ground rapidly spreading as a huge ball of flame; Icarus kneels before the inferno and prays.

Meanwhile, Kai is dwelling on the information he discovered from his Tsukiyomi torture; it appears as though this troop movement was the prelude to a larger attack and meant to serve as a distraction as the troops were not ordered to move past this point. The Western area of the Shattered Sky where Arashi is stationed is being attacked by a force of 200,000 soldiers from a larger attacking force including the Eastern Kingdoms, Swirling Mists and Land of Storms along with the Searing Wind. In a few days, the Kage of the Searing Wind, Kyofu Toppa intends on invading from the north while the troops are concentrated elsewhere. The intent of the operation is to claim the northern area of the Shattered Sky for a trade route between the Eastern Kingdoms and the Searing Wind. Kai shares this information with Yasei; unfortunately, Lord Shinamori’s information had been revealed a bit too late.

“We must inform the Kage of the Shattered Sky,” Kai says, “but a messenger hawk will arrive too late.” Yasei looks apprehensively towards the Holy Land troops where the woman mentioned in the interview [previous Adventure Log post] appeared to be finished teleporting, “We’ll have to ask her.” “Who is that, anyway?” Kane asks. “…my sensei.” Yasei replies, walking towards her.


S4: Episode 7 - The King's Gift

Kai leads Kane and Yasei into a piano room full of guests. Upon seeing Kai enter the room, the bartenders begin to escort people out; once everyone has left, the piano slides aside revealing a large staircase into a type of barrack. As they descend the stairs, Kane and Yasei enter a large conference room containing a map of the world covered in pictures and strings. Also in the conference room, they find the long-absent Icarus praying in the corner.

Kai explains that Icarus has had the greater hatred of Greed in himself since he was born and might know more about what the King was doing here. After explaining the situation to Icarus, he solemnly nods, “Ah yes, I have a ritual which may help me discover what it is he has done.” He leads the group to a large empty room filled with candles and tells Yasei to sit in front of him. Slightly nervous, Yasei asks him what the ritual entails. “I’m essentially going to burn you alive,” Icarus responds, “It is a purification ritual.”

Yasei sits down in front of Icarus, figuring that knowing was half the battle and instantly regrets her descision as Icarus puts his hands on her shoulders. White flames spring from Icarus’s hands and spiral and engulf Yasei; she screams like a bitch as the fire seems to burn her down to the very skeleton. After a minute of this, her flesh appears to grow back and the fire diminishes. Yasei manages to stay conscious as Icarus examines her vision gate. “It appears as though the demon has placed a piece of himself within your vision gate,” Icarus informs her, “he would likely only do this if he was concerned about his well-being in the body he currently possesses.” “Well fuck.” Yasei contacts Arashi via the ring and relates the story. “Hmm, you should talk to ”/characters/group-2-sensei-tao-kokaro" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tao," Arashi says, “he’s great at suppressing demons. Or maybe look around for a spiritual shama—” he cuts off for a moment before hurridly adding, “Gotta go!”

While relating Arashi’s rudeness to Kai and walking out of the ritual room, the group bumps into a young woman who appeared to have been concerned about the screaming woman in the room. She smiles as she sees Kai, but it drastically fades into suspicion as Yasei comes into view. Kai laughs nervously, “Jenna! These are some old…associates of mine—” “You two look close,” she says looking accusingly at Yasei. “Oh yes,” Yasei nods, “I’m Kai’s friend.” Jenna huffs, “Well, I’m Kai’s best friend.” Yasei laughs uncontrollably for a moment, “Nah.” She turns to face Kai with her arms crossed angrily, “Well! Which of us do you like more?!” Kai looks around desperately searching for words, “Uh, uh, uhhhh,” and uses a jutsu to turn into mist. Yasei watches excitedly, “Hey, I can do that!” and also turns into mist.

Kane, who doesn’t know that jutsu, is left with a fuming Jenna who turns on him instantly, “Well who are YOU?” “I’m Kane…I’m a bodyguard.” She softens a bit, “Oh, well nice to meet you, I’m Jenna.” They shake hands and she puffs up, “I just happened to graduate from the most prestigious medical academy in Avelon,” and looks at him expectantly. Kane takes a long look at his hands, “I can make lightning from my hands.” Uncomfortable silence ensues until it is interrupted by a blaring alarm.

Troops have been spotted coming towards the bar!


S4: Episode 6 - An Unexpected Appearance: Squad Five Reunited

And, as quickly as it was brought on, Yasei’s silence ends. She flips the table while standing up and yelling, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” The guards standing by the doorway stiffen and appear to begin making handseals before Kai raises up his hand. The guards stand down at return to their posts. “Calm down,” Kai tells Yasei, “I own the place.” When she does not seem to be able to calm down, he sighs and casts the Tsukiyomi on her for the second time that day.

In the strange landscape of Kai’s mind, he tells Yasei the truth about his “betrayal” to the Shattered Sky. He was asked by his own father to assassinate him as part of a political plot to protect the Shattered Sky from dissent threatening to tear the nation apart. Only the present Kage, an old friend of Saigo’s, and Kai knew about the plot; even Kyo was informed. After killing his father and activating his Mangyekyo Sharingan, Kai spent the past few years in hiding, eventually opening the Promised Land as a front for gathering information regarding demons.

