(Kage) Suzushi Yozai

Namikage of the Crashing Waves [The Alabaster Cyclone]


During the war the Crashing Waves Nation tried to remain neutral through the larger part of the war, but was eventually drug into it when the sand nation had reached too far eastward. Because of her fighting style she was often alone on the battlefield, she would summon incomprehensibly large storms mixed with acidic fog against her enemies, the storms were so large it was impossible to find her on the battlfield and even the great Idosuna bloodline users were often forced to retreat from the battle. However, once a battle started with her the winds made it almost impossible to escape, she was known for never leaving survivors.

The white acidic mist she specializes in has earned her the title of The Alabaster Cyclone.

(Kage) Suzushi Yozai

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