Naruto D20

S1:Episode 11 - Regroup, Flawless Infiltration!

The next morning, Arashi and Kai show up at Yasei’s house with breakfast ramen. Upon asking where he had been, Kai responds that he was both alive and dead the whole time. Arashi leaves again. The other squadmates then explain the situation to Kai and formulate an infiltration plan.

Yasei hengei’s into the leader of the group from last night while Kai and Suzume hengei into two of his lackeys. Together, they go to Kigurii’s and have a seat at a table. When the bartender comes over to take their order, Yasei orders cornflakes and they’re taken to the back. The back room is patrolled by many thugs guarding a back door. “Name?” A guard at the counter of where they came in leers at them with a pen poised.

Kai unhesitatingly leaps over the counter and punches the man backwards into crates of barrels, instantly crushing the punched man and one sitting at a table. Yasei draws her swords, charges the man nearest the door and a fight ensues. Squad 5 makes short work of these shitty guards and continue past the door. They come across a room with a cage full of dead people and one extremely attractive survivor. They let her out of the cage and discover that she has no idea who or where she is. They allow her to come with for the time being. Sensing they’re close to the boss, they continue up the stairs and encounter iron bars separating them from a stately office and a portly man busily writing reports.

The group sneaks down to the lower level and place explosive tags on the foundations, which they noticed were fairly shallow. Upon detonating the tags, the man tumbles to the lower level and is instantly detained by Kai. The man is utterly confused and easily complies to the squad’s requests for information once they mention that they killed all of his guards. He tells them the name of his employer, Mei Lei and about her front at the Devil’s Nest bar in HighTown. He also gives them the little information he has regarding the overarching head of the cartel, Mao. Regarding the amnesia-inflicted girl, he says that Mei Lei was keeping her here until a deal had been finalized to send her to the Shadow for an outrageous sum of money. Since the man was so cooperative, Squad Five took him back with them to act as an informant for the village.


S1:Episode 10.5 A Tournament to the Death

Kai is immediately teleported to a misty field with large bubbles of air, magically constructed. The mist is a purple haze, and judging by the large pockets of air between them, Kai concludes that the mist is dangerous. Kai and Guragama are both in this field, roughly 100 feet apart, in two separate bubbles of air. Kai and Guragama fight! The distance is closed by Guragama and the two engage in a martial brawl. Guragama using a type of chakra based enhancement jutsu, and Kai going at it with his Taijutsu techniques and the occasional fireball. As the fight rages on, Kai and Guragama slowly get seperated by a wide margin, roughly 60 feet of solid fog separate them. Kai uses this time to plan out a strategy, while Guragama seems to be healing himself with a kind of meditation technique. Kai needs to finish this fight here and now, as he has very little stamina and is running on empty in the chakra pool. He quickly decides to use the Kawarimi no Jutsu, to replace himself with a stack of well disguised Fuinjutsu magazines, and move at a high speed to close the gap between him and Guragama. His tactic works as Guragama seems to not have noticed Kai’s absence. His advantage clear, Kai sneaks up on Guragama and uses his powerful Genjutsu abilities. He implants an image into Guragama that all of the air pockets have disappeared except one large one that is roughly 200 feet away. Guragama instantly blasts himself over to the “new” bubble, like a rocket leaving the earth, taking damage along the way. Kai, moves back over to his original bubble, because as soon as Guragama departed, the air bubble in which he was sitting vanished. Guragama realizes what has happened, but by the time he can react it is too late. He will not make it out of the acidic mist alive, and dies somewhere in the purple haze.

Kai is teleported back to the room with the Maskless One, Wuko is already here, feasting. Kai rejoins his friend asking how his match went, Wuko replies clearly dissatisfied that his fight had been hard. Isshin eventually comes back into the room, clearly unimpressed with his match, barely taking a scratch. The three eat together, and after a few moments, the next round are decided: Kai Vs Isshin, Wuko Vs ???

