(Group A-3 Sensei) Ketsui Hyuga



“If something is worth punching, its worth punching twice”

Ketsui is a Hyuga clan member from the Village in the Horizon, she came to the village in the shattered sky for a “new start” whatever that means. She is one of the youngest Jonin level ninja (21) and she takes her job as a sensei very seriously. She is kind, but also very serious on the training grounds. She wants to equip her students with the skills they need to survive as ninja, but doesn’t want to make them cold killing machines. Her fighting style is different from that of most Hyuga, as she rejects the gentle fist style. She goes for hard punches that force large amounts of chakra into her victims to create large amounts of internal hemoraging. Because of this bleeding her style of fighting is refered to as the “bleeding fist” style instead of the gentle fist style. Her fighting style is very beautiful to watch because of how much chakra she releases with each punch which often blows out of her target’s backs. She is also an expert in medical ninjutsu and often assists with more difficult surgeries at the hospital.

Time Skip
Ketsui and Arashi have grown much closer over the last three years. However, Arashi has been forced by the new Kage and the new head of the Anbu to act as a deterent for the front lines. There have also unfortuneatly been instances where Arashi needed to kill people. Ketsui has done her best to both console him and ask him if he wanted to leave the village and quit being a ninja. Arashi always claims that he has to much here to leave behind and risk being destroyed.
Ketsui has also been spending alot of time with her and Arashi’s child, Kesu. Becasue of her condition Ketsui is actually not able to have children of her own. Arashi had requested from the old captain of the Anbu to reduce his seals so he could create a child from both his and Ketsui’s genetic material. The methodology to this creation is unknown to all except Arashi, but when he returned with the child it was already about 6 years old. Ketsui knew better than to ask any questions.
Over these last three years Ketsui had enrolled Kesu in the Acadamy (against the requests of Arashi) and has been training her squad with a renewed ferver. Knowing war is on the horrizon Ketsui wants to make sure her students can survive both the physical and mental anguish of war.

(Group A-3 Sensei) Ketsui Hyuga

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