Naruto D20

S5: Episode 13 - Unraveling the Past: A City Burns

The next door is covered in Black Fire

Arashi flies on his cloud rapidly towards his city when he suddenly notices smoke in the distance; black flames leap into his vision and he enters serious mode. He develops a wolfish appearance and they notice Sage energy flowing towards him. He quickly reaches the center of the city and touches down in the middle of raging Amaterasu fire. The memory is touched with static. He sees a tiny hand sticking out from beneath a metal beam; a stuffed wolf lies nearby. “Nononononononononono,” he lifts the steel beam off swiftly and sees it is the little girl from the previous memory. She is no longer breathing. He frantically begins to channel medical ninjutsu, unsure of what else to do, when he hears a derisive voice behind him, “I thought you’d never show up, Arashi.”

Arashi stiffens and turns around to see a younger Uuzu Uchiha smiling down at him. Uuzu throws the half unconscious bodies of Soisne and Tao to the ground. Arashi asks in confusion, “What are you doing?” Uuzu looks around at the burning village, “Well, honestly, your village is a threat and I had to deal with it.” Arashi only half listens, calling for Kase through a ring on his hand and looking around frantically for him, “He-he should be here…” Uuzu laughs, “I haven’t seen HIM all day.” Suddenly, Uuzu’s leg smashes into Arashi’s face and he is flung into a nearby building. Arashi struggles to his feet and makes a hand seal to utilize the iron below him; to his surprise, nothing happens. He looks suspiciously at Uuzu who laughs again, “Strontium. A non-magnetic alloy and the entire city is coated in it. It took me awhile, but I finally pieced together your little metal formation trick.”

Arashi grits his teeth, “And Senritzu?” “She heard about your little bird friend. She didn’t appreciate you lying about the Blue Cardinal’s death, much less using this iron fortress of yours to protect him.” He looks over at the stuffed wolf nearby, “You always were such a bleeding heart,” he kicks the wolf into the fire. Arashi leaps towards him and begins a taijutsu battle; Uuzu laughs at his predictability, “I’m not an idiot, Arashi. I know all of your techniques. You’ve been so busy pretending to be a Kage, after all. Without your Iron Style, you only have one way to fight me.” Arashi breathes heavily, “You want to see the darkness, Uuzu? I’ll show you the darkest pit I can muster, then I’ll put you there.”

Arashi makes a hand seal and unleashes a gate to Hell and Uuzu smiles once more. In one swift motion, Uuzu leaps into the gate. Arashi immediately attempts to close it, but is unable to do anything to the gate (Uuzu appears to have done something). Soon, Uuzu exits the gate holding the blade of a sword, attaching it to a crossguard triumphantly. Arashi looks incredulous, “That’s what this is all about?!” “Should it be me that you’re arguing with?” Uuzu gestures towards the spirits flowing out of the open gate. Arashi grits his teeth and turns towards the gate while Uuzu sprints away from the wreckage of the city.

Large Black Splat

Everything is black. People are screaming within Arashi’s mind; he’s trying to reason with them and get them into a single place. They accuse him of their deaths, he cannot bring himself to argue. After an indefinite amount of time, he finally contains them all into one place and eventually light floods the scene.

He is sitting in the destroyed office building of the metal city. He has dark circles under his eyes and looks completely and utterly exhausted. Next to him lie intensely bandaged Soisne and Tao on makeshift hospital beds. Soisne sits up and looks over at him in horror, “Arashi…” He sluggishly looks towards her, “You’re awake…must be that salamander blood of yours.” Tears stream from her eyes, “Uuzu…he—” “I tried to save so many,” he puts his hands into his hair. Moments pass. “Did he get the crossguard?” Soisne croaks. Arashi looks at her incredulously before responding, “THAT’S what you’re worried about?!”

He feels a surge of emotion and passes out onto the floor.


Kai and Yasei chose to unlock only the Black Fire memory

S5: Episode 12 - Unraveling the Past: The Iron Flower

Kai and Yasei instantly shield their eyes as sunlight beams towards them from the surrounding buildings. As his eyes adjust, Kai realizes that they have stepped into the city of metal he had seen before in Arashi’s mind. They then notice that they appear to be following a 24 year old Arashi Totaro who is wearing a white haori that reads “Tsuchikage” down the back.


He is walking down the road cheerfully until he finds a young man messing around with a metal barrel. The man sees him approach and waves, “Arashi-sensei! I have some questions about these cannon’s calibrations.” Arashi hurries towards him and excitedly begins to talk about math nerd stuff, pointing out various aspects of the machinery and pointing out where the man can improve. Once finished, the young man thanks him and Arashi nods, “No problem, Tenzo. If you need anything, just stop one of the clones,” and continues walking. He eventually reaches an iron throne, sits down and then turns into iron.

Kai and Yasei are suddenly flashed over to a different area, in what appears to be Arashi’s office. Throughout the office, five Arashis are conducting research, doing paperwork, reading, practicing taijutsu and gathering sage energy. This continues for awhile until there is a knock at the door. Arashi tells them to enter and someone who resembles Tao Kokaro in his late 20’s with six spots on his head enters.


