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S5: Episode 3 - The Blue Cardinal Makes an Offer

It is not long before everybody is appreciatively consuming Kai‘s cooking. Raiku Totoro in particular has an expression of severely repressed envy as he savors the delicious dumplings. Sayuri nudges Kai in the arm, “So where did you learn to cook anyway?” “Ah, I worked in a restaurant for awhile.” “Where?” “This place near the Holy Land…I was understandably retired for a bit there.” Lord Shinamori is utterly ecstatic, "Kai, you wouldn’t happen to be looking for a job, would you? We could use a cook like you around here!" In response, Kai activates his Mangyekyo Sharingan and gives Shinamori a shadow clone scroll to cook for them whenever they want.

At Yasei‘s side of the table, she asks Zig what the Hikari’‘s, and Shinamori’s, goals are. “Well, overall, the eradication of all evil, I suppose. Right now we’re concerned with eradicating the Court of Seven Shadows and then afterwards…” he shrugs, “There’s some debate over whether or not we are to consider the Shadow Nation as detrimental to the world.” “About the Court of Seven Shadows,” broaches Yasei, “I’ve heard Arashi talk about it, but not much else.” Zig looks over at Shinamori, who nods, “We’re not supposed to tell people about it, but we’ve discovered that its an organization centered in the Shadow Nation which is attempting to get together a bunch of jinchuriki for some reason.” Yasei asks him about the Hyuga woman and he seems to realize that Kai hasn’t told her yet. He awkwardly avoids Yasei’s questions and defers more detailed explanations to Soisne. Yasei looks over at the woman meticulously picking the meat out of the dumplings and decides to ask elsewhere.

Once dinner concludes, Lord Shinamori bids everyone a good evening until tomorrow morning and on the side tells Kai that he will have him summoned to his office later. Sayuri and Kai begin heading to the pool and Kai stops to invite Kyo to come with. When the reach the pool, Sayuri splashes around like a child and Kai attempts to push Kyo into the water. Kyo immediately activates his Sharingan and backflips across the water before stopping at the edge. He very slowly enters the pool by himself.

Meanwhile, in Yasei’s room, she hears a pecking on the door. She opens it up to find a cardinal sitting on the ground with a blue golden chain around its small neck. It clasps a red haori in its beak; without much pause, it hops into her room and lies the haori on the ground. Yasei looks at the bird questioningly, “Can I…help you?” Unexpectedly, the bird speaks up in an irritated tone, “Well, either take it or not. Kai refused our offer and said to give it to you.” Yasei considers the Hikari’s vast information [especially
regarding the Court of Seven Shadows] and seemingly noble goal and agrees to join. The bird makes a few odd-looking hand seals and hands her a golden cage necklace with a ball of red energy in it. “I suppose I’ll see you at the meeting tomorrow then,” the bird says, “be sure to bring your apparel.” With that, he flies off. Yasei, suddenly questioning her sanity, goes to the Hikari wing to talk to Zig.

She finds a Black-painted door and knocks; Zig calls for her to enter. The inside of his room looks like a freshly-renovated library with historical fiction books strewn about the floor. “What’s up?” he asks, shuffling through a few volumes. “So, a bird just came to my door and asked me to join the Hikari. I was just wondering if you could confirm whether or not that’s legitimate.” “Oh yeah, that’s Kevin, he’s blue. Only some member actually acknowledge his existence…I think they just like to troll new members about it.” “Oh, alright then. Just making sure I’m not losing it.” “Feel free to borrow any books here, by the way,” Zig offers. Yasei picks out an autobiographical account of Kira, Slayer of Fate, a swordsman she had admired in the past. She exits Zig’s room and sits by the pool to read while watching her friends in the pool.

