(Group A-3) Yaburu Kasumi

Taijutsu User


“Is there something you want?”

Yaburu is the tough and silent type, she prefers to ignore people and just do what she wants, often with little head to what the authorities think. The darker students like Sanagi have often tried to get her to join their ‘cliche’ but she hates them. She doesn’t disobey people for the purpose of breaking laws, she does it because she lives by one code, her own. Sayuri once asked her to join her gang, which was a big deal because Sayuri never ASKS to be someones friend, it just happens. Yaburu shrugged and agreed, nonchalantly. This was the first time she ever joined a group, she and Sayuri hang out alot, mostly at Sayuri’s desire, Yaburu just stands there listens while she talks normally. Yaburu is a taijutsu specialist, she favors brute force and is alot more strong than she looks. The only other type of jutsu she has any specialty in is chakra control, which she has an abnormal talent in for no apparent reason.

Yaburu’s parents are shrouded in mystery as she lives on the outskirts of the village and she is the only one that ever leaves the house. There are lots of rumors floating around about her parents, all of them as equally preposterous as the next.

The last three years have been hell on earth for Ketsui’s squad as she’s been drilling them both physically and mentally. Yaburu has been able to endure it better than the other two with her stoic nature and tough as nails body. She’s grown slightly more social with her other ninja peers due to Sayuri but is still quite and abbrasive to most people. She does seem to have an air of confidense about her these days.
Ketsui has taught her the bleeding fist style over the last three years. She is not a Hyuuga but she’s memorized the locations of most of the internal organs by this point, even if she still can’t quite close people’s chakra points yet.
Yaburu has remained by Sayuri’s side in the ninja gang, even though the village has labled them as vigelantees. Some people have also noted that Yaburu and Sayuri seem to be in a relationship now.

(Group A-3) Yaburu Kasumi

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