(Group A-4) Yukai

Prodigal Swordsman


“I’m sure it’ll work out”

Yukai has been at the orphanage sinse he was a baby; his mother died giving birth to him and his father is unknown. He never minded at all though, he is always extremely cheerful and seems to radiate happiness. It seems like his personal goal is to make everyone around him happy, at which he tends to succeed. He never gets flustered or upset; even if he fails at something, he just turns it into a joke. He always says that if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at anything? He also says that if there is something you are ashamed of, you should wear it like armor so it can never be used against you. He has only been seen angry once, and that was when Sanagi was making fun of Umi for almost failing her exam and she started crying. Inazuma and Yukai almost killed him. It was a terrifying sight, almost like all the happiness in the world had dried up and all that was left was his rage. Oddly enough, he also has a pet cloud…Yes, a cloud. Whenever anyone asks him about it, he just shrugs; it came to him one day and he has had it ever since. He rides it around sometimes and plays with it. It can’t lift him more than about ten feet off the ground, but he rides it everywhere.

Yukai is a wind user and also a master swordsman. He has more talent as a swordsman than anyone at the Academy has ever had. When the swordsman core requested him to join he refused, much to their anger. He said that anything that would pull him away from Umi and Inazuma would be unacceptable to him. The only reason he became a ninja in the first place was because Inazuma asked him. Because of this, a swordsman in the class named Silver was given the place instead and Silver has developed a hatred for Yukai extending far past a simple rivalry.

Time Skip
Over the time skip, Yukai heard rumors that Aki Waru was mocking Umi in death. Yukai confirmed the rumors and spent a full month in a ninja containment facility after putting her in Intensive care for a week. It was the first time many saw Yukai’s full power and it was at this point that people began to wonder who Yukai’s parents were for him to be so terrifyingly powerful.
After he got out of Ninja prison, Yukai spent a lot of time at the orphanage with Yasei and Inazuma. He was finally able to kind of let the memory of Umi slide away.
Yukai was approached by Silver over the timeskip and Silver made amends with him and asked to train with Yukai. Yukai, knowing Silver hated him, agreed, but did not go easy on him. He completely destroyed Silver everyday, but Silver was getting a lot better very quickly.
When Inazuna poured himself into finding Kai, Yukai began to worry about him. Unfortunately, now that Inazuma is an ANBU, Yukai doesn’t have access to his location or what mission he is on. So he spends his free time with Yasei training and hanging out instead.

(Group A-4) Yukai

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