(Group B-2) Asu Ji



“It’ll all work out”

Asu comes from a well regarded ninja house in the village. His mother and father are both doton specialists and so is Asu. Asu doesn’t have any fancy bloodlines but he is a natural born leader and has a shining personality. He always seems calm and upbeat in almost any situation and has a very “Can-do” attitude. He always makes those around him strive for more than they could normally accomplish and never lets failure get him or those around him upset. This personality type has driven him to the rank of genin and will likely drive him to being a sensei some day. His optimism does sometimes have its flaws while on missions though, and often an objective will go uncompleted because of a miscalculation by Asu.
Asu isn’t smart by any means but he has a natural talent for doton in his blood an exceptionally tough body. His optimism and tough body make him almost impossible to take down in one on one fights. He specializes in protecting others from harm, sometimes at his own risk. and believes a team needs to be held together by someone like himself.
He looks up to Kanzen and his abilities, even though Kanzen is a bit too serious sometimes, he thinks Rui is nice enough and doesn’t like it when people are mean to her, he seems to think something is weird with Kukuchi but thinks he is still a nice enough guy and would more than willing to take a few hits for him.

(Group B-2) Asu Ji

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