Noticing Yasei’s presence, Kai leans against the edge of the pool, “So Yasei, I was sort of waiting to tell you until we weren’t in immediate danger so you wouldn’t freak out and die, buuut…that Hyuga we fought is your sister.” Yasei is dumbfounded, “…what?? How did you find out?!” “Zig told me.” Yasei begins to stare off into space, “Uhhhhhhh—” Noticing an imminent freak-out, Kai hastily continues, “So, if you’re going to freak out, you should get that out of your system now.” Yasei’s hands get lost in her hair “UHHHHHHHHHH—”

At this moment, Lord Shinamori’s assistant enters the pool area and catches Kai’s attention, “Lord Shinamori will meet you now.” “Aha!” Kai says triumphantly, “Almost as if on time!” He quickly follows the assistant out of the room as Yasei falls back into the pool chair staring up into the skylight, “…I need to talk to my father.”


S5: Episode 2 - Gathering over Dinner: Meeting the Hikari

Arashi quickly notices Yasei trotting after him down the hallway and turns around with an extensive list in hand, “Go be useful and get these ingredients for me.” “But I have questions!” Arashi pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs heavily. “Listen!” Yasei protests, “I just fought a Hyuga ice user who looks exactly like me, so I have some questions!” She explains the encounter and Arashi maintains a barely interested expression, “Yeah, if she was hanging out with Pride, she might be apart of the Court of Seven Shadows.” “That guy was Pride?!” “Oh, yeah, goes by the name of Roy Nobu. But I’ve got nothing on the girl.” he looks up at her expectantly, “Anything else?” Yasei grapples with the fact that her sensei does not, in fact, know all, “…no. I guess I’ll be back with the ingredients—” “Oh, I don’t need those anymore.” Yasei narrows her eyes suspiciously and starts walking back down the hall towards the dining room; Arashi’s door locks audibly behind her.

Meanwhile, Kai and several clones are furiously cooking dumplings in the kitchen when Kyo meekly enters the room. One of Kai’s clones shouts, “Hey Kyo, I need you to hold this pan, come here!” Kyo hesitates and begins working. The two work in relative silence with both of their Sharingan active. Even after they have prepared more than enough dumplings, Kyo continues to get more materials to continue making them. In the middle of everything, a stranger with bright orange hair wanders into the kitchen and looks bowled over, “Is that for us?!” On his chest, he wears a golden cage necklace with the color orange inside.


Kai’s clone assents and he looks unbelievably happy, “You’re the fucking best!” and grabs a plate of dumplings. He fumbles around and offers his hand to a Kai and introduces himself as Lavi. The Kai shakes his hand and gives his name, but Lavi clearly does not pass his knowledge check. He stares at him for a bit and says, “Nice eyes, bro,” noting Kai’s active Mangyekyo Sharingan. Shortly afterwards, Ishiru enters the kitchen sporting a green golden cage necklace, “Oho! Much honor is to be had in cooking! I shall prepare the table!” He notices Kyo in the room and becomes visibly awkward. “Lavi, help me set the table.” “Ehhhh?” Lavi looks at him reluctantly, “But there are so many dumplings here, why not eat them here?” Ishiru drags Lavi out of the room while Kai and Kyo continue making numerous dishes.

Yasei approaches the dining room to find many of the Hikari members curiously peering into the kitchen. As she approaches Zig, he looks very excited, “Someone’s actually making dinner! Usually we just fend for ourselves around here.” “Yeah, Kai’s making dinner, so its going to be fucking delicious,” she informs him. They all enter the dining room and are waiting for food when Yasei notices Soisne enter the room. The former ANBU leader had disappeared from the Shattered Sky upon her dismissal by the new Kage and had been listed as a Missing Nin in Yasei’s bingo book ever since. As Soisne casually sits down to eat, Yasei anxiously notes to avoid talking to her.

Just as Kai’s clones begin to serve dinner, Lord Shinamori enters the room with a large man who has a mysterious doujutsu active and sits at the head of the table. A woman Yasei recognizes as Naizo of the new 7 Shinobi Swordsmen also enters in a yellow haori and sits.


Only two seats remain empty at the end of the table as everybody begins to eat.


