(Group A-3) Sutomu Totaro

Raiton/Fuinjutsu User


“It just means I have to try a little harder than everyone else, that’s all”

Sutomu is the sister of the once prodigal ninja Arashi Totaro and suffers from much discrimination because of all the death her brother caused. She aspires to be a greater ninja than her brother, but finds it difficult to live up to the reputation of the “Avatar of Heaven”. Her brother’s release from prision has made her a bit more edgy lately because he seems to give her the cold shoulder whenever she brings up ninjutsu. Whenever she asks him for help with training he tells her to pick a new career and that she isn’t ninja material. She tries harder than any other ninja in the academy and is constantly practicing and studying, but it seems like she still always falls slightly behind the rest of the ninja. On paper she has the best grades in the class and is a master of ninja theory and theoretical nin-jutsu, however in practice she always seems to fall short, much to her dismay and frustration.

Sutomu is often very cheerful at school but becomes visibly stressed during ninja practice, although she manages to remain outwardly cheerful. She always is studying or training at the training ground, some people have even spread rumors that she doesn’t sleep. She has very few friends despite her cheerful personality and often shrugs off invitations because she has “plans” which often equates to studying.

Her parents are Ayame Totaro, she used to be called the “iron Wolf of Mibu” but she died when the moonlight village was destroyed, and Raiku Totaro an ex ninja who retired after loosing his arm and a renown raiton user, he now runs the local ramen shop and tells stories of his prime (extremely embellished stories.) Raiku and Arashi argue alot now that he has been released from prison, it seems to be mostly about her. Arashi seems very adamant about not allowing her to become a ninja, while her father thinks Arashi is being a hypocrit.

Time Skip
Sutomu has considered quiting being a ninja several times over these last three years. Ketsui has brutally beaten her and her squadmates within an inch of their lives and mentally tortured them for days on end in the middle of the woods. But because of all the Sutomu’s mental and physical state are leagues ahead of where they were.
Sutomu awoke one morning during the timeskip, shortly after Kai killed his father, she awoke with full control of her chakra. She isn’t sure what happened except that Ketsui seemed to be in a bad mood the next day and felt alot better when she found out Sutomu could use chakra properly. Becasue of this Sutomu has rocketed ahead of the rest of her peers in ninjutsu and fuinjutsu capabilities. Her deep understanding of metachakra has also led her to be a true engine of mass destruction on the battlefield.
Sutomu has also spent alot of time defending Kai against her other peers, often at her loss. She seems to think that Kai would never do something so horrible, she also seems to miss him deeply.
During this time skip she also finally was granted the Brand of the Beast by the wolves, formally accepting her into their family. She’s been spending alot of time with an old man who lives with the wolves named Alias

(Group A-3) Sutomu Totaro

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