(NPC) Saigo Uchiha [DECEASED]

Ex-Demekage of the Shattered Sky


Saigo is 44 and the Kage of the Shattered Sky village. He was born and raised in the Shadow Nation and taught the importance of Uchiha blood and family lineage. Saigo’s family branch was relatively high up in the political sphere and thus Saigo was expected to act in a mannor becoming of such a title. Saigo’s branch was one of the seven branches that stemed from the original royal family and one of only three that was connected to the original mangekyo awakening. Although this seems like a big deal in reality he was 42nd in line to the throne and showed little promise as far as Uchiha ninja prowess goes. This isn’t to say he was a weak ninja, he aquired the title of chunin at the age of 12, he just wasn’t a prodigy of the village like Uzu.

Saigo personaly didn’t care near as much about the throne as his family did and spent more of his time studying histoy, art, and forign culture than actually training to become kage one day. He was particularly interested in the history of the Sharingan. He was regarded as overly bookish by many of his superiors and failed to rank up very high in the Uchiha millitary because of this. Due to his slow rise in the military his family decided a political career was more suited to Saigo and attempted to marry him into higher rank with another family. Saigo of course was not consulted about this choice. Saigo was married to Hikaru Uchiha, the daughter of the current Uchiha family leader. This was about the time the war was starting with the Sand Nation and Avalon. Alliances were quickly forming and the Shadow saw this as an opportunity to finally wipe out the Hyuga bloodline.

Saigo found to his suprise he actually enjoyed the company of Hikaru. Hikaru was equally suprised by Saigo’s intrests. She found his historical knowledge impressive and unique, she always poked fun at him for not being able to paint but loving art so much. Because of this Saigo spent alot of his free time trying to learn how to paint, regardless of how nice his paintings became she would always still make fun of them jokingly. The only part of the arrangement neither of them enjoyed was all of the public appearances they were expected to be apart of. Saigo especially hated all the ass kissing involved. The passive aggressive comments and acusations were litterally driving him mad.

Saigo and Hikaru were married a few months later and it seemed they were forced to spend even more time at parties and banquets now. Saigo found it frustrating that now that they were married they had even less personal time together. His family was continually making arangements with this person and that and was already planning unborn suitors for his “many sons and daughters”. He was just about done with his family’s overbearing envolvement in his life.

Saigo, not wanting to be under the thumb of his family the rest of his life joined the southern invasion force to get as far away from his family as possible, he had about enough of political facades and parties. One thing was for sure, he hated politics and had no intention of ever becoming a family head or kage.During the year he was gone his first son was born, Hono Uchiha. The first few years of the war went well for the Shadow nation, the Hidden Mountain Nation was falling quickly at the hands of the expert Uchiha ninja. But the battle slowly became more and more gruisome the more they pushed into the nation.

Another 12 years went by with Saigo on the southern front lines, it was at this point Saigo’s first son was sent to the front lines with him. His son quickly became an extremely dangerous ninja and was a strong Uchiha loyalist, mostly due to the influence of Saigo’s parents (Hono’s grandparents). Because of this Hono thought very little of his father. But as the fighting raged on Hono and Saigo slowly began to grow closer.

3 years later Saigo and Hono’s unit was trapped by the Yamakage’s brother Hageshi Iwa. The battle has little documentation and only three things are known for certain. One; Saigo was the only one to surive on the Uchiha side, Two; Hageshi was forced into a retreat and his unit was decimated, and Three; Saigo had awakened the mangekyo sharingan, the same mangekyo as the first wielder of the mangekyo.

Saigo was called back to the capitol and was close to insanity, always muttering somethign about how sorry he was or that it was the only way to survive. Over the next 5 years Saigo recovered and was interogated about his eyes. His family was pushing to have him become the new family head because of his mangekyo power proving he was the direct link to the ancient blood. Hikaru tried to keep Saigo as far away from the other family members as possible as they mourned the death of their son, which was overshadowed by Saigo’s mangekyo in the family’s eyes. Saigo and Hikaru decided to try to have another child.

After Saigo’s recovery he began to delve even deeper into his sharingan research and was labled by most as insane or said that the death of his son had crushed him too much to ever recover. He researched ancient texts, tablets, and ruins for about a year before he was called back to the southern front which was started to be pushed back by the powerful mountain nation. Before he left his secound son was born, Kai Uchiha. Hikaru and Saigo both agreed to keep Hono a secret from him and try to make sure his grandparents didn’t meddle in his life.

Saigo spent the next seven years on the front lines fighting the armies of a powerful general named Ishiru and eventually became a general himself. When the Avatar of Heaven attacked them Saigo was fighting Ishiru, who he had suprisingly come to respect as a warrior. Saigo used every last ounce of his mangekyo’s power to save Ishiru and as many other people as he could. After saving them both armies were shocked by what had happened and they called a cease fire. Ishiru helped Saigo back to health until he was well enough to read the reports he was receiving. The Shadow was not backing down even after all these attacks, Ishiru claimed that neither was the Mountain nation. They both agreed to become deserters and go to the new refugee lands in the East.