S5: Episode 1 - No Going Back: Lord Shinamori's True Ambition

As confusion escalates in the increasingly tiny wooden room, Arashi returns carrying his father Raiku and sister Sutomu. Looking around, appearing to take inventory of everybody, Arashi begins to put seals all over the surrounding walls. Once he is finished, he stands in the center of the room, “I haven’t done this for a while, so if everyone dies, it’s not my fault.” With that, he makes the familiar summoning seal and summons the entire room to a new location. Literally everybody in the room cannot help but vomit. To avoid becoming covered in the stuff, Ketsui, Kesu and Yasei all Divination Whirl, pin-balling the vomit onto non-Hyuga plebeians.

When it appears as though the destination had been reached, Ketsui punches through the wall and it is discovered that they have wound up in Lord Shinamori‘s castle in the Forest Nation. The people start to stumble out of the room, wiping off vomit in disgust and questioning each other regarding this turn of events. In the chaos, Ketsui grabs Arashi’s collar who appeared to be trying to sneak out of the room. “You can’t go back.” she asserts. He tries to reason with her, “I left my favorite pair of socks at home, I’ll be right back.” Her hand remains firmly clenched over his collar. Seeing her resolve, he slumps in defeat, “All those people are going to die…” he murmurs. “You can’t.” she says again.

Their dialogue is interrupted as two people enter the room, each wearing golden cage necklaces with differently-colored balls of force within them. Upon closer inspection, Zig is wearing the black one, Ishiru wears the green one, the newcoming woman has a yellow one. “You must be very confused…” Arashi says, looking around at the people he brought with him, “Lord Shinamori has been tracking down an old ninja organization, the Hikari, and is trying to put it back together…” he looks cynically around the castle, “I assume that’s why he assisted in my escape.” A bird flies in through the window and lands on Arashi’s shoulder, pecking incessantly; it wears a similar necklace with a blue ball of force. Arashi sighs and announces that he had to take his medication before leaving the room.

Kane is sent on an assassination mission by Lord Shinamori. Kai goes to the kitchen to make some food for everybody, but first sends out a clone to ask Kyo for some help. Yasei follows Arashi after a moment, desperately curious to hear what he might know about the Hyuga ice user.


S4: Episode 21 - A Plan Enacted: Escape from the Shattered Sky!

“Lord Shinamori sent me here to kill him,” Zig explains, looking over the blood-spattered ANBU agent, “it seems as thought its time for me to officially part with the Storm nation.” “Whoa, if you think that’s heavy, we just fought some demons in the North.” He describes the encounter and Zig turns to face Kai in surprise, “You fought Pride? I heard he was guarding Yasei’s sister…but I suppose now we know why.” Kai files that information away for a rainy day. Zig continues, “Kai, ou were never meant to be apart of this, but now that you are you can help us. You must find and tell Arashi about this as soon at possible; people will suspect foul play soon enough. You must also find Ketsui and Kesu so we can get them all out of the country. You must get Arashi to leave now; if he does not, they will chain him again.” Kai nods and ends the Tsukiyomi. In the real world, Zig nods at Kai before jumping out of the window.

Yasei and Kane look at him questioningly as Kai pulls out an old ring out of his pocket and slides it on his finger. “Hello?” Kai tests the link. A woman’s voice echos back, “This is Ketsui.” “We need to find Arashi. Its time to leave.” As Ketsui rushes to find Arashi, Yasei is mentally questioning a silent Kai, “Why are we gathering everybody,” while a ring-less Kane questions out loud, “What’s going on, he jumped out of the window.” Soon enough, Arashi’s voice drifts through the mental link, “What’s going on?” Kai takes the lead, “Your ANBU agent is dead! We’ve gotta go! I’m standing over his corpse, come on!” Arashi instantly appears in the room, incredulous, “Oh my god. Wait…” looks at Kai, “You didn’t do this…” looks at Yasei, “You didn’t do this…” It appears as though the situation is dawning on him.

