(Group B-2) Rui

Monstrous Humanoid


“Humans are monsters”

Rui was born near a small border village in the Shattered Sky in a cave. Rui’s mother was born a freak, she was born as a strange monstrous humanoid. Because of this she was forced away from normal society. Rui was just a very small child at the time so she doesn’t really remember it very well but her adopted father Kanzen tells her that her mother was trying to get food for the both of them in the village when a gust of wind blew off her hood. The villagers chased her out of the village and tracked her to her cave. The villagers beat her mother to death with clubs and pitchforks but Rui was saved by a ninja from the Mountain Nation named Kanzen.

Rui traveled with Kanzen and hid her face from onlookers until they reached a farming village were she was able to convince people she had a skin condition, but the people were always skeptical. Eventually her and Kanzen left to become ninjas again, Kanzen offered to get Rui a small home but she wanted to be a ninja as well. It was at this point she decided to stop hiding what she was, as a ninja of the village the commoners couldn’t legally hurt her but she saw the want in their eyes. Rui holds a slowly growing bitter resentment for normal people.

No one knows the darker side of people better than Rui, when people see something they don’t understand they become fearful, and that fear turns into anger.

Rui specializes in firestyle ninjutsu and uses her rapid healing abilities, armor like scales, and claws when she needs to in close range. Rui can also regrow her lost limbs when necessary, but it takes quite a long time.

(Group B-2) Rui

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