(Kage) Hageshi Iwa

Yamakage of the Mountains [The Iron Acropolis]


With the recent death of Hageshi’s brother he has taken over the post of Yamakage for him to restabalize the contry. The sturdy mountain nation is embodied in its Kage, Hageshi has been refered to by man as “the man who can’t be moved”. His near invulnerable body has been modified by doton chakra, during the war he was seen as a force of nature and was called The Iron Acropolis. He would trap large armies in iron walls with his tetsuton (iron style) and then he would seige them until they either surrendered or starved.

He would also use this style on the battlefield and have his forces shoot arrows over the walls into the trapped army.

(Kage) Hageshi Iwa

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