Instantly, he begins to heal everybody in the room up to full hit points. Yasei is frustratingly out of the loop, “Where are we going?!” “Back to the front lines,” Arashi replies, grabbing on to all of them, “Watch out for that tornado!” Suddenly, Kai and Yasei are hit with a debilitating fireball and there are screams all around them. In the distance, a huge tornado tears through the battlefield, unabated now that Arashi has left the fight. They run around trying to find a familiar face when they come across Kagami‘s squad in the midst of battle. As Kagami fights someone, his eyes look off in opposite directions, "What’s going on here?" Arashi grabs his daughter and replies, “Kagami, there’s no time to explain and you don’t care anyway.” Kagami pauses and shrugs in assent. “Kai, are we bringing Kyo?” “Of course.”

Arashi yells for the entire squad of genin to hold onto each other; Kyo stares stock still at Kai, who puts his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder. They are all suddenly in a dark wooden room with Zig and Ketsui’s squad. As Kesuand Ketsui run to hug each other, Yasei, still confused, repeats “Why are we here?” Kane has stopped asking.


S4: Episode 20 - A Mysterious Lone Attacker! What is His Objective?

Team Yasei rushes back to base at top ninja speed to find that the doors have been blown open with unconscious guards strewn about the entrance. Yasei activates her Telescopic Eye and locates an intruder in a trench coat killing people in the messenger hawk room a few floors upwards. The team runs up the walls and jumps into the messenger hawk room windows. Although he’s got his back turned, Kai and Yasei’s doujutsu are being interefered with by a huge amount of vibrating chakra energy.

Both of them sigh and deactivate their doujutsu while Kane is utterly confused, “Sup Zig?” Zig turns around and lowers his chakra scalpels, sighing, “You guys aren’t supposed to be here…both of you are supposed to be in the Holy Land.”


Kai laughs, “You’re an idiot,” draws his Amaterasu blade and charges at Zig. Zig signs heavily, unleashes his chakra presence and hits Kai on the head, blinding him instantly. Kai shoots off a fireball blindly which misses but forces Zig out of the window. However, he appears to use this to his advantage by running up the wall to the floor of officers quarters. Yasei quickly cure’s Kai’s blindness before following Zig upstairs.

They follow Zig’s presence to a room with the door still ajar and find him standing over a dead body. Yasei asks in frustration, “Zig, y u do dis!” “You’ll understand later.” Zig makes to leave, but Kane decides to throw a shiruken at him. In frustration Zig deflects it, “Oh my god, who even are you!” It is at this point that Kai remembers that he has the power to essentially stop time and decides to talk to Zig in his mind. “Now you have plenty of time to explain,” he tells Zig. Zig looks around in confusion, lowers his chakra scalpels and sighs. Using his own memories, he recreates the room in which the dead body is located; in the proper light, it is revealed that the corpse is none other than the ANBU agent holding Arashi’s leash.

Kai looks at the corpse and back at Zig. “WOOOOOOORDDD!”


S4: Episode 19 - The Hyuga from the Hidden Frost: A Crumbling Consciousness

Yasei stares in disbelief as her family and friends draw shards of ice and advance upon her. “Who are you…” she says almost to herself. The woman does not respond, but directs the mirrors forward. Yasei is forced to defend herself against silent versions of her mother and father while Kane fights against himself. Kai, having seen quite enough, decides to go directly for the source. He shoots numerous fireballs at the weakened woman until she falls unconscious and her sword drops to the ground.

As she begins to fall slowly to the ground, a fierce green aura begins to emit around her and the mirror images begin to crack and crumble. Too late, Kai realizes that she could possibly be the host to a Greater Hatred [Envy], but before she can hit the ground, a stranger appears and catches her on his arm where she falls limp. The stranger straightens to reveal a 7 ft. tall blonde man wearing full plate and a huge sword. Everybody on the field freezes, waiting for the next move. Yasei’s eyes flick down towards the ice sword dropped by the woman…this could be the key to finding out more about this mysterious woman who was so very similar to her.

