(NPC) Icarus

A man of God.


Icarus was born in the expanse to a religous tribe. They follow a god that believes in virtue above all things, but also in virtue at any cost. Icarus however was born as a reject to his God. It is a strange phenomena that seems to be inherited when the father dies. He desires everything in the world and bears a dark taint that cannot be cleansed with the great holy fire the clan posseses. Inside of him lies a dark flame of Greed. Because of this he was exciled from the church.

Icarus met Arashi while he was looting some raiders that attacked him on his way home. Arashi told him that he knew who and what he was, a battle ensued that ultimately ended with Icarus on his back looking into the sky. It was at this moment Arashi slammed something into his stomache and pain filled Icarus’s body. It felt as though white fire was burning though his veins and then it abruptly stopped. As he continued to gaze into the sky he could feel his God’s warm embrace, he felt a feeling of pure peace that seemed to cleanse him of his past crimes. He stood up and thanked Arashi for brinigng him into the arms of his God for the first time, a God he thought had abandoned him. He swore an oath to his God, and a secound to Arashi. They were oaths of service, from that moment on he became a priest of his God and swore to bring as many pure souls into his warm embrace as he could.

Icarus does not yet understand the customs of this strange nation Arashi has brought him to and he still doesn’t understand why there are so many demons and corrupt men here. But he intends to send as many as he can to meet his God in Heaven.

(NPC) Icarus

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