Kai is teleported to a ring, which looks like the currency a “ryu”. It has four rotating parts, two parts move clockwise, two counterclockwise, they also change elevation. Kai sees his opponent Isshin and they begin their battle. Isshin uses a high speed kenjutsu style, while Kai sticks to his Taijutsu. As the battle rages on, Kai starts to use the rotating to his advantage, staying away from Isshin until he comes up with a good strategy. Kai notes that Isshin cannot walk on walls as he can. After roughly a minute of fighting, the game changes entirely. The outermost ring falls from the platform, spinning down into a pool of liquid fire. Kai realizing that this fight needed to end faster, closes the gap between himself and Isshin, but stopping below Isshin, who is standing on the tallest, central ring. Kai begins to spring a trap, setting up explosive tags along the edge of this part of the platform. The entire ring starts falling apart, and Isshin screams “You coward, come up here so we can finish this, or we BOTH die.” As Isshin is saying this, he comes over to the edge where Kai is patiently waiting to spring his trap. When he is in place, Kai detonates the tags, and Isshin plummets to his fiery death.

Kai is teleported back to the room, with the Maskless One. He eats, wondering where Wuko is. As he is chowing down, Wuko appears, clearly exhausted, but seemingly victorious. After the pair eat, the Maskless One teleports them to a dojo looking room. It has blades all over it, around the perimeter of the room are those masked warriors. The Maskless One says “To gain my training, one of you must defeat me.” Wuko gives Kai a quizzical look and asks “one on one? or should we kick his ass together?” Kai smirks, and rushes the Maskless One! Wuko taking his hint, also engages in combat. After many attacks and defensive maneuvers against the Maskless One, the fight starts to get very serious. the Maskless One starts to use a fiery tornado fist attack that drills a hole through the wall. Kai realizes that he and Wuko need to deal more damage if they are going to survive this fight. Kai and Wuko engage in a special combination attack, Wuko kicks the Maskless One into the air, and then transforms into an Adamantine Staff, as Kai grabs him and uses the Kage Buyou to teleport behind the Maskless One. Kai then uses the fireball jutsu to catch his foe on fire! Then he and Wuko grand slam their enemy into the ground! (This is a prelude to the Jutsu “Combination attack! Shooting Star Jutsu.”) The Maskless one hits the ground, clearly feeling the hit. He spins to his feet, and launches a flaming fist attack at Kai and Wuko, Wuko places himself between the attack and Kai, creating a shield of damage. The shield however was not strong enough to take the entire force of the blow, and Kai crumples to the ground, barley able to stand. Wuko, left in a similar situation, looks at Kai, and relsoves. The two stand back up for their final assault. Kai realizes that everything seems to be moving slower, and that he can see his opponent’s attacks more easily. (Kai unlocks the Sharingan!) As they gear up for their last attack the Maskless One yells
“Stop! Why are you both still fighting me? You were supposed to turn on one another!”
Kai looks at Wuko, then back to the Maskless One,
“But Wuko is my friend, besides, all I want to do is go home, I have alot of work I need to do, and my lazy sensei probably forgot to pick my brother up from daycare.”
The Maskless One, staring in disbelief, retorts, “Fine I will send you home.” He turns to Wuko, “You on the other hand will stay here and be my pupil.” Wuko, seemingly excited, gets pumped up for the decree. He also turns to Kai and hands him a scroll, saying that it will summon him (Wuko), if he ever needs any help.

Kai is teleported home, it is way passed six, and runs to the daycare which is closed. Then Kai books it home, and finds Arashi there, with Kyo, playing “Hey, that’s MY Fish!” The pair exchange the results of his training, Arashi seems displeased, but Kai is just happy that Kyo was picked up, because his father would literally kill him if he forgot again. When Arashi leaves, Kai tells Kyo everything that happened, and shows his excited little brother his newly found Sharingan!