Without wasting another second, Yasei teleports next to the man, grabs the ice sword and begins to run away. The man does nothing at first, apparently dumbfounded that she had the nerve to do so. After assessing the situation, Kai determines that he no longer has enough chakra to at all contribute to the inevitable fight Yasei had instigated; he pulls out some of his remaining chakra and turns into mist. As Yasei continues to run along the bridge, the man carefully draws his sword [as he is still carrying the ice ninja] and quickly closes the distance between them. His sword is directly above Yasei’s head when he pauses abruptly. Yasei chances a look backwards to see that his sword arm has been entirely encased in ice. Relieved yet even more befuddled by the motivations of this woman, Yasei turns into mist and travels back to the wooden temple.

Almost as soon as Yasei arrives back, a messenger hawk from the Shattered Sky base arrives. The three of them unfurl the scroll to discover that their mission has been delayed. They are to return immediately to base as it is under direct attack!


S4: Episode 18 - The Hyuga from the Hidden Frost: A Mirror's Image

Seeing no other way to approach the town, Team Yasei approaches the bridge and soon their way is blocked by the ice user they had heard about. Wearing all black with her hair in a pony tail, she wears a sword whose hilt appears to be made entirely out of ice. Kai notices that she bears an uncanny resemblance to Yasei if her hair was dyed black. As the team approaches, the ice user draws her sword and waves it over her head; a huge ice tunnel is created out of nowhere and a large mist hangs about the area. Kai detects a demonic presence and takes a second to infiltrate the woman’s spirit mind.

Within her mind, Kai finds a darkened room containing a single mirror; when he faces himself in the mirror, his reflection moves around uncomfortably, “Why are you here?” “Simply looking for a diplomatic solution to this conflict,” Kai offers. His reflection appears to consider his statement, “We’ll let you cross the bridge if you give us your eyes. They are…quite nice.” “Well, I don’t know about that,” Kai is about to make another offer when the woman appears from behind the mirror. She swiftly covers the mirror with a curtain, “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” And with that, she forces Kai out of her mind.

Back in the real world, Yasei is preparing to battle. She activates her Byakugan and enters stage four of her Ryureiken technique. The woman watches her dispassionately and laughs, “You’re going to have to get more serious than that, Yasei Hyuga.” Yasei grits her teeth and charges at her with soul edges flaring orange behind her. The woman avoids her attack and makes a hand seal, “You’re within range of my 8 Trigrams!” Suddenly, 64 ice needles dart out of the surrounding mist and slice Yasei deeply despite her attempts to avoid. Grunting in frustration, Yasei teleports directly behind the woman and makes a ferocious lunge at her back. The woman does not turn but merely says, “The Byakugan has no blind spots,” before turning into mist and travelling thirty feet above Yasei.

Below, Kai initiates his Ascending Phoenix Technique and begins to rise through the air leaving a trail of blazing fire behind him. The woman manages to avoid Kai’s fiery ascension, but is unable to avoid Yasei’s charge attack pushing her further into the air. Once up in the air a sufficient amount, Yasei Void Palms her back into the ground. Noticing that she’s still moving around, Kai continues rising into the air, burning a hold through the ice arch and readying his Erupting Meteor Fist technique. The familiar theme drifts in the air:

Yasei hears the beginning music and says “Oh shit” before getting the fuck out of there. She escapes just in time as Kai’s fist burns a small crater into the bridge where the woman landed. To their surprise, the woman stumbles to her feet bleeding immensely. “I will not let you pass,” she says as the makes a series of hand seals. Kai feels her tap into her demonic power as a series of mirrors form between her and her opponents. To Yasei’s horror, the mirrors crack and begin to form seven familiar shapes: the former dictator of the Frost Nation [who Yasei and her father killed], Yasei, Kai, Kane, Tsuru and even Yasei’s father and long-dead mother.


S4: Episode 17 - Team Yasei Takes the Lead!

