(Kage) Taiyo

Sunakage of the Sand [The Glass Blower]


Taiyo is 32 and one of the most feared frontline ninja of the war. His mastery of Doton, Katon, and Suiton as well as his mastery of the Idosuna bloodline earned him the title of Taiyo the Glass Blower. His mixture of fire and sand let him control shards of razorsharp glass while his use of his lava release and suiton let him control even sharper shards of obsidian against tougher opponets. Generally he enters the fray himself with his god like swordsmanship while his clones control his bloodline for him.

He singlehandedly won several battles during the war against entire armies and assisted in the rapid eastward expansion of the Sand Nation.


(Kage) Taiyo

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