(NPC) Ishiru

Legendary Samurai [The Demon Blade of the South]


Ishiru was born in the Mountain nation to a samurai father and a artist mother. They lived in a time of relative peace before the war started and the ninja clans asked the assistance of his village in the conflict. Ishiru learned the dual arts of the mind and body. He mastered the sword but also his caligraphy (due to his mother’s teachings). Ishiru was particularly found of ink paintings, and quickly mastered the art. His father trained him ruthlessly in the art of the sword until his body could no longer bear the burden, at which point they would break for lunch.

When the war started the samurai were called on, and as samurai they were bound to the requests of their lords. Ishiru left with his father to the front lines and left his artwork and poetry behind. Eventually his fatehr was lain low in combat and IShiru was left alone on the front lines without his father, but he was honor bound to remain and fight. The sharingan users of the north were powerful and not easily defeated. But Ishiru learned ways around the ninja devil’s tricks.

It wasn’t until Ishiru was sent back behind friendly lines for medical treatment that he learned his mother had died shortly after him and his father left due to starvation. It seemed her art couldn’t cover the bills and his lord didn’t make good on his promise to feed his family in his absense.

Ishiru, betrayed by his lord and bound deeply to his country did not know what to do. He became a ronin for a time, his heart ached with contradiction. Did he continue to serve the country he loved under a new lord or did he throw away the sword and leave this horrible war. During his travels he discovered something truely interesting, a mountain in the southern lands of the country that was home to dragons. He decided to fight these dragons to hopefully find meaning in the path he was to choose.

When he arrived however these dragons were not the bloodthirsty creatures he had expected to do battle with. They were thinkers and artists, like his mother. Ishiru layed down his sword and pleaded to stay with the dragons. They permitted him to stay and learn their ways as long as he helped defend them from the more barbaric dragons thatt roamed the world and envied these dragon’s nest.

Ishiru stayed and learned the ancient arts of the dragon, as well as their art. He also learned the invaluable art of dragon slaying. IShiru was not only trained in the dragon arts, but also given insight into rare types of jutsu the dragons had created. After three years IShiru had decided he must rejoin the battle in the north, he had lived in exile for too long. The dragon elder however told him of a temple to stop at on the way.

At this temple Ishiru found an old artists who had mastered the art of bringing his art to life. Ishiru studied under this man and was eventually let inside of his dark shrine. Ishiru found a powerful demon in this shrine, a demon that Ishiru layed low. The old man however told Ishiru this demon was bound to him, and would not be defeated simply with the sword. The old man told Ishiru that he had lived a long life and birthed no sons, he was the last of his kin. But that also meant that the demon would be free once he died with no sons to transfer it to. He pleaded Ishiru to take on the burden and slain him. Ishiru was conflicted, he adored this gentle old man but he knew he could not allow this demon to roam free. He cut down the old man and took the wrathful demon into himself.

With his new found strength and purpose he returned to the front line, fighting back the wrathful erges the demon seemed to fill his mind with. Ishiru spent the next five years of the war fighting on the front lines as a rogue soldier under no banner. HE slew uchiha left and right and eventuall built up a following of ronin. These ronin pledged their loyalty to Ishiru instead of their corrupt lords. IShiru had become a symbol of protection to the Mountain Nation and was honored as such (never formally howeverr).

During a later battle with his greatest rival, Saigo Uchiha, a terrible force was unleashed that desimated the entire battlefield. Ishiru and a few of his soldiers were saved by Saigo, who was incapacitated by the attack. Ishiru left this man allive out of respect. But his nation insisted to continue the war effort.

IT was because of this Ishiru left with Saigo and helped return order the wind nation. He pledged his loyalty to Saigo as his new lord and all his family to come. Ishiru had finally found the path he wished to walk, and he would walk it with honor. In this way he could finally bring honor to his famirry.

(NPC) Ishiru

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