Another ninja enters 14-B with a box of scrolls, “Team—you know, you guys don’t really have an official team name.” At the same time, Kai declares “Team Yasei”, Yasei declares, “Team Kai”, and Kane declares “Ze SS”. “Ooookay,” the ninja surveys the group of mostly complete strangers, “Ima just call you Team Yasei. Anyway,” he clears his throat, “Team Yasei, your mission is to take back a strategic town back from the enemy. It is being occupied by at least 200 Storm ninja, Frost defectors and trained soldiers with a powerful jonin who can disintegrate anything he touches along with a powerful ice ninja. Your ultimate goal is to take out the powerful ninja in preparation for retaking the town tomorrow.” With that, the ninja dismisses Team Yasei to complete their mission.

It takes roughly two hours of running at ninja speed to reach the borders of the targeted town; it is located across a large river with only a bridge allowing access from the South [from where they approach]. On the side of the river that the team approaches is a wooden temple which is decided would be the vantage point in the plan to come. To assess the situation and try and locate prime targets, Yasei activates her Telescopic Eye [which could see nearly the entire scope of the town] and picks out a ninja guarding the bridge and a ninja in the town castle, likely the jonin. As Yasei relates this information to the team, Kai jokingly suggests that the team be renamed to Team Mordor since Yasei sees all.

Team Yasei’s first objective is to clear out the temple so it can become their base of operations. They systematically take out the samurai patrolling the outside and stealthily enter the temple. When the reach the final room, full of beds with sleeping samurai, they manage to kill most of them before the others wake up. Kai saves on samurai to question within his Tsukiyomi as before. The samurai offers the following intel:

- Castle is ninja-proofed; many high level soldiers guarding the leader within
500 to 1,000 civilians are being stored in the building next to the castle
- The jonin in residence is none other than Judai Mibu, older brother of Mu from the Chuunin exams. He has long blonde hair and wears an officers coat
The ice ninja guarding the bridge is a Frost defector and Hyuga. Four times a day she rests and every half an hour or once every two hours she activates her Byakugan, looks around, then deactivates it

The samurai is disposed of once he is of no further use, but find that they will have to accelerate their plan. If they are to successfully take out ninja without raising the alarm, they would have to defeat the ice user on the bridge before she noticed anything was amiss!


S4: Episode 16 - An Assignment in the North, The Battle Begins!

The group has a few more hours until it is time to depart North, so in the meantime, the ninjas take a few hours to rest up. Kane utilizes the technique that nobody else bothered to learn, Housewife no Jutsu, to repair everyone’s tattered clothing while Kai thanks Kyokan for his assistance in dealing with Kitan the Butcher. After a few hours, the group goes to look Arashi for transport and finds him sitting at a table covered in blood next to a grouchy, buff ANBU agent with his mask on.

“So, does your friend talk?” Kai asks as he slides onto the seat next to Arashi. The ANBU agent stiffens, “Yes…I talk.” “Well, you don’t have a mouth, so I thought I’d ask,” Kai responds, gesturing to the agent’s mask. The man grumbles and gets to his feet gesturing for Arashi to follow him. Arashi heaves himself from the table and follows the ANBU leash holder. On the way to the roof, he keeps asking Kane how he could possibly specialize in only shiruken. When they get to the giant seal atop the roof, Arashi still does not understand. The group and ANBU agent stand in the center while Arashi pours chakra into the seal supplemented by several storage gems of Arashi-chakra around the seal. Arashi activates a hand seal and everyone is instantly reverse teleported to an identical seal on the Northern fortifications.

Here, the battle has just begun in full force; already mass battles are breaking out across the wooden castle town in earnest. The ANBU agent gives Arashi a sharp look and makes a tiger hand seal 14 times. Visibly more energized, Arashi stretches out his legs, gives the group a little wave and disappears in a bolt of lightning. Kai, Kane and Yasei continue further into the fort in search of the leader, Tsu Bo. The inside of the wooden fort is in a panic as ninjas an non-ninjas alike scramble to various rooms. Kai keeps looking in various doors for someone in charge and accidentally comes across a room containing his brother Kyo. Luckily, Kyo along with his squadmates were too busy complaining about missing out in the battle to their sensei [and Kai/Kyo’s uncle] Kagami Uchiha. While they escape the notice of the genin, Kagami appears to notice them in one eye, but continue to listen to his students without indicating a lapse in attention.