Saigo secretly returned in the dead of night and snuck his wife and son out of the village, many of the Uchiha in his squad did the same, some were caught and exicuted as traitors.

When Saigo and Ishiru arrived in the broken lands there was constant fighting, civil war, and not nearly enough food to go around. It was chaos. Saigo and Ishiru combined their forces and quelled the fighting through force and created a moch governernment to maintain peace and order as well as to distribute food. Ishiru and Saigo became very close and eventually Ishiru pledged himself to Saigo’s family, much to Saigo’s embarassment.

After the Celestial Concord the Shattered Sky became a village. It was no suprise that Saigo was voted to be their kage after the order he had brought them. Hikari made fun of him because of how much he complained about the position. This was litterally the last thing he ever wanted, but Hikari helped him though it. He dreaded not being able to spend much time with his son, but he was always busy and never actually spent much time with Hono outside of the front lines either. Saigo didn’t know a thing about parenting, which is why he was so grateful for Hikari.

During this time Tao and Souisne came to him with a sealed cross with the Avatar of Heaven sealed on it. They explained their story, who he was, who they were, and all they had done during the war. Saigo felt sorry for them and knew the war had taken a great toll on all the refugees here. The Council voted to have The Avatar of Heaven executed because of the threats they were receiving from the Shadow nation. As a display of dominance over the village and to shwo the Shadow Nation that they had no control over the Shattered Sky Village even though he was an Uchiha he made the executive order to keep the Avatar of Heaven alive as leverage with other nations.

OVer the years Hikari became pregnant with Saigo’s third son, but she fell very ill and it was very likely both her and the child would perish. Saigo had taken to having long conversations with the Avatar of Heaven sealed to his cross. When he told him about his wife being ill the Avatar of Heaven claimed he could save the child, but not the wife. Saigo was outraged but eventuall saw he didn’t have any other choice. With the supervision of the Anbu, Sousne, and Tao they partially released the Avatar of Heaven to deliver the child 2 mounths prematurely. The Avatar of Heaven used his knowledge of medical ninjutsu to keep the child alive and stable for the next two months inside a chakra enriched false womb. The Avatar of Heaven warned Saigo that the child might react poorly to the forign chakra, but it the child grew inside the false womb and the chakra seemed to enrich his growth rather than hinder it.

After the child was born Saigo named it Kyo, the name Hikari wanted to give to their first child but Saigo had said he didn’t like the name. He completely re sealed the Avatar of Heaven but promised he would find a way to release him as thanks.

Ishiru took to raising the boys while Saigo lead the village, afraid to fail as a father he burried himself in work and mourned the loss of his wife. He began to push to have the Avatar of Heaven released under a “rehabilitation” program as a sensei to the village genin but the council wouldn’t bite as the village Acadamy was seen as inferior to private tutoring and not worth taking such a large risk with. Saigo began a campign to improve the public opinion of the school and enrolled his own son into this program and upon his graduation had the Avatar of Heaven released as his son’s sensei.

Unfortuneatly as Saigo ruled as Kage people began to hate and distrust him. They beleived he was war mongering when in reality he was just trying to do what he thought was best for the village. Once things started to get heated in other countries and the Celestial Concord appraoched its end he began to remillitarize the nation. The people saw this as an attempt on his part to spark a war, as most of the peasentry doesn’t undderstand the politics of war. Once people began to revolt he knew it was time to do something.

Saigo decided he would have his life and those of the council ended and allow his only friend on the counil Kisho Taifu to take the posistion as Kage. However he knew if he did the dead no one would ever allow there to be another Kage, the power vaccume would be filled by some elected official. He needed to find someone he could trust more than anyone, his son.

Saigo spent the next couple of years doing everything with his children and blowing off his work as a Kage for the most part. These were the happiest days of his life, and they were certainly some of the happiest days of his childrens life. He did things a father should do with his children. He also contacted his very close cousin and made a request of him. He made him promise to watch over Saigo’s family if anythign were to happen to him. His cousin agreed.

However, this peace could not last. Eventually the fateful day came when he told Kai his plan. Kai would end his life and take his Mangekyo sharingan. However, with the knowledge Kai and Saigo gleamed from the Sharingan scroll of knowledge Kai had taken from Arashi they realized there was a step beyond the Mangekyo, something much more powerful. With Saigo’s death Kai would awakened his Mangekyo and would then use his Mangekyo rage to kill everyone on the council except Kisho and flee the village. He would then find someone to transplant Saigo’s eyes into his own to awaken his Darkbane Mangekyo, so that even in death Saigo might still be able to protect his son. With this, Saigo’s will would be done and the village would be ready for war.

In the coming months Kai was branded as a traitor to the vilalge and Saigo was shamed. Saigo had given everything to protect the vilalge even more than his own life, he also gave the happy life of his son away for the village, a vilalge that would never respect him or his son.

(NPC) Saigo Uchiha [DECEASED]

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