(Group B-3) Konagona [DECEASED]

Dual Swords / Demonic Powers


“That smell…”

Konagona was born to a relatively average familly. She had a mother, a father, two older brothers, and an older sister. Everything changed when Konagon turned 7 however. Her family was sitting down for dinner one night when her mother erupted in green flames as a skeletal figure seemed to rip and tear her body apart. Her father tried to fight her mother away from the skeletal creature but was splattered acrross the wall as easily as one would push away an unwanted peice of meat. His body and blood covered the wall and her brothers. AS her mother began to burn away to ashes the flames suddenly died out as the remnants of her mother lay smouldering on the floor. Her family sat in stunned silence for a moment before she heard her oldest sibling, her sister, begin to scream. She turned to face her sister only to see the same flames burning away her body. Konagona was to frightened to move, her sister burned away even more rapidly than her mother, then her brothers were next. She sttod in paralyzed fear as he entire family burned to death infront of her, the smell of hot iron-like blood and beef stew filled the air and seemed to saturate every pore of her body.
When her final brother fell infront of her bawling and looking right at her she watched as his eye slowly burned away, glowing a bright green. That was when she started to feel hot and she passed out. She awoke in a dark black pool of water surrounded by small green candle like green flames. A great green burning skeleton stood before her and grabbed her. Her musscles went limp and she seemed to just give up, whatever this creature was going to do to her, there was nothing she could do to stop it. She felt as her body started to burn, but all she felt was a numb sensation drowned out by the anguish she felt at the death of her entire family just moments before. As she burned and lamented in this feeling of hopeless she found something deep within herself, it was a strange heat, but not a heat like the flames burning her flesh to the bone. It was an even hotter heat, a much more painful heat. It was like a hot coal burning away her insides, she let it rise up inside of her until it felt like her whole body was burning bright with its heat. She looked the creature in its eye sockets and let this heat overflow within her body, it was her unbridaled rage. She poured her rage into the demon and the demon’s flames began to reside. She fell from the demon’s grasp and got to her feet. She began to walk towards the demon with a wreath of red flames around her. She grabbed the demon and it began to burn instead of her. Her red flames began to cover its body until eventually it sizzled away. It was at this moment she fell unconcious.
Konagona awoke to the smell of stew. For a moment she beleive it was all a dream. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar place. She heard indistint whispering in another room and could only make out a few words; “Her whole family?” “All of them?” “It was the work of the devil” “monster” “monster” “monster” that word struck a cord deep somewhere within her stomache and caused the whole event to come rushing back. Her body responed before she could as she felt her insides come flowing out of her mouth. She stared at the last remnants of last nights stew laying on the floor next to her and felt tears pouring down her face as nurses came running into the room. Once again she felt the rage building up insdie of her, she let it flow out to protect her from the reality surrounding her and she was covered in a wreath of green flames that began to burn the nurses. She curled herself into a ball and began to cr as the flames grew larger and larger burning more and more. She continued to wrap herself in her rage like a security blanket, but is destroyed more and more until she once again fell unconious..
She came to this time in a strange iron room. There was a man with white hair and a man with blue hair speaking quickly. She felt a great pain in her body like fire and she was covered in white flames. The flames were coming from the man with the white hair and she cried out once again steeping herself in her protective rage. The man with bluehair however grabbed her, himself becoming covered in the white flames. She saw his face cringe and she knew he was in the same pain as her. He looked her in the eyes and shhed her. Something about him seemed to calm her down as he spoke words that she heard but didn’t comprehend. The whole world seemed to out of focus, like too much mashed potatoes. She began to smell stew again as she slowly lost conciousness once again..
This final time she awoke in another strange place. She looked around and saw an older woman with long red hair. Konagona tried to speak but her throat was raw and soar. The woman came over “Don’t try to speak” she said to Konagona. Konagona listened unsure of what was going on. The woman explained that she was a citizen of the Fire NAtion but she was now in the Holy Land, a place that would protect her. But Konagona didn’t want protection, she wanted….she wanted….She didn’t know what she wanted. All she knew is that she was angry, so angry. She wanted to kill that skeletal thing she wanted…she felt herprotective rage building up inside of her but something was puching it back. She smelled the rich smell of stew and felt a calming feeling wash over her that held the rage back. She looked up and saw the woman with red hair holding an iron rod with a tinge of worry in her eyes. When she saw that Konagona was incontrol she set the rod down and satt next to Konagona and began to speak………….

Konagona spen the next few years training as a “kunoichi” for the Holy Land until eventually she was sent to the Shattered Sky as a parrt of some diplomatic training exchange. She was placed into a group with some kid with wierd eyes and some girl with blue hair, she had seen hair like it…but couldn’t for the life of her remember where…The more she thought about it the more her head hurt. Something inside of her knew not to think about it, or where she came from, or who she was. All she knew was that she was a ninja now and these were her squadmates. But still…there was something deep inside of her, like a great black pressence under a deep ocean. She felt it like an animal feels a tiger watching with hungry eyes. She also wanted to know more about who she was and about her past, she longed for all the things she was without and could never find peace for some reasson. She always had a feeling of restlessness, like she needed to be doing something really important but she could never figure out what it was. Or why she always smelled stew when she was angry. She swore that someday she would find it all out and breakthrough whatever this mental barrior was. Until then she might as well act the part..

(Group B-3) Konagona [DECEASED]

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