He notices the clones and sighs, “You’re gonna burn out again.” “Absurd! I’ve limited myself to four clones, I can maintain this kind of mental strain for days!!” “And what about the clones on guard duty?” Arashi is silent. “Arashi…” Tao says apprehensively. “It’s no more than eight, I swear!” Tao shakes his head, “Soisne is not going to be happy.”

All of the Arashis look up at once, “She’s back?!” They begin to frantically run around the study. Arashi pounds his fist onto the desk next to the Arashi studying seals, “What is our progress??” The clone looks frantic, “We still can only get about 597 ft. out of it—” “DAMN!” Suddenly, a younger Soisne bursts into the room and four of the Arashis instantly turn into iron.


She looks around at them and crosses her arms. Arashi chuckles weakly, “So…how was the mission?” She widens her eyes, “Oh! It turns out that all of the disturbances in the area were caused by these guys.” She reaches into her backpack and holds out two teary-eyed wolves by the scruffs of their necks; they whine at Arashi plaintively. The tension in the room amplifies and Tao slowly attempts to shrink out of the room. Soisne rounds on him, “Ohhhh no. You had ONE job! To make sure that this,” she gestures towards the iron Arashis, “doesn’t happen.” She pinches the bridge of her nose and sits down; the wolves instantly escape her grasp and poof away.

She turns to Arashi again, “How many days?” He sweats visibly, “Two…” he claims before seeing Soisne’s reaction. Afterwards, he shuffles his feet, “…seven.” “Arashi, you have to sleep.” He sighs, “But I almost have the Flying Raijin Jutsu down!” Soisne scoffs, “I told you, you’re never going to teleport!” “That’s what I keep telling you, it’s not teleportation, it’s reverse summoning!” Soisne waves away his explanation, “We don’t have time for this. You have a meeting in eleven minutes.” Arashi groans, “Another meeting?” Soisne leans over the table and smacks his head playfully, “Yes! And you need to apologize to all of the delegates who you failed to meet with while I was gone. Honestly,” she shakes her head, “You were the one who wanted to become the Kage. You can’t just screw around with ninjutsu all day like you used to.”

In the middle of her sentence, a cardinal flies into the window with a scrap of paper in its mouth; Arashi instantly runs towards it, and reads it. “Wow, thanks Kevin!” “What is it now?” Soisne asks. Arashi turns around beaming, “You’re looking at the new owner of Senpai Candy Global!” The room becomes deadly quiet. Kevin slowly edges out of the room while Tao hugs to the walls. Soisne proceeds to utterly destroy everything while yelling about how irresponsible Arashi is, only calming down after much persuasion from Tao. She sighs, “I suppose it wouldn’t do for you to show up to the meeting without any limbs.” Arashi nods violently. She wipes chunks drywall off of his shoulder and kisses him on the cheek, “Get going, Kage.”

The memory skips forward again and Kai and Yasei see Arashi heading towards a meeting. On his way, he sees a sad girl carrying a torn huge black stuffed wolf. He leans down beside her and offers to sew up the wolf for her, who she named Tyrell. Once he has finished sewing it up, he pats her on the head and she smiles, “Thanks Mr. Kage!” before running off. Arashi continues to the edge of a forest in the center of the city and looks back at the glistening city before entering the forest. He enters a building at its center and encounters a woman with red hair waiting impatiently in the hallway. She tsks as she sees him appraoch, “You’re late.” “Sorry, I got held up.” “They should have made Soisne the Kage.” Arashi shrugs. “Anyway,” she goes on, “Uuzu has a battle plan he wants your opinion on.” “Ahhh, fine. But this time he’ll owe me, I mean it. This time, I want lunch AND dessert.” The woman shakes her head and grabs his arm; they both are teleported to a meeting room.

The woman goes off to bring Uuzu to the room and Arashi is left to his own devices. Time passes…eventually 20 minutes of it until Arashi becomes restless. “Its not like Uuzu to make me wait…” he thinks to himself. He walks out of the room to discover empty hallways and an apparently empty building. He walks out of the building to still find no one and starts to get peeved, thinking that he has been pranked. He sighs and makes some hand seals. A cloud appears in front of him and he leaps on it to begin flying home.


After reviewing all memories, Kai and Yasei decided on which ones to unlock and which to leave alone. At the end of each episode, I will denote whether or not this/these memories were unlocked. This particular memory was unlocked by Kai and Yasei

S5: Episode 11 - Tsukiyomi-ception: Tesshin's Power Revealed!

Yasei, Kesu, Kyo, Konagona and Jenna hesitantly enter the dining area to join Arashi and an exhausted Kai. “Well,” Arashi stretches again, “We’d better get going.” Kesu still looks apprehensively at Arashi until Kai pats her on the shoulder, “We’re going to talk to your mom because you’re having a family meeting.” She seems a bit more compliant with grabbing her father’s arm afterwards. With everybody crowded together, Arashi reverse summons them back to Lord Shinamori‘s castle. “Alright, you two go talk to Shinamori,” he nods towards Kai and Yasei, "I’ve got to…tell Ketsui…" he gets an intensely nervous look before wandering slowly into the castle.