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S1:Episode 10 - Investigation: A True Test of Skill! Part 2

Yasei and Suzume un-hengei and take their captive to Sayuri‘s place to interrogate him. Too late, they realize they have not changed their appearance, and the man wakes to find two twelve-year-olds attempting to look as threatening as possible. Luckily, he is drowsy and tied quite well to a chair. The two learn that he is just a druggie who purchases his product from Kiguri’s. Upon threatening him, he tells us that the password to get into the back is “cornflakes”. Yasei and Suzume then deliberate on how to deal with this man and knock him out to be safe. They just decide to shove him into the puppet and put him back when someone from behind them says “You’re just gonna put him in there to let him scream?”

Arashi appears from the entrance and takes the man’s body from the two. He erases the man’s memory from the last 24 hours and says he’ll put him back. He does let the two know that they messed up and should get their heads in the game before he leaves. Yasei and Suzume, disappointed in their minor fuck-up, decide to retire to Yasei’s house for the night and plan their infiltration for tomorrow.


S1:Episode 9.5 The Trial of Trees; Kai fights for his life!

The Maskless One declares the next trial: “Find my dojo to continue on to the next round. It is somewhere in this forest.” Immediately the contestants leap from the boulder in all directions. Kai and Wuko leap to the southwest. Mid-stride, Kai explains his strategy to Wuko, “We don’t stop moving until we’ve found it, no matter what.” The pair franticly search at a medium pace, noting of the large spider webs in the trees. The pair quickly stumble onto a clearing, about 30 seconds after they left the boulder. In this clearing, there is a smaller building similar looking to a Dojo. Almost too good to be true, Kai checks the door for traps, he is incredibly sure that it is trapped, but Wuko seems to disagree. Kai gives in to Wuko’s disbelief, and walks into the room. Upon Kai and Wuko’s entry into the room, Kai’s DANGERZONE sense goes off! He notices the doors start to close; and in perfect Uchiha fashion, grabs Wuko and leaps out of the door with him before it closes. As the pair lands outside, the building is caught into a raging inferno. Wuko looks up at Kai “Thanks Man, I owe you one.” Kai replies “Don’t worry about it. Let’s keep moving”.

Kai and Wuko head north from this clearing, this time moving slightly faster. Almost immediately after their reentry into the forest, an arrow is shot at Kai, narrowly missing a vital point, and grazing him. In response to this, Kai lets loose his speed, and starts sprinting full tilt through the forest to the north. While running Kai wonders whether Wuko will be able to keep up… and looks back. Wuko has climbed into the trees and is following him at a decent pace. This is when Kai spots the two other men chasing them. The enemy count has been upped to three. Kai continues running until he hits a tree, and hides in its branches, out of sight of his enemies. From his cover, Kai hears Wuko yell his name. Kai looks around the tree and sees Wuko caught in a gigantic spider web. The three enemies approach the spot where Wuko is ensnared, like sharks on a feeding frenzy. Kai immediately runs up the tree he is on, doing hand seals on the way, and from a branch roughly thirty feet in the air performs a ray of fire technique, aimed at the web Wuko is caught in. The web catches fire, breaking enough that Wuko can escape an use a mud wall technique against the warriors below, which uproots a nearby tree, crashing down nearby. The warriors, hit by the mud, are also trapped in spiderwebs that had fallen from the uprooted tree. Wuko and Kai regroup as screams are heard from the men, whom are probably being eaten by giant spiders. Wuko again thanks Kai for the help, to which Kai again says, “Don’t worry about it.” The pair continue on toward the north, and discover another clearing, this one however, is empty. After a quick search of the area, a trapdoor is revealed leading down into the ground. Suspecting another trap, Kai descends the stairs cautiously.

The pair enter a room with the Maskless One waiting, along with Guragama, a Ninja looking fellow, and a crane. After a short wait, a few other warriors trickle in. When all ten are gathered, the Maskless One offers the contestants the feast that has been laying off to the side of the room on a large dining table. Hesitant of this, Kai stays back, giving Wuko a look to do the same. Other characters like Guragama, the Ninja, and the Crane all do the same. Whilist the warriors and such eat. As they eat it looks like any injuries or wounds they had acquired start to heal at an astounding pace. Seeing this, Guragama immediately goes to the table. The gigantic wound he received clearly being his motivation. As not eating would be a disadvantage, Kai and Wuko approach the table.