With much more caution, the group finds Tsu Bo in a nearby room controlling troop movements with crazy ninja maps and shit where he tells them to await assignments in room 14-B. As Kai and Yasei enter the room, they find the familiar faces of Team Ketsui. All are surprised at Kai’s appearance except for past-bro Sayuri who high-fives him enthusiastically. “So,” she says after the high five, “heard you killed your dad.” “Allegedly!” Kai asserts. He turns in a copy of the previous mission report to Ketsui to avoid futher problems.

Ketsui seems more incredulous as she leafs through the mission report, “So what happened to the Butcher’s sword?” “Don’t worry,” Yasei says, “Arashi took care of it.” Ketsui nods, the answer obviously commonplace for her at this point, “Ah.” She looks at Yasei anxiously, “Have you seen him, by the way? We haven’t been allowed to see each other lately.” “We just teleported with him here. He seems okay for now, but—” A ninja carrying volumes of scrolls enters the room and shouts, “Squad A-3, report for duty!” Ketsui sighs in frustration before snatching a scroll and leaving Kai, Kane and Yasei waiting for their assignment in 14-B.


S4: Episode 15 - A Familiar Face: The Legacy of the Uchiha

The next day, an exhausted Arashi sits down next to his former students for breakfast. “Thanks for your help yesterday, guys,” he says as he wolfs down tasteless oatmeal. He looks them in the eye, “and thank you for saving Hasuchi and her squad. That took a great deal of integrity.” He takes another gulp. “”/characters/kai" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kai, since we’re going North today, you should know that Kyo is going to be there. And…I’m not sure how he’ll react when he sees you." Kai does not appear to be very concerned, so Yasei interjects, “He’s been talking to that clone of yours almost non-stop since you left, I’m not sure he’s doing very well.” “Don’t worry about it. It will be fine,” assents Kai.

He pulls out three scrolls of paper from his bag and hands them to Arashi, “By the way, here are some mission reports from last night. Nobody ever writes those anymore.” Arashi smiles as he flips through them, “I see that there are quite a few lavish accounts of the rogue ninja rescuing the Kage’s grandson…alright!” He stows away the scrolls in his bag, “Anyway Kai, there’s someone here to meet you out in the mess hall.” As Kai enters the hallway, a familiar theme drifts through the air:

“OH ISHIRUUUUUUUU!” Kai runs headlong into the ultimate samurai and gives him a hug. Ishiru chuckles heartily, “Kai! It’s been too long! Come, come, I have a gift for you!” He leads Kai to his quarters and pulls out a large black wooden box. Ishiru looks around conspiratorially before removing the lid, “This is from a friend who knew your father. He has kept it safe in the Forest nation up until now.” Inside the velvet-lined box lies a ringed broadsword without any of the rings. Kai’s eyes widen as he recognizes his father’s signature sword, the Adversary of Peace, supposedly forged by the goddess Ameterasu before the Sharingan was ever developed. “Now you must collect all of the original rings if you ever hope to be as powerful as your father!” Ishiru says. Kai agrees.

They spend the rest of their visit talking about poetry and ink paintings, each of which Kai has taken up as hobbies. As each one brings up a subject, they continuously pull poems and scrolls out of their clothing. Ishiru laughs boisterously, “Good job Kai, your father would be very proud! Less proud than me, but still! I’m glad you didn’t turn into some kind of villain.” He heaves to his feet and shakes Kai’s hand, “I’d better get back to the Shattered Sky, but expect a visit from an interested party soon.” Kai looks at him curiously, “Can you tell me who?” “No Kai,” Ishiru says gravely, “I am honor bound to secrecy.” “Are you sure, because honor doesn’t even go in my head.” Ishiru smiles and ruffles Kai’s hair, “Farewell Kai. I wish you the best of luck in the battle to come!”

And with that, the most badass samurai in the naruto-verse walks off into the sunset.



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