Anxious to get this over with, Kai hurries to Shinamori’s office with Yasei in his wake. After impatiently waiting for Kesshin to allow entry, they enter the office. “So I convinced Arashi to not retire and green-lighted the mind infiltration,” he begins before Shinamori can speak, “Only thing is he only wants Yasei and me to do it, so no Kesshin.” Shinamori blusters nonsense and formalities, “Well, just keep in mind that the whole operation is meant to get him back into fighting shape.” Kai is exasperated, “Oh, then I just spent the last three days talking him into this for fucking nothing. I know, jesus.” “Fine, fine, just making sure. Alright, we’ll begin later tonight. I will call for you guys before we begin.”

Kai exits quickly and sits heavily on a bench. Jenna brings him pitchers of grape juice and a platter of mozzarella cheese to replenish his energy. While he eats, he explains the plan to Yasei in more detail. They will be going through Arashi’s mind and reviewing/unlocking memories that he has locked away in order to make him a more efficient fighter. Once he feels sufficiently energized, they get up to go check on Arashi. They encounter him stumbling from his room sporting a giant black eye; Jenna hesitantly offers to heal it. Arashi refuses, saying that Ketsui specifically said that if he had it healed, she’d give him another one (although he mentions she was happy he changed his mind about retirement).

To preserve Arashi’s present consciousness, Kai suggests creating a shadow clone scroll of present-Arashi, which is done as a back-up copy. Soon after, they are summoned to the dining room where all members of the Hikari are gathered around Shinamori and Tesshin. Arashi takes a seat at the center of the table and Shinamori okays the procedure to begin. Kesshin asks Kai to use the Tsukiyomi on Yasei. Once he is in Yasei’s mind, he is asked to Tsukiyomi Kesshin from within Yasei’s mind. A weird melding of Tsukiyomi occurs and Yasei and Kai are on the same plane. Kesshin then tells Kai to use his Tsukiyomi on Arashi. Once he does, they both black out.

When they wake up, they are in a room looking like the following picture:


They walk around tentatively and notice with slight alarm shadows walking around the stairwells sleepily. When they don’t really do anything, they move their attention towards what seems like an endless collection of doors, each sporting a different symbol. As Kai and Yasei make their way past the doors, they see multiple unlocked doors with symbols representing Arashi’s childhood. They pass many of these doors before coming across the first one that is locked: a door with a metal flower emblazoned on the outside.

Unable to go anywhere but forward, Kai and Yasei push open the door and walk inside.


S5: Episode 10 - A Father's Concern: A Solemn Vow

“It’s probably better if I just show you.”

Arashi looks off into the distance, “After all, it appears someone is going in my mind regardless of what I want. I’d rather it be you and Yasei rather than anyone else…I just hope you two don’t look down on me after you see it.” Kai shakes his head decisively, “I will never look down on you after this point.” “But Kai, you must make a solemn promise to me,” Arashi says urgently. Kai assents.

“1. Please, whenever I am inevitably killed, take care of my family. You have to swear that you and Yasei will do so. Don’t go off on some crusade and leave them alone.
2. If I eventually become what I was before…what you see in my head, it’s very important that when Soisne seals me, you put me down then and there. You must promise me, Kai.”

Kai solemnly promises to the above terms. Arashi sighs in relief and, to lighten the mood, Kai takes him to the dinosaur room he used for the Presidential Suite of his bar. Arashi laughs, “Kase would love this place.” “Kase, huh?” “Yeah…that man is a self-serving prick, but he cares about his family more than anything else.” Kai grins, “Reminds me of somebody else.” “Pfff whatever…” “You’re a good guy, Arashi. Even if you don’t think so.” Arashi genuinely smiles for the first time in a long while, “Thank you, Kai.”

Kai speaks up again, “I’ve been hearing a lot about this Kase Zetsubo. He seems like a man of contradiction. What do you think of him?” Arashi considers his question, “I’ve always wanted to love Kase Zetsubo for the man I thought he was, but that man doesn’t exist. He did what he did because he knows what he cares about, but that being said, I imagine he’s pretty happy right now. That’s why I was so upset with him…but I think he’s a good person deep down.” He sees that Kai hasn’t quite comprehended what he wanted him to, “Let me tell you a story that emphasizes who this man is. By now I”m sure you’ve heard of the Battle of Twin Hatreds. During this, he killed someone I cared deeply about because I wouldn’t give him what he wanted. At the time, he cared more about what he was trying to get. But afterwards, he sacrificed his sanity and part of his life to bring her back to life. The man hardly comprehends himself, so how could we comprehend him as outsiders?" He sighs, “Kase Zetsubo isn’t a bad person, the world is just a bad place.”

“But anyway,” he stretches, “We should probably get going back to the Forest Nation…before you convince me to do something else.” Kai laughs and ends the Tsukiyomi. They are suddenly brought back to awareness in the bar. Through the ring, Yasei is frantically asking if everything is okay upstairs.

Kai responds, “Everything is just fine.”