After eating, The Maskless One says, “There are more contestants than usual at this stage. Therefore we will be holding a preliminary competition to root out those who do not deserve to advance.” He then gestures toward a ring on the ground. One by one he calls up contestants to fight one of the masked men from earlier. All of the contestants seem to be attempting to conceal their fighting prowess. Kai however decides that this is the perfect time to use his Genjutsu, seeing as he views that it is useless in real combat. Kai uses a Genjutsu that causes his target to be panicked, and it runs away from him, horrified. Kai then, easily, defeats his terrified opponent primarily thorough attacks of opportunity. It takes about 12 seconds tops.

After the preliminary round, there are six contestants left. Kai, Wuko, Guragama, the ninja, the crane, and a samurai named Isshin. The Maskless One states that there will be a 10-minute intermission and then the opponents will face each other. He says the first matchups are Kai Vs Guragama, Wuko Vs Crane, and Ninja Vs Isshin.


S1:Episode 9 - Investigation: A True Test of Skill! Part 1

Yasei and Suzume arrive at the Lantern District, a very dark area downtown lit only by lanterns. They locate a gang of what appears to be ninja who failed to graduate and approach them with the intent to meet with Sayuri. They are allowed to meet with her once they mention that her help is needed in bringing down a drug cartel. The gang takes Yasei and Suzume to Sayuri’s hideout, a place guarded with secret knocks and doton-controlled passageways. They talk to Sayuri who informs them that people who work for a branch of the cartel operate from a bar called Kiguri’s. We thank her for the information to which she responds that we owe her a favor.

Yasei and Suzume eventually find Kiguri’s and loop around, hengei-ing into really buff bikers before entering the bar. They sit in the shadiest Aragorn corner and observe the goings-on in the bar while Norwegian Death Metal plays in the background and a man hangs himself from the rafters amidst a crowd of moshers. Yasei soon spots a group of four men conversing with the bartender and then being taken in the back of the bar. They unfortunately have to leave soon after that once the bartender goes to bring them drinks and they realize they have no money. Instead, the position themselves outside of the bar and wait for the four men to exit. After a while, Yasei recognizes the four men leaving the bar and makes a rude gesture to signal Suzume to follow. Unbeknownst to the two, this signal was also picked up by another person in the alley who would not live much longer.

They followed the men to an apartment complex and waited until they had finished drugging up. To avoid direct suspicion, Yasei and Suzume snuck to the upstairs apartment where an old man had fallen asleep and left the door unlocked. They attempted to knock him out, but woke him instead; they had to knock him out more forcefully after that. Yasei then cut a hole in the man’s floor and they leap down into the druggies’ room. They take the leader, shove him into Suzume’s puppet, and nonchalantly walk out of the apartment.


S1:Episode 8.5 Kai's Special Training

As Kai was training he was approached by Arashi. Arashi was being shady asking Kai questions like: what are you doing later? and you don’t have plans tomorrow do you? After Kai answered these questions, with "Well, I have to pick up Kyo at Six O’clock. Arashi promptly replies "Oh! I can do that! And then hands Kai a banana, and tells Kai to eat it. Kai eats it, and passes out… And wakes up in a forest. After looking around, Kai realizes that based on the trees around and the foliage, that he was no longer in the area surrounding the Shattered Sky Village. He also observed a monkey laying in the grass nearby, asleep. This Monkey was fully clothed and had ninja tools. Kai decides to wake him up, hopefully to discover where he has been taken by Arashi.
Kai kicks the monkey awake and speaks to it. The monkey introduces himself as Sun Wuko, the monkey prince. He is also unaware their current location. The pair decide to band together to figure out what is going on. Using his intuition, Wuko leads the way through the forest, with Kai in tow. The pair eventually stumble upon a huge boulder that has been surrounded by other beings. Many of these beings are humanoid, but there are a few animals like Wuko. Kai and Wuko approach the circle of “people” and inquire as to what is going on. No one seems to wish to speak with them, save for a large man who introduces himself as -Guragama. The man explains that this is a tournament for the strongest warriors of the world. And it’s prize is to train with the martial arts master that lives there. Kai, realizing that he is probably in way over his head, asks “How do I get home?” Guragama laughs and replies “Win”.

