(Kage) Kyofu Toppa

Hotokage of the Searing Wind [The Black Death]


While the Searing Wind nation may be small, several of the ninja from the now dissolved Wind Nation fled here. The wind prowess of the Searing Wind Ninja is unmatched by any other nation. Their Kage Kyofu has managed to make them a world power, despirte their size.

During the war he pushed back the Fire Nation from ever causing any real threat to the rest of the ninja world and ensured the Fire Nation would never become a world power again. He is mild natured outwardly but in battle he is a ruthless warrior. He has been described as a wind of death that sweeps over the battlefield pulling the life from those he fights. His Kokufuton (black wind) style is one of the most fear ninjutsu style in all the world. The complexity of the jutsu alone confounds many analysits, even the great sharingan users are unable to mimic his Kokufuton.

The jutsu apears as a black mist rushing through the air which infects thouse it blows through with a horrible sickness that causes them to slowly vommit their insides and bloat on the battlefield. Because of the moral loss from fighting him he is simply known as Kyofu, The Black Death.

(Kage) Kyofu Toppa

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