S5: Episode 9 - A Father's Concern: The Remnants from the Gate

At breakfast the next morning, Kai is interrupted from eating his breakfast by an employee gesturing for his attention. “Sir,” he looks distraught, “There is a Mr. Totoro here to see you. It seems as though a clone will not be adequate for him.” Across the table, Kesu spits out her cereal, “Crap! I don’t wanna go back with him! He keeps saying we’re retiring and he’ll take me away from everyone…” Kai sighs and pushes his plate away, “I’ll talk to him.” He walks out of the base into the adjacent dining area where he finds an extremely out-of-place Arashi in ill-fitting Avalon clothes picking through a bowl of ramen. When he sees Kai approach, he leaps out of his chair, “Kai, thank goodness, have you seen Kesu?” “Arashi, calm down. She’s here. She’s fine.” Arashi sighs in relief, “Alright…well, I’ll take her and go home then.” He begins to walk towards the base entrance, but Kai puts himself in his way, “She told me that she doesn’t want to go with you before I came out here. If she wants to be here, I won’t let you take her.”

Arashi gets a strange look on his face as he regards Kai for a long moment, “Its for her own good. She’s too much like I was when I was young.” “So?” “…I killed too many people. And lost more than most. I will protect her from that at all costs.” Kai gets a bit angry, “This isn’t about you. This is about what Kesu wants. And what she wants is to stay with the people she loves and become a ninja.” Arashi shakes his head, “You don’t understand…I can’t let her do that. I can’t let her follow the path I did.” Kai sighs in frustration, “Apparently, you don’t understand either.” Arashi seems to consider something for a moment and speaks up again, “Kai, you have permission to use your Tsukiyomi.” “What?” “I want to show you something.” Kai activates his Sharingan and oblidges.

Within the confines of Kai’s mind, Arashi conjures a single door; he gestures for Kai to enter. When he opens the door, he steps out into a bustling city made entirely of metal. Arashi leads him down the streets as people jostle around them and wave happily, “When I fought Uuzu during the war, something happened and he got into somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be…and I had to clean it up.” He looks sadly at the people passing by, “These are everyone that I have killed. Friends, villagers, people…I took all of their spirits into my body, but could not bear the thought of killing them again via exorcism. It took me five years to make my peace with them and I have.” He turns to face Kai, “Everyone has to answer for their crimes. Can you blame me for not wishing this kind of hardship on my daughter?” “I suppose I cannot. Still…this is all a bit fucked up, isn’t it?”

Kai turns to the nearest person passing by and secures their attention, “Are you happy?” They look confused, “Happy? I mean, I go to work, come back home, go to sleep.” Kai returns to Arashi, “Are you really doing them any favors, keeping them trapped in here as empty husks?” Arashi looks guiltily down at the ground, “You’re right, of course…I should release them. Don’t know why I’ve been putting it off for so long. I’ll take care of it.” He looks around once more before leading Kai back through the door. They stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before Arashi speaks up, “You can end your Tsukiyomi anytime…” Kai smiles, “Nah, I’ve already got you here, so ima keep this going.” Arashi puts his head in his hands in exhaustion.

“You know Arashi, if you told people about this,” Kai gestures towards the door, “they’d try to help you.” “You don’t think I tried?” Arashi asks with slight frustration, “Tao and Kevin would only consider exorcism and Soisne…you don’t even want to know the depravities she suggested. And I can only imagine what they’ll say when they find out I’m retiring…” There’s a long silence before Arashi speaks again, “I knew your father very well, you know. He was always very frustrated that he couldn’t spend more time with you. I promised him that I would look after you and I feel as though I’ve let him down.” Kai shakes his head, “I don’t think he’d see it that way. You did what was necessary. You stepped up.” Kai’s voice raises in agitation, “But if he met you now, he wouldn’t even recognize you. You want to give up? I won’t believe it. You’re a hero to more people than you think and Yasei and I will make faces and punch out anyone who would talk down to you!”

Arashi appears to have become saddened by Kai’s words more than anything. When he speaks, his voice is very low, “The truth is, Kai, I’m terrified of continuing to be a ninja. Everybody I have ever made a connection with has died either because of me or by my own hand.” “Not everyone,” Kai points out, “Your father is still around.” Arashi shoulder droop drastically, “The only reason my dad is still alive is because Kase saved him after I stabbed him in the heart.”

He thinks for a second before looking sadly at Kai, “It’s probably better if I just show you.”


S5: Episode 8 - Flight to the Promised Land!

After hearing the boatload of information at the ritual, Kai and Yasei are even more inspired to catch Kase at their latest venture: the ultimate water park. As the park will soon be finished, they realize that they must return to the Promised Land soon. Kai wants to bring his brother Kyo, so they decide to just invite all of Squad B-3 along. They find Kyo outside sparring with Zig who appears to be teaching him chakra scalpels. They also find and invite the introverted and highly forgettable Konagona who comes along anyway.

They find Kesu on the castle’s roof fighting Naizo in earnest. “Hey Kesu, wanna come to the Promised Land?” Yasei yells. “Yeah, looks like you’ve got nothing better to do, wasting your time fighting a second-rate swordsman and all,” Kai shouts after her. Naizo looks up, insulted and Kesu smiles. She turns into lightning and quickly rises above her. Naizo barely avoids as Kesu uses a Chidori to blast into the palace roof. Naizo mutters harshly under her breath and leaps through the hole. Kesu dusts off her clothes and happily agrees to come with them. Now, for transportation!