Just then, a figure appears atop the large boulder. This man has a mask that he removes from his face. He introduces himself as “the maskless one”. And he issues the first test: “climb this rock to qualify for the tournament.” Immediately, everyone starts climbing save for those like Kai, Wuko, and a few others who can, walk up the wall/fly, or jump. After reaching the top, fifteen or so of the challengers gather, including Kai and Wuko. The rest slowly start being killed off by masked men that hunt down anyone that has not climbed to the top.

The maskless man congratulates those that qualified, explains the prize: to train with him and learn his martial mastery, and then issues the next challenge.


S1:Episode 8 - New Mission! And a Missing Teammate?

After a week of training, Yasei woke up one morning and decided that it was time to complete their next mission. She walked to Arashi’s home to find Sutomu Totaro, Arashi’s younger sister, managing the ramen shop with much less lightning than usual. Sutomo pulled Arashi from out of the house who emerged exhausted and disheveled, clearly having forgotten what day it was again. He perked up at the mention of a mission and said for Yasei to grab the rest of the squad members whle he got ready. Yasei stopped by the orphanage to pick up Suzume before going to Kai’s house only to realize that his guardian, Ishiru, had no idea where he was. He was, apparently, training with Arashi although Arashi had said nothing about it.

The two returned to the ramen shop and confronted Arashi about Kai’s disappearance to which he replied “He’s either alive or dead. So don’t worry about it.” Deciding that now was not the time for questions, they followed their sensei to the mission-distributing headquarters. They were given a special yellow scroll, distributed by the kage himself, as their next C-Rank mission. It was intended for Kai, Yasei, and Suzume and had only the sentence “Find and Arrest/Kill the Head of the Opium Cartel.” Arashi then left them on their own, saying if they had any questions he’d hear them.

Unsure of where to begin, but determined to successfully complete the mission, Yasei and Suzume headed to the Police Headquarters. The Uchiha in charge said that they had much bigger things to worry about so they had little helpful information about the cartel. Lacking much of a lead, the squadmates decided to ask for help from the street-smart gang-member Sayuri, also previously a classmate at the academy. Unsure of where to find her, they tracked down her squadmate Sutomo and found out that she usually hangs out in the Lantern District downtown. So, Yasei and Suzume head downtown.


S1:Episode 7 - Second Mission! What Lurks in the Mysterious Cave?

The squad meets with Arashi in the morning and choose the only interesting D-Rank mission; investigating a mysterious cave, likely to be infested with rabid raccoons. They reached a very mysterious cave and Arashi sent them all in. The squad went in the cave and discovered a sleeping bear chained to the wall. They left the bear behind and continued until they came across a lab full of mysterious ingredients and a bunk room with people shuffling around. Kaicalled out, feigning the innocence of a lost child. Upon finding out that these people were likely drug dealers, he struck one down and the others fled into another room. Arashi, hearing the confusion, stuck his head in for a moment and asked if they needed help, to which they said no. He left once again.

The squad attempted to fight the drug dealers from the cramped hallway but quickly found that such close quarters were hindering each others’ techniques. So, Kai and Yasei got out of the way and allowed Suzume to preform her sand attack which took out a few guys and knocked part of the wall over, obscuring the entrance to the room. After a moment of deliberation regarding their next move, Kai made multiple duplications of himself while Yasei placed explosive tags on their bodies. They then sent the clones over the rubble and had them explode, effectively destroying the room and people in it.