Kai abruptly leaves the Tsukiyomi to speak with Lord Shinamori, leaving Yasei to ponder over the implications of Kai’s actions. After hearing the truth, Shinamori offers his services to Kai and reveals to the two of them that Uuzu Uchiha now has three impossibly old sons, two of which look just like him and one with bright blue hair. Kai sits back in his chair, considering the new information. “Shinamori, please, if you could, keep an ear out for information regarding demons. I believe Uuzu is collecting them and implanting them into children.” Shinamori is shocked, but agrees to do so. He departs soon after.

Yasei and Kai shoot the shit about what they’ve been up to. To Yasei anger, Kai reveals that he had accidentally run into Arashi during his stint in the Crashing Waves nation (of course, at a candy store). “That bitch never told me anything!” she protests. He also informs Yasei that the sacred weapons they received from Arashi could only kill lesser hatreds, running a hand over the terrible scar running across his face as he said so. Yasei, remembering Kai’s new specialization, asks him about what the King put into her during that one time skip; upon activating his Sharingan, Kai sees an insignificant block in her vision producing chakra.

“I can’t really tell what it is, but I know someone who would. Follow me.”


S4: Episode 5 - A Secret Plot Uncovered?!

Lord Shinamori leans back in his seat, sipping at a drink with a live fish swimming around in it, “I have some information which might be worth a favor or two from the Shattered Sky.” Yasei, remembering the bundles given to her as payment for his information, nods and indicates for him to continue.

note: if you’re attempting to make sense of this, it would be helpful to pull up the world map in another tab

“As I’m sure you know, the Forest Nation has been having a bit of a problem with the Swirling Mist as of late. While we are allied with them, we are also allied with the Western Kingdoms; unfortunately, the Swirling Mist is allied with the Western Kingdom’s nemesis, the Eastern Kingdoms as well as the Land of Storms. Recently, the Searing Wind, an ally of the Western Kingdoms, has decided to attack the Swirling Mist with the intent of creating a way to move troops between the two nations. Thus, the Swirling Mist has been requesting our aid to fight back against the Searing Wind.

While we are, of course, interested in upholding our alliance with the Swirling Mist, the fact remains that our resources are spread thin and we must keep our borders strong against the Land of Shadow. Not only this, but a pathway which benefits the Western Kingdoms could potentially benefit the Forest Nation. But, this is all common knowledge. On to the information I have for you.

I have informants in the in the Eastern Kingdoms who have very recently seen a Searing Wind force of 50,000 soldiers occupying parts of the Eastern Kingdoms. Clearly, they are not reinforcements for the Swirling Mist as they are not attempting to attack the Western Kingdoms, yet they remain stationary so it is to be assumed that they are waiting for something. I would also like to point out that the Searing Wind has recently been pulling out troops from the Holy Land conflict and receiving more reinforcements from the Land of Storms."

Shinamori leans forward in his chair, “It appears as though all of the nations around the Shattered Sky are preparing for something big; I would consider that to be quite valuable information, wouldn’t you?” Yasei, alarmed by this new information, agrees heartily and gives Shinamori four out of the five envelopes she was given as payment. Satisfied, he stows away the envelopes in his robes and the two begin to talk about other current events. Apparently, the Vesuvian Isles have a super strong navy which has effectively landlocked the Shadow Nation and saved the Hidden Plains from total annihilation; for the moment. There is also talk of a sea monster roaming the oceans there which, for some reason, exclusively attacks Shadow Nation ships.

Yasei gets to talking about the potential sequel for the award-winning classic “Super Mega Ninja Assassin.” “Oh yeah, its gonna be huge, I’m thinking ‘Ultimate Ultra Ninja Assassin, Go!’” she looks down suddenly, “but it won’t be the same without the original cast.” Shinamori nods, “Ah yes, with ”/characters/player-sensei-arashi-totaro" class=“wiki-content-link”>Arashi subject to that dick’s control and Kai being a rogue ninja, that’s most of the cast. Fear not, I’m sure the next Magnificant Ninja Scout movie will be a raging success." The, up until now, violent argument going on at the table adjacent ceases.

“But of course,” Shinamori continues, “I would be happy to provide marketing for the upcoming sequel. Perhaps instead of Kai hengei’d as the leading role, we could get the original lead actor of the movie; I hear that he’s fully recovered from his stint at the sanitarium.” The tinkling of broken crystal sounds from the adjacent table and a waitress dutifully replaces the fragments with a new glass. Yasei sighs, “We just might have to do that. Although, if Kai found out, he would probably do something rash.”

They are suddenly joined by a man with long dark hair, golden-hued eyes and a large gash across his face, “I apologize for butting in, but I can’t stand having people talk about me behind my back.” Lord Shinamori’s eyes widen in surprise and Kane readies himself for whatever may come next. Yasei, suddenly sitting next to the friend she hasn’t seen for three years, can do nothing at first but stare in disbelief.



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