(Kage) Uuzu Uchiha

Yorukage of the Shadow Nation [The Ferryman]


Uuzu is the perfect example of the epitome of Visual Prowess, his sharigan is widely regarded as the most powerful among all the Uchiha clansmen and he is widely accepted as the most powerful ninja currently alive. During the was he and the Uchiha sided with the Sand Nation as an excuse to destroy the Hidden Plains Village and all the Byakugan wielders. The Hyuuga/Uchiha grudge runs deep between these two nations.

Uuzu, now past his prime, relies mostly on his sharingan during combat. During the war he would ignite entire armies with his ocular jutsu and reanimate their burning corpses to spread the flames. Whenever he arrived at a battleground, there was nothing but death. Because of this he began to be called “The Ferryman” believing he was death incarnate.

(Kage) Uuzu Uchiha

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