The squad then got Arashi and showed them their handiwork. He was impressed once more and excited by the appearance of the bear. He released it from its chain, but it cowered from his presence. Arashi then took the squad back to the mission headquarters to receive their ryo for the job. As it happens, they had “accidentally” completed a C-Rank mission with the drug dealers while Arashi had taken care of their D-Rank while they were busy. Arashi was excited at the prospect of the B-Rank, maybe A-Rank, maybe Super S-Rank mission in store for his promising new recruits until he was reminded that they should probably learn more techniques first. He promised to teach them more before assigning more missions and everyone went home.


S1:Episode 6 - First Mission: Super Mega Ninja Assassin, Go!

Arashi arrives at each of his squad’s households the next morning, gathering them to complete the D-Rank he has secured for them. He is visibly disappointed with the lack of killing his students will be doing, regaling them with tales of how he had killed waaaaaay more than100 people by the time he was eleven. The D-Rank in question is providing special effects for the new movie Super Mega Ninja Assassin.

The squad arrives at the movie set and are told that they would essentially be hengeid versions of the main actors and provide the ninjutsu and taijutsu effects. Kai was visibly disappointed in not securing the main role. After providing a few scenes of sweet ninja moves, Kai decided that his talents were better allocated towards the lead role and genjutsu’d the main actor. Believing the cast was being assaulted by a real monster, the main actor writhed in fear, crying his eyes out while Arashi, noticing the genjutsu, rolled around laughing on the floor. The director tried to reassert control over the movie, but soon Arashi dashed onto the stage, declaring himself as “Arashi Totoro, the Avatar of Heaven!” and displaying amazing feats of ninja prowess. The director threw his script on the ground and left. The sensei and his students then engaged in intensely-faked ninja fights for five hours during which the cameramen filmed and proclaimed how a great a movie this would become.

Having completed the mission, Arashi was in a great mood and offered to take the squad on another mission, this time involving killing, he promised. Then, realizing that it was around midnight, let everyone go home, promising a cool new mission tomorrow.


S1:Episode 5 - Life or Death: Chakra Control Training, Part 2

Everyone in restaurant blinks in astonishment as they take in the scene in front of them. Arashi is surrounded by six ANBU ninja, each appearing to be ready to unleash seals, ninjutsu and swords against him at any given moment. Arashi’s hand covers the terrified face of Aki Waru, but his arm is being grasped firmly by a masked ANBU ninja with long blue hair and seals carved into her arms. Arashi pauses and slowly looks up the distorted arm of the ninja holding him. He chuckles darkly, “This is all they have guarding me? If I wanted her to be dead, you couldn’t have stopped me.” He slowly lifts hand from Aki’s head and straightens his stance. The ANBU leader tilts her head slightly and signals for the other ninja to disengage. He turns and walks back to his squad’s table, “Keep that thing away from my squad.” As he returns, his eyes which had for that moment gained the appearance of a wolf, fade back to normal.

Arashi sits back down and begins to eat his meat as if nothing had happened. The ANBU corps disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared. Tao appears to still be reeling from the encounter. Aki’s mother and squad leader, Sabuku Waru leads her squad from the restaurant promptly, shooting dirty looks at Arashi the whole time (but he don’t give a fuck). Lunch continues in stunned silence until Yasei speaks up in a small voice, “…thank you.” Arashi looks over at her, “Nah, fuck those people. Don’t worry about it,” and continues eating.

After lunch, Arashi sighs again, “Alright! Let’s keep it up.” He takes them to a nearby lake, “Time to walk on water,” he demonstrates the technique and allows his squad to learn the task without threatening their lives this time. While initially it gives the squad trouble, they all learn the trick to it in about thirty minutes. Arashi looks very pleased when he sees them all standing on the water, “Good job guys! You’re doing really well. I think you need more of a challenge though, I mean, when I was your age, I had already done so many missions, killed so many people…” he pauses before starting again, “Yeah, I’ll get you guys a real mission to do tomorrow. I’ll meet you guys here in the morning.” The squad members all go home, excited at the prospect of a real mission.



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