(Group A-4) Inazuma [DECEASED]

Stratagist/Raiton User


“I thought you guys said you were ANBU…”

Inazuma came to the orphanage at a late age compared to the others, he was old enough to remember his parents faces, although he can’t remember why they gave him up or how old he was when they left him, all they left him was an ANBU mask. He formed an immediate friendship with Yukai and Umi through his despair. Yukai managed to cheer him up and he felt a strange urge to protect Umi, as Yukai also felt, as if she were family to the both of them. They all became siblings through this experience. Inazuma eventually found out that his parents were shinobi, so he decided to become a shinobi in hopes of one day finding them. Yukai joined as well to watch his back and Umi followed them both. Inazuma is a very smart kid. He is no genius, but he is smart. Not just ninja smarts either, he knows the ways of the world and is a strategy master. He is the kind of guy that dreams big and always has a new idea he is telling people about, whether it be a harebrained invention or some strange philosophy on life, though he is never eccentric and never acts on them he just enjoys entertaining the idea. He doesn’t socilize much with anyone but Yukai and Umi, however Aki Waru has vocalized a crush she has on him. Although he finds her personality revolting be is still polite to her in his refusals. This has created a small seed of hatred in Aki’s heart for Umi.

Inazuma prefers to finish fights before they start, his team usually wins in moch field battle because of his masterful use of traps and plans, although his other performances are not quite up to snuff. He isn’t lazy, he just doesn’t see the point usually. If he finishes the fight before it starts why should he worry about being a ninjutsu or taijutsu master?

Time Skip
Inazuma blamed himself for Umi’s death. He felt so bad that for a long time he had a mental block preventing him from walking. Eventually with mental rehabilitation he regained the ability to walk. He and Kai spent alot of time together in those days and Kai helped him trhough alot. But when Kai killed his fatehr and the ninja council Inazuma felt betrayed by an Uchiha once again. The rational part of him knew something was fishy about everything that happened, but the small irrational part of him needed to capture Kai and seek out Justice.
Inazuma quickly became a jonin and joined the ANBU force that was asigned to finding him. Inazuma needed to see Kai face to face so he could know why Kai did what he did. Inazuma’s genius like intellect is the only reasson the ANBU forces were able to find him as many times as they did, but everytime they found him he managed to slip right out of their fingertips.
Sense Kai left Inazuma has not looked for his parents or talked to Yukai.

(Group A-4) Inazuma [DECEASED]

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