(Group A-4 Sensei) Z

Speed Fuinjutsu


“I’ll never let a comrade die again”

No one at the Academy really knows why he goes by the name Z; however, he always dodges the question when asked to explain. Z used to be a rogue ninja allying himself with no village and no one really knows why he came to the Shattered Sky village. A lot of the adults remember him arriving covered in blood and crying when he arrived about 3 years ago. He has no family in the village and lives relatively alone. However, he is very cheerful and always completes his missions in record time. He loves hanging out with the younger ninja and teaching them new things and, as a matter of fact, he is usually either with the children or alone in his home. Most of the students refer to him as “Uncle Z”. He has never lost a comrade in battle and has failed a few missions by refusing to risk his men. Because of this, he has not selected for ANBU rank.

Z is the fastest ninja in the village, Arashi Totaro being the second fastest. He specializes in sealing ninjutsu also known as fuinjutsu. It’s an extremely complicated type of jutsu that he often tries to teach to students with little success.

(Group A-4 Sensei) Z

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