(Group B-3 Sensei) Kagami Uchiha

Sharingan Specialist [The Sleeping Mirror]


“Why would I make my own techniques when everyone else’s are so good?”

Kagami is one of Saigo’s cousin’s but is closer to Saigo than his own brothers. Kagami was ridiculed and counted out as an Uchiha upon his birth when he was unable to use fire, wind, or even lightining natured technqiues. Kagami was born with the suiton affinity and would later discover earth as his secoundary element. When he was young he was raised by his single mother and didn’t have a father to teach him Uchiha hijutsu, instead his mother taught him the sublties of the sharingan. He pouured his heart and soul into mastering the sharingan to make up for his lacking of an “Uchiha Affinity”. He also studied the nature of chakra affinity deeply in his spare time to try and find ways of gaining a fire affinity.
He discovered that all humans are born with all five elemental nature’s inside of them and as they grow in spiritual strength they are able to draw those affinities out, obviously the closest one to the top becomes their primary affinity. He used this knowledge to specially train himself to gain more chakra natures until he had not only mastered fire, but also lightining and wind. Now with all five chakra affinities he hoped the clan would be more receiving of him. However, they still turned him away. Now his his 20s it was far too little and far to late to be considered “redeemed”. Kagami sunk into a deep depression that his mother saw.
Kagami’s mother then revealed to him the circumstances of his birth, his father was a moukton user from the Forest Nation she met duringn the war. She swore never to tell him lest the clan think even less of him, being born from the enemy that is. Saigo found himself outraged with his mother at first, but eventually forgave her and thanked her for telling him.
Saigo decided to go look for his father in the Forest Nation sense the Shadow had been so cruel to him. Eventually he found his father and trained in the arts of mokuton with him.
After quickly msatering Mokuton with his extremely powerful sharingan he left to get his mother back from the Shadow NAtion and bring her to the Forest nation to live with him and his father. So he snuck back accorss the border and found his mother had been sent to fight while he was away. He found out that she had been sent to fight the mountain nation, where she was slain.
Kagami, being young and unreassonable sighned up withthe Shadow millitary to fight the southern Mountain Nation. It was here that he fought under his cousin Saigo. The Uchiha quickly saw that Kagami had a mastery over the sharingan most beleived was impossible. After seeing a technique once in the heat of battle he could not only copy it, but make it stronger and send it right back. Kagami also never forgot a technique he copied, people began to think Kagami knew every jutsu ever made and he began to earn the respect of the Uchiha clan. The soldiers started calling him “Kagami the Sleeping Mirror” because he always overslept. The name stuck and eventually became a call of fear from the enemy.
Eventually Kakami realized he could even copy Hyoton techniques by mimicing the chakra fusion of wind and water. This was only possible because of his mastery of chakra and ninjutsu. People began to beleive there was nothing Kagami couldn’t copy.
It was towards the end of the war Kagami developed a new secret original technique. He found a way to not only copy someone’s technique but steal it. It a method he kept secret to all but himself he could copy a technique and force his opponet to fail at casting it after watching him use it. It was this that truelly made him a terrifying opponet on the battlefield. The more techniques you used against him, the stronger he got and the weaker you got.
Eventually Saigo decided to leave the frontlines after the event with the Avatar of Heaven. Saigo had saved his and everyone else’s lives. Kagami had then realized that he was directing his hatred to the wrong people and left with Saigo
His life in the Shattered Sky had been relatively calm as he relaxed and sleapt the days away until Saigo was murdered by his own son. Kagami also received a mysterous letter from Saigo the next day telling him that he was expected to be Kyo’s godfather. Kagami accept the responsibility and once again doned his fighter’s cloak and started training Kyo like his mother taught him in the subtlties of the sharingan.

(Group B-3 Sensei) Kagami Uchiha

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