The group approaches Soisne‘s room to request teleportation, but are confused and intrigued when they hear faint neighing coming from behind her door. Kai excitedly asks Yasei to spy on her with her Byakugan, but something in Yasei screams ’no, you fucking idiot, no’ so she abruptly refuses. Kai is are disappoint, “Yasei, you’ve really turned into a bitch since I’ve been gone.” He knocks on her door as Yasei falls to the ground in abject failure. The neighing stops and blood begins to pool outside of the door; it rises and begins to form a humanoid shape as it gradually turns into Soisne, “…yes?” “Can you teleport us to the Promised Land?” She almost looks like she will refuse, but assents, not before looking at Kesu curiously, “Does your father know you’re leaving?” Kesu shrugs, “Yeah, he’s cool with it.” Soisne looks at Kai expectantly who nods, “Yep!” She looks like she stops caring and grabs them all.

They all appear in the Promised Land dining room and people around start in alarm. Kai hastily looks through his bags for a way to communicate with Soisne and the Hikari and can think of nothing. “Here,” he conjures a shadow clone scroll and hands it to her, “if you need to talk to me, use this.” The image of Kevin adamantly warning him against shadow clone scroll overuse floats in the heads of Soisne and Yasei. Soisne laughs, “You’re the best,” grabs the scroll and teleports away. Kai takes everybody down into his demon-hunting base where they confront an angry Jenna, “Well, good of you to come back for once.” She looks around at the newcomers, “Who’s this?” Kai introduces his brother; she gets excited and starts fawning over him. Kyo is confused, “Who are you?” “Well, I’m his best friend.” Kyo is more confused, “But Kai always said that Yasei is his best friend.” Yasei laughs uproariously as Jenna rounds on a cowering Kai angrily.

Kai later leads them to the Fish Room for dinner where all are excited about the aquarium. Kesu excitedly quizzes Kasano about the names of all of the fish who pass by; he successfully answers all questions and trivia with great enthusiasm. Later, Kesu tries to talk to him about swordsmanship, sensing that he is a great warrior, but Kasono always relates all topics back to fish. After dinner, Kesu and Yasei fight full force; Yasei becomes intensely aware that Kesu has been training with her father.

Meanwhile, Kai asks for Kyo to release the shadow clone scroll that he gave him before killing his father. Kyo does so and a drastically different Kai appears before him (basically the Kai pre-timeskip). Kai sighs; the moral implications of creating shadow clones scrolls are becoming rapidly more apparent. To take their minds off of moral dilemmas, Kai requests to spar with Kyo. Each activate their Mangyekyo Sharingan round one. Kyo creates a Susano ghost arm with a giant sword while Kai makes an illusory mirror box around Kyo. Kyo, recognizing the illusion, runs through it once. Kai smirks and makes another one around him real. Kyo runs into it with a thump and looks astounded. As he gets back to his feet, Kai summons the Adversary of Peace and Kyo is in awe. They melee fight for a long time, Kyo utilizing Uchiha techniques and time-stop/resume techniques with his Sharingan until, exhausted, they retire in the late night.


S5: Episode 7 - Secrets of the Blue Cardinal: Uuzu's Plans Revealed!

Kai and Soisne appear without a sound next to Yasei in the darkened catacombs of the Blue Cardinal’s library. Kevin looks up from a scroll, “Ah, good. We can begin. Now, this ritual will prevent you from imparting this information to anyone out of the circle. If you are about to talk about any of this to those outside of the circle, you will be subject to a splitting headache as a warning. Should you continue, you will die.” He flutters over to the center of the group, “Now, if all of you are ready, we will begin.” Kevin and Soisne make two handseals and a circle begins to glow around the group.

Once the ritual appears to have begun, Kevin nods at Soisne who steps forward and addresses the group, “As I’m sure all of you don’t know, Tao Kokaro used to be the vessel of half of the Prime Hatred. And Kevin,” she gestures towards the bird, "was the one who made this happen as a part of a larger plan to eradicate the Prime Hatred altogether. In order to do so, however, he required a sword of infinite power to destroy both halves separately, as the other half was imprisoned in a temple. However, the sword, once wielded by Heiko Seijuro, the tsuchikage of the Moonlight Village, had been stolen from his corpse by a woman named Senritzu. The plan was to lure Senritzu to the temple and apprehend the sword. However, Arashi did not approve of our methods and revealed the plan to Senritzu and Uuzu, with whom she happened to be working with. Thus, Kase, Kevin, Tao and I were forced to fight with Arashi, Senritzu and Uuzu in what became known as the Battle of the Twin Hatreds. Long story short, half of the Prime Hatred’s power was unleashed when Tao became too beaten down and all there realized that using the sword was the best option. Both halves were slain with the sword which was then broken up into 7 pieces and given to each of us present to hide.

