(Group B-2) Kukuchi Heisuke

Grapple Specialist / Snake Summoner


“True shinobi are the shadows that dance amoungst the flames”

Kukuchi is what most people would call a recluse. He was born into a very old shinobi family that has instilled the old ways of the ninja into him. Subtly, deception, stealth, and mastery over the shadows. Kukuchi is overflowing with Charisma and can easily walk into a room and befriend everyone inside of it. During missions he has been known to do this deceptively just as effectively as he does with his friends. It makes his squadmates wonder sometimes if he is really their friend at all.

Kukuchi’s family has a close relationship with the snakes that served as spies during the 30 years war and Kukuchi has a blood pact with them. They’ve taught him the secrets to holding onto something and not letting it go. Kukuchi also has exceptional control of his own chakra and has a small interest in medical ninjutsu.

In the Acadamy Kukuchi was the second highest ranked student and there was talk of putting him into the advanced group before some other girl not from the academy was put into instead of him. He was a bit bitter over it but he enjoys his group well enough. He thinks Asu is optimistic to be a ninja however and often criticizes his methods. He can tell Rui holds a deep resentment towards others but he still tries his best to be her friend.
Kanzen is always telling him that partnerships are more important than mission objectives but Kukuchi disagrees. Death is a calculated risk of war, objectives however need to be won and sometimes they cost lives. At least that’s what his family has drilled into him, a shinobi has no feelings or love, only shadows.

(Group B-2) Kukuchi Heisuke

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