(Player) Suzume [DECEASED]


Suzume is a 11 year old orphan with semi-long straight red hair that she will often tie back or braid to keep out of her face while training. She has blue eyes that will lighten and darken with her mood. She tends to wear more “traditional” outfits if she has the option.


When Suzume was first born her father was killed in a battle defending the hidden sand, leaving her mother to raise her. They moved to the shattered sky village as soon as they could, but her mother never gave her a reason. Until the age of six Suzume lived peacefully with her mother, often asking for about stories of her father and what he was like, along with the frequently asked “how did you and daddy meet?”. But then her mother became grievously ill and passed away a few months later. Before she died though she told the orphanage owner, Ku, about her daughter and the situation that was going on so that she would still have a home.

As time went one Suzume found the orphanage became her home, she enjoyed the others and was happy to help whenever Ku needed her to. Throughout her time in the orphanage she started to learn about the basics of the way of the Ninja and wanted to do that as soon as she could. She didn’t want to lose anyone else she cared for if she could help it.

As Suzume further looked into things she would stay up for days if she found something that interested her, reading up on everything she could about it. This ended up being the reason she got into the academy at an early age. One of the things that has really fascinated her are puppets, along with fuinjutsu, which she often tries to study when she isn’t on a mission or helping out with the orphanage. In general Suzume tries to help as much as possible and loves to encourage the kids and play with them. But once she gets onto the field she tries her hardest to not let her emotions control her, or at least as much as an eleven year old ninja can.

given a sacred comb from arashi before the time skip…
made from the bones of the last fish of its kind, (a really big seahorse)
metachakra item to empower jutsu with the sacred element
harm a living creature with a jutsu and it will break, get blood on it and it’ll break

killed a lesser jealousy demon in the land of storms, it was a young boy who was the worst student in the academy… started killing everyone better than him, ate their bodies and gained their power.

(Player) Suzume [DECEASED]

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