(Group B-1) Ryu Taifu

Iron Wire/Raiton


“You thought being a ninja would be easy? Pathetic”

Ryu is the grandson of the current Kage. Because of this a lot is expected of him. He received special tutelage while at the Academy and because of this scored above average on every aspect of his tests. Ryu has always been rather condescending to others, not because of his status but because of his skill. Practice and training have always been pressed onto him so much that he has developed disdain for anyone who is lazy or untalented.
Ryu’s father died in the previous war and was taken in by his grandfather who trained him and his adopted sister to be great ninjas. He more or less beat the ideas of self reliance into the two of them.
Ryu’s weapon of choice is ninja wire, this was his father’s fighting style. He combines this with his affinity for lighting nature chakra for an even more devastating effect.
He doesn’t particularly like either of his teammates and would much rather just be trained by his sister by himself. His sister however insists that he learn to work with them and punishes him for trying to complete objectives by himself.
He does however admire Kyo Uchiha. Ryu always hates hearing people’s sob stories about their parents as excuses and Kyo doesn’t do that at all. Ryu wish’s that he was placed into Kyo’s group with Kagami, he is still a bit bitter about not being placed into the advanced group.

(Group B-1) Ryu Taifu

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