“Now, as for the matter at hand, it appears as though Uuzu has been gathering all of the pieces of the sword. In fact, he has already acquired all pieces except for those taken by Kase Zetsubo and Kevin. Given that this sword is the only thing which can potentially kill the Prime Hatred, we have come to the conclusion that Uuzu is either helping the Prime Hatred to achieve some end or he is being manipulated to collect the pieces and destroy them. In either case, we cannot let this happen.”

Kevin hops forward, “We also have found that Uuzu has a goal of implanting genes from the Uchiha, Kaguya and Zetsubo in order to create a vessel for the spirit of Bishemonton…which is why I have told Shinamori of the importance of doing so before him.” He turns to Kai, “This is why I have brought you in on this information. In order to conduct this plan, Uuzu will need the blood of Kase Zetsubo, who is currently believed dead. Frankly, it would be better for you to let him stay that way at this time.” Kai tries to say he could perhaps talk Kase into helping and Kevin shakes his head, “Good luck with that. The only thing that man cares about is his wife.” “His wife?” “Oh yes, the only reason he and the original Hikari initiated the 30 Years War in the first place was because his wife died under the care of another nation. Plus the man is absolutely insane.” “Perhaps I could help with that,” Kai offers, “I could reorganize his mind and box away all of the insanity.” “That would be very dangerous!” Kevin exclaims. “Well, as the Uchiha clan says, ‘I ain’t no bitch.’”

The ritual ends soon afterwards and Yasei and Kai now have a lot on their plates. “By the way Kai,” Kevin says, “You should definitely not overdo your shadow clone scroll ability…or teach it to anyone else. It is extremely dangerous.” He flies off deeper into the library and the two are left with Soisne. She looks at them for a moment, “When the Kase plan doesn’t work out, be wary of what you’ll find in Arashi’s mind. When he had the Mangyekyo Sharingan, he put a lot of Uuzu’s Amaterasu fire in there.” Before Yasei can even comment on the fact that they had no idea their sensei had the Sharingan, she is cut off, “And don’t trust Shinamori’s bodyguard. He can put opinions into people’s heads.” She exits the room abruptly, leaving Kai and Yasei with their heads reeling in the library.

Kai sighs heavily, “Man, you know what would be easier? Just putting the entire world under a Tsukiyomi.”


S5:Episode 6 - The Divided Council: A Catacomb of Knowledge

“As our first order of business, let us all welcome Yasei Hyuga to our organization. She will be taking up the position of Red. Sorry, Zig.” Zig shurgs, “Makes sense, she beat me at the Chuunin Exams.” “Now, let us return to the contentious debate regarding how to deal with the Shadow Nation.” The Hikari members debate, most including Ishiru and Soisne, for the dissolution of the Shadow Nation, with Naizo disagreeing and Kevin not taking a side. A vote is called and, since the decision is not unanimous, the discussion is tabled for another time.

“Now, we will return to our discussion regarding Arashi Totoro and his suitability for joining the Hikari.” Lord Shinamori turns to Yasei, “Have you and Kai reached a decision on the matter?” Yasei pulls out a shadow clone scroll given to her by Kai and releases the clone. Kai addresses the room, “I believe I might have found a suitable alternative, since Yasei and I have repeatedly reached an impasse on the subject. I have recently discovered that Kase Zetsubo is indeed alive and has been masquerading as Seiko Heijuro for the past many years.” From the corner, Soisne laughs uncontrollably before returning the stage to Kai, “We are hoping to contact Kase Zetsubo and ask for his assistance in this matter. In this way we can avoid the potential for Arashi going insane.”

Part of the council appears to be on board with the plan, but Soisne shakes her head, “He won’t help. He hasn’t helped for thirty years, you think that he’ll help now because some Uchiha teenager asked him? He let the world fall into its present state, why fix it now?” Nonetheless, the council votes to allow Kai and Yasei to at least attempt to contact Kase; the Arashi matter is placed on hold for a few days until the matter is approached. Having the floor, Kai requests a collaborative intelligence effort regarding demons between his organization and the Hikari. Shinamori considers his request, “What could you do with the information that I give you?” Kai explains his ability to potentially bargain with demons and their hosts within their own minds through his Mangyekyo Sharingan; he suggests that perhaps the demons could be bargained with.

Soisne shakes her head again and remarks that recently, jinchuriki have gained the ability to twist demons to their own wills through some way. The council offers suggestions as to how this was possible when Kai says, “Perhaps it was the Prime Hatred.” Kevin flies up to the table, the first time he’s shown interest for the entire meeting, “What? Elaborate.” Kai describes all that he has found out about the Prime Hatred. Kevin listens intently; when Kai finishes, he votes to end the meeting immediately. Nobody really votes with him and Soisne demands to know what information he has to save for after the meeting. Kevin replies, “This is sensitive information that I do not trust with all in this council.” Soisne nods and moves to end the session again. Shinamori looks at the two of them, “As previously agreed, Kevin and Soisne will handle all matters regarding the Prime Hatred individually. For now, we will call the meeting to a close.”

With that, the members of the Hikari begin to exit the room. Soisne gestures for Kai clone and Yasei to follow her and Kevin as they enter his room. When they enter, they follow him down a large spiral staircase into a huge catacomb-like library, whose bottom is too dark for the eye to see. Kevin pulls two large tomes off of a shelf labeled “Kishin” and “Tao” and begins to leaf through them, asking Kai to recount his experiences with the Prime Hatred as he does so. Kai describes his two encounters where he was offered the Mangyekyo if he met with Uuzu and when he was warned of Kyo’s attempted assassination.

Kevin looks up at Kai clone and Yasei decisively, “I have some information to give to you both, but it is of a highly sensitive nature. I will need the both of you to take part in a ritual to prevent you from imparting this information to others.” Kai clone explains that they would need the real Kai to continue. Yasei destroys the scroll and Soisne teleports to Kai’s location in the Promised Land. He looks at her and says, “Let’s go.”

She grabs his arm and they teleport away just as Jenna rounds the corner carrying a homemade dinner on a tray. Steam rises from her ears as she throws the tray to the ground.


S5:Episode 5 - To Lure a Kase: The Ultimate Challenge

“Step one!” Kai announces, “We find the Arashi!” Kai and Yasei run down the hallway to knock vigorously on the White door. There are sounds of shuffling inside and they hear Arashi yell in frustration as he stubs his toe. When he opens the door, he is wearing striped boxers and looks annoyed. “Listen Arashi, I feel kinda bad about this, but can you take us to the Promised Land?” Arashi glances back at the bedroom and sighs, “Fine.” He closes the door. Kai looks amused, “They’re totally boning in there.” Yasei uncomfortably shuffles around as they wait. About ten minutes later, Arashi exits the room and grabs onto their shoulders. After a rocky summoning jutsu, they arrive in the Promised Land gift shop next to an outrageous display of candy.

As Kai begins to lead them towards the demon-hunting base, Arashi looks around mildly, “So, what are we doing here?” “I’ve got to talk to Jenna, but we’re also looking for Seiko Heijuro. Its imperative that we get in touch with him.” Arashi brightens, “Oh yeah, we’ve got to get him into touch with Amedamaru.” They descend down the secret piano stairs when Arashi freezes, “This feeling…I’ve felt it before…” He moves aside out of habit as Jenna rounds the corner and freezes. She animates into a rage and begins charging at Kai, who immediately puts cotton swabs into his ears, “YOU—” expletives spew from her mouth for at least a few minutes. When she appears to calm down, he removes the swabs from his ears in annoyance, “You done?” She puffs angrily, but before she can say anything he continues, “I need your help to stop the end of the world.” Arashi perks up in alarm, “Whoa, what?” “Don’t worry about it,” Kai says.

“I was going to wait to tell you guys,” Arashi says, “maybe after going out to dinner or a movie…but I’m retiring.” Kai bursts out laughing as Arashi continues, “I’ve talked it over with Ketsui. We thought she couldn’t have kids, but,” he smiles, “she’s pregnant, so—” Kai becomes serious, “Listen, I wasn’t going to tell you, but since you’re retiring, you need to know. Watch out for the Hikari. If you’re leaving, they’ll undoubtedly try to mind-fuck you because—” Arashi cuts him off abruptly, “I don’t wanna hear it.” Kai seems exasperated, “Yeah, but—” “I don’t wanna hear it.” “I understand, but they’re gonna—” Arashi disappears from the room. Kai shoves his old ring on in frustration, “I wasn’t going to tell you why, but I just want you to know that they will come after you if you leave. Stay away from them.” There is no response from Arashi.

“How are we going to get back now?” Yasei asks, distressed, “I have a meeting in the morning!” “We’ll worry about that later,” Kai waves, “for now, we need to develop a plan to lure the Kase!” Together, they formulate the ultimate lure: an waterpark with extreme and intense ranking systems for utterly ridiculous challenges. For each challenge, Seiko Heijuro would be listed on the bottom, except for the “Best Walrus Wrangler,” under which Kase Zetsubo is listed at the bottom. Kai arranges the construction and determines that the park will be completed after ten days of rigorous slave labor.

The next day, Yasei brings up the Hikari meeting again and Kai realizes that his summon, Wuko, lives near the Hikari base in the Hidden Forest. He summons Wuko with the intent of having him teleport Yasei to the Forest Nation, but instead summons Jamal the blacksmith monkey, so says that Wuko is busy fighting a Shadow incursion. Instead, Jamal teleports Yasei to the monkey capital, which appears to be in mourning. Upon questioning Jamal, Yasei discovers that the monkey king has recently been slain in combat with the Shadow.

Yasei rushes to Lord Shinamori‘s castle to make it to the meeting on time and meets Kevin sitting outside of the door. “Go for a walk?” he inquires, “Its a nice day.” “Yeah…” Yasei mentions awkwardly, “…See you at the meeting.” She walks in towards the dining room and discovers that all of the furniture has been removed and, in its place, is a single doorway being guarded by Kesshen. She puts on her red haori and golden cage necklace and approaches the doorway. Kesshen allows her to pass and she finds herself in a large conference room filled with color-coded chairs with a grey one at the table’s head. Yasei goes to sit in the red chair and waits for the other members to filter in for the meeting.

After a few minutes, all of the chairs are filled, save for White, and Shinamori enters, taking his seat at the grey-colored chair. He appraises the room and announces that the meeting will now begin.


S5:Episode 4 - The Man, The Legend, The Potential Savior

Kai enters an oak-paneled room and sits down opposite from Lord Shinamori, who is sitting back in a leather chair smoking from his pipe. At the door stands his bodyguard and standing directly next to Shinamori is Soisne with a sheet of paper sitting on the desk in front of her. Shinamori gestures for Kai to look over the piece of paper, “This report has been filed by Soisne regarding Arashi’s suitability for joining my organization. I would appreciate it if you could look it over and verify the document’s validity.” Kai looks over the report, which recommends Arashi‘s enrollment as the Avatar of Heaven. He puts the paper back on the desk, “Well, it seems correct, but good luck with that. He will undoubtedly resist joining.” Shinamori leans forward, "That’s why I called you here, Kai." Kai sighs heavily.

“You see, the Arashi you know is not necessarily who the man is. He went through a lot in his past and has taken to substance abuse to try and forget it. For years, he has been mentally and physically compartmentalizing things from his past…something I’m sure that you,” gestures towards Kai, “a Genjutsu specialist, have a good deal of experience dealing with. What I’m proposing is having you and Kesshen,” he points towards his bodyguard, “infiltrate Arashi’s mind and de-compartmentalizing these things. Once Arashi is forced to face these traumas from his past, we are hoping his mental blocks on his power potential will be unlocked…and he will be able to assist the organization as White. As you might imagine, we’re in a bit of a hurry, so if you agree to do this, we would like to do so tomorrow after the Hikari meeting.” Kai says he will definitely have to think it over and is dismissed. He immediately goes to find Yasei.

He finds her where he left her by the pool, sitting in the chair staring over the pages of her book. “Heyyy,” Kai says, sliding on the chair next to her, “on a scale of 1 to 10, how ya doing?” “Well,” Yasei closes her book, “I was at a 3, but I’m getting to a 4, so.” “Alright, open your eyes.” Kai Tsukiyomi’s Yasei and spends a few days talking out the situation with her. Upon the technique’s conclusion, Yasei has become determined to save her sister from the Court of Seven Shadows and Kai agrees to help. Once that is settled, Kai lays the new set of problems onto Yasei; the both of them go over the possibilities in Yasei’s room. “So…” Kai says, “it comes down to either breaking into Arashi’s mind secretly and potentially unleashing a homicidal maniac—” “Or, we tell him about the plan, have him refuse and then probably cause his entire family to be taken hostage,” Yasei finishes, “…so, we’re pretty much fucked either way.”

Kai sighs, “What we need is a wise, neutral third party. If only we could contact Tao…” Yasei eyes widen and she instantly makes a summoning hand seal. A penguin appears in the room, extremely confused, “Tao has a penguin blood pact!” she exclaims to Kai. Kai nods in approval and creates a shadow clone scroll to give to the penguin. Yasei dismisses the penguin with the instructions to find the penguin summoner. The scroll is activated and a Kai clone finds itself facing Tao and two strangers; a man with black hair and a woman with white hair [Tao’s nameless pupils who have learned Pressure Points style].

“Kai, how can I help you?” “Well, you see Tao, Yasei and I have come across a situation in a new group, the Hikari, and we have the potential to get Arashi back to his original fighting strength. We were wondering if you could tell us whether or not that would be a good idea, since you’ve known him for so long.” Tao considers his statement, “Well, I mean, I guess it could all work out. He could get pretty strong, but Soisne and I have dealt with him before.” “Fair,” Kai assents, “but we’re not sure if we can trust this organization.” “The Hikari, huh? Is Kevin there? He’s usually pretty trustworthy. He’s been around for, what, 2,000 years? Guy knows what he’s about.” “But what would you recommend that we do?” Tao shrugs, “I dunno man, that’s up to you guys. Tough call.” Kai is supremely frustrated.

“Well, listen, is there anyone else who could maybe help out instead of Arashi?” Tao pauses, “I mean, I guess Kase could, if he was alive. He was Arashi’s sensei after all.” Kai passes a knowledge check to recognize the name. Kase Zetsubo: a teleportation specialist and the most wanted ninja alive; the man who singlehandedly started the 30 Years War, destroyed the Horizon nation and organized the original Hikari. Kai’s spider sense tingles as he notices some similarities with another man he came to know at the Promised Land. “Hey Tao, if your sensei were to go to an exotic restaurant and was told he could order anything he wanted, what would he do?” “Honestly, he’d probably just make up a bunch of food as a challenge.” “…goddamn it.” Tao is confused, “Is there anything else?” “No, that will be all, please destroy the scroll.” Tao rips the scroll in half and all of the knowledge is transported back to BestKai.

He stands up abruptly, “OH, THAT DICK. Yasei.” He sits back down, “I think that Seiko Heijuro…may be somebody else.” “Who?” she asks, confused. “None other than Kase Zetsubo.” “Now that you mention it,” she relates how she felt Seiko teleport out of the bar during her last encounter with him. “That proves it! He’s our ticket to doing this without fucking up Arashi’s mind!”

Kai strikes a dramatic anime pointing pose, “To save the world, we must find the Kase!”



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