(NPC) Uuzu-chan Uchiha

Dancer of the Shadow Nation [The Rainmaker]


Uuzu-chan is the perfect example of the epitome of Dancing Prowess. His Sharigan, although not quite as powerful as the Kage’s, is widely respected among all the Uchiha clansmen and he is widely accepted as the most sugoi ninja currently alive. During the war, he was apart of the entertainment division of the Shadow military, where he donned his trademark short-shorts to provide riveting dancing performances which rallied the Uchiha forces in times of dire need. Although his behavior affronted Uuzu Uchiha to no end, he was unable to stop Uuzu-chan’s dancing due to the outpouring of support from a suddenly above-ground force of Uchiha who fervently lobbied for freedom of artistic expression in both the outlets of dancing and furry conventions. The grudge Uuzu hold towards Uuzu-chan runs deep.

Uuzu-chan, now past his prime, relies mostly on his outstanding charisma during potential combat. In most cases, his beautiful face deters enemies from engaging him, but at times he is forced to break into dance to convince his opponents that killing him would be an affront to both gods and men. Because of this, he began to be called “The Rainmaker” since his dancing would bring all around him to tears and cause them to furiously throw money in all directions.

(NPC) Uuzu